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Big Ups to All My Haters October 15, 2008

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This week’s issue of InTouch features an interview with Tiffany “New York” Pollard. In the interview she says that she does not believe that David “Punk” Otunga’s affections toward Jennifer Hudson are genuine. She very much believes that he is simply riding Jennifer’s coat tails. I personally don’t think so. He doesn’t seem like that type of guy, in fact he seemed warm and cuddly on the show.

In my opinion New York is just upset because she doesn’t have a ring yet, and they one she did get from Tailor Made she gave back.

I chalk this up to a difference in personality. Jennifer Hudson seems to be warm and loving bringing many of things to the table sane man would want. She is beautiful, classy and seemingly intelligent. While New York looks like a muppet baby with balloons on her chest, notwithstanding her lack of class and bad attitude. She is loud crass and often more demanding than an Army Sargeant. I most definitely hope all works well with David and Jennifer.

Has anyone here ever had anyone totally hate on their relationship? How do you approach it when someone hates on what you have just because they don’t have it, especially your man?


7 Responses to “Big Ups to All My Haters”

  1. Anitra Says:

    lmao @ muppet baby!!

    I hear the new thing to do with dating is to not tell folks about said relationships, that way there is no judgement being passed, no jealously going forth and no stealing of boo’s. But man we are girls i dunno how much of a secret i can keep about the man i am dating!!

  2. Nicki Sunshine Says:

    Very good post girl… you are right on with Muppet Baby’s jealousy rearing it’s ugly head (that was NOT a crack on her face! LOL). I have never had anyone hate on a relationship I’ve head but then again, it’s been very few and then again, I’m pretty private and then agin, I don’t really have haters (that I know of!)

  3. Teacia Says:

    Jealousy is a form a flattery…I encourage those to hate on me and my happiness…and maybe, just maybe I’ll give them some pointers to get like me, lol.

  4. jac427 Says:

    I agree. I really think that there’s a problem with not being able to be happy for your peers, especially in the black community.

  5. Cede Says:

    I have to agree with Anitra. When you keep your business to yourself then you do not give people the opportunity to hate. This can also be better for your relationship. You may have a “friend” that is all in your about your boo and trying to get you to second guess him and the relationship. Whereas, if you keep it to yourself this being arguments and all then they don’t have a chance. Also, you all can work it out without any outside interferences.

  6. QB Says:

    As usual I agree with Katt Williams if you have 15 haters by tomorrow you need 20. This is along the same lines as what Teacia is saying. Hate is a form of saying “i wish I was you”

    However I do think we need to give our friends just a little bit of credit when they have thoughts/disagreemtns with our relationship choices. Is that person happy in their relationship status before they knew about yours? Do they have valid points? Are you dating a coke-head (ya’ll probably tired of me talkin bout my best friend dating a coke-head b@tch). Are you datina crack dealer? You have to listen to what your friends are saying and figure out how to decifer the hate from the “i care about you and you are making a bad choice”

  7. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i don’t know. i think the jury is still out on them. is there any youtube vids around with Punk speaking on the relationship? i could 3rd eye it.

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