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“Jealous Ones” October 14, 2008

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Jim Jones Interview

I came across the above today, and it cracked me up.  Men interviewing about other men “dressing like” them.  That is so feminine

Then I also came across this interview with  Neyo, and he’s calling out Chris Brown for being “musty.”  Granted, the interviewers are guilty of asking him that dumb-ass question in the first place, but a “Gentleman” graces his way out of every situation.   He lost some cool points with me for this one. 

If you are making good music, there is room for you…. no need for the negative comepetion. Why run your mouth about another artist?  I think a Jay-Z quote goes here:

Males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait
Watch you mad ’cause you push dimes and he sell weight?”  – Heart of the City


3 Responses to ““Jealous Ones””

  1. QB Says:

    it is a complete turn off for me when men get super jealous of other men…unless it’s over me. Yeah i said it. It feels good to have a guy get jealous over you… but not ultra “you cant talk to any other males in the world” jealous. Just knowin that it kinda bugs your guy when you get a little flirty… that kinda jealous i dont mind.

    but when it comes to what another dude is wearing or doing… yeah it’s not pretty/not something i am fond of.

  2. nickisunshine Says:

    Yeah, I read Jim Jones’ post and was like what kinda feminine stuff is that. IT’s a sad sitch.

  3. Cuzzo Says:

    lol @ at calling out the femininity of Jim Jones. Dressing like you – really though? Did he ever notice that men don’t have many options when it comes to clothing?

    These interviews show you a lot about these artists’ character – which can also be the downfall of their popularity. They should take a lesson from some reality TV ppl – never speak ill about your peers.

    *things that make you go hmmm*

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