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Fantasy Friday…. October 17, 2008

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So the way I see it everybody’s gotta have a fantasy.

Someone I know is planning a sink interlude. Others of us would be happy just to get some period.

A few weeks ago over at SBM we all talked about places we’ve done it and now I wanna know what everyone wants to do….whether you’re celibate or not…

Well I’m going first…mine is to do it on top of some important landmark. It could be the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or hell the bridge from Mandeville to New Orleans.

Now just off general principle, I would like to try the jackhammer AND I currently crave the wet, sticky, ooey gooey extra hot kind?

Come on, tell us…What’s your fantasy???


18 Responses to “Fantasy Friday….”

  1. I want to be in an office…. all glass, with blinds… I want the delivery man to look like Boris Kodjoe… I want to have on a tight skirt and matching jacket, 4″ pointy toe stilettos… I want him to come in with a delivery… shove me on the desk and hit me from behind…

    That is all. LOL

  2. […] back for real.) and Humble. (UPDATE: 8:19am I had to take a quick power nap. But when I awoke. Nicki Sunshine came to mind, the only blogger I know who can poop out Sunshine and Rainbows for 5 dollars. This […]

  3. thecomebackgirl Says:

    oh Dear Jesus why did this chile link into me on a sink interlude…when I’m trying to write out my gratitudes for the Lord.

    **dear God, please forgive my inseam requirements and lustful ways**

  4. “Nicki Sunshine came to mind, the only blogger I know who can poop out Sunshine and Rainbows for 5 dollars. This ”

    Why thank you my dear. 🙂

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    why certainly

  6. akua Says:

    let’s see my fantasy is somewhat reminicent of “stella ” and her groove. I want an exotic mind blowing one nite stand on a black sand beach. a tall brown statuesq man with flawless skin and dreds I long to pull on.

    its just a fantasy..but a good one!

    also I want to try that swing that suspends from the ceiling….

  7. Jolie Fatale Says:

    my fantasy would be in FIGI .. in a raised HUT over the water.. and me and my new husband on our honeymoon would make hot sex on a platter .. well HUT

  8. Teacia Says:

    My fantasy would be in Negril(Jamaica), on my suites balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean as the sun is setting…the relation of the gentleman caller and myself do not matter as long as tears are brought to my eyes during a fit of estacy…ooooh it’s getting hot in here.

    I’m starting to think that I’d prefer some random love fest where when I wake up the next morning and I’m left with just a memory of the day that preceeded it.

    Oh yes mam, booking that flight to get my groove back RYT NAH!!!

  9. I know I’ve written a whole list of places I have fantasized about … but the number one on the list is pretty simple.

    2 women


  10. jac427 Says:

    I knew something was wrong with all of us that very first time I clicked on SBM…anyways. I had lots more like out by Lake Ponchartrain or in the French Quarters but over the past four years I guess I kinda lived out all of those.

    I just need to accomplish a few more parks…during the day.

  11. Teacia Says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with us…we just happen to be one of the realist groups on the net…albeit all split up now, we still keep it treal!!

  12. jac427 Says:

    Tea, you’re so right.

    And we’re still getting it poppin.

  13. thecomebackgirl Says:

    amen to monkey dont stop no show.

  14. Its trill.

    I mean Bun B has 2 abums with the bloody name in it!

    TRILL …

  15. Cuzzo Says:

    you’re going to think I’m sick…I won’t type it….I’ll just say Kobe Bryant. *shys away*

  16. Jaclynn Says:

    Umm…Cuzzo…I doubt I’ll think u’re sick…this is after all me.

  17. Steve Kells Says:

    women. all talk, no play.

  18. Cuzzo Says:

    @ Jac
    well, not u…i can tell ya if u haven’t guessed it already…but I’m not gonna put it on blast for the free world.

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