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Never Say Never October 29, 2008

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Here’s another guest post for you guys, from our favorite we just found out what you look like fellow, NoMoreHeroes…we hope you enjoy!

Its pretty interesting to think about how you believed today was going to be a regular ho-hum day when you got out of bed, although now its midnight and you are sitting naked in the apartment of three average to below-average looking fully clothed women playing some bullsh*t card game they made up in order to get you out of your clothes, while the fat one is aggressively screaming about how she wants to “see someone f*** somebody”. I get the feeling that has only happened to me. Moving along.

I think one of the most beautiful parts about life is that any decision can change your life. I often talk about this to the girl that I am seeing (Prospective Girl Friend or PGF as she is called by those bloggers in the know). We met one holiday at a friends gathering. Although we both had known the same people for years, we had never met or even heard of each other. That day, she wasnt even going to stop by. She only decided to come after a last-minute call from her cousin asking her to stop by, and she figured she might as well since she was already out and about. I wasn’t going to come to the gathering either, but decided to make the long drive just because I was bored. At the gathering me and PGF really didnt talk much, partly because I was getting drunk out of my mind. As the liqour took control I decided to ask my boy to hook me up with PGF, which is also something I never do, because I dont usually take interest in women who have close relationships with my friends. After my boy gave me her number, right before I passed out, i used my last final moments of awareness to call and have a drunken, slurred convo with PGF, setting up a date in the next few days. Although all those random decisions seemed pointless, they resulted in a growing relationship between two people thats getting stronger by the day.

I know for certain that last year I did not think that I would find someone that I would care about and appreciate in that way. As I get older I am finding myself in situations that I did not believe I would be a part of in earlier years. I remember saying that I would never get involved with a married woman, yet not too long ago I was in an affair with a married woman. Things happen, and we end up playing a part in events we wouldnt have thought we would be in, for better or worse. I can name plenty, but I’ve talked long enough. What about you? In regards to dealings with the opposite sex, what situations have you been in, or things that you’ve done, that you swore you would never do?


38 Responses to “Never Say Never”

  1. nickisunshine Says:

    “although now its midnight and you are sitting naked in the apartment of three average to below-average looking fully clothed women playing some bullsh*t card game they made up in order to get you out of your clothes”

    I want to know how you found yourself in this situation. LOL.

    About the only thing I’ve done but sworn I’d never do was a***. Yep, that’s about it…. I try to never say never b/c love can make you stupid. 😉

  2. ““although now its midnight and you are sitting naked in the apartment of three average to below-average looking fully clothed women playing some bullsh*t card game they made up in order to get you out of your clothes”’

    yeah how the he!! do you get there No?

  3. Peyso Says:

    Tell the story fam!

  4. No More Heroes Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have included that part in the blog. LOL.

  5. Jolie Fatale Says:

    @NOMORE: Why is she still PGF and not THE GF?! Additionally, I’m confused. Is she married?

    oh and I have dated a married man.. but I didnt know he was married until 6mths into dating him and then I ended it..

  6. I don’t think i have done anything I swore I wouldn’t do yet.

    I thought about sleeping with a married man but I figure I didn’t wanna commit to going to hell just yet

  7. Humble_One Says:

    “while the fat one is aggressively screaming about how she wants to “see someone f*** somebody”. I get the feeling that has only happened to me.”

    Uuuuh no. This has happened to me also.

  8. Daisy Says:

    Since we’re all fam here I can share…A few months ago, a friend of mine from out of town came to visit for the weekend. She kept asking my boyfriend questions about my body like “didn’t her T’s get bigger?” “Man look at her booty!” She’s one of those girls that compliments a lot and I didn’t think anything of it cause I have a few friends that are comfy enough w themselves/their bodies to tell me that my 5 am workouts are starting to payoff.

    At any rate we start drinking, and drinking, and drinking. We go out. My boyfriend starts noticing how dudes are coming up to her and she’s not talking to them cause she’s trying to get at me. Of course, I’m oblivious to this for two reasons: 1) that’s my girl and I’d NEVER in a million years think she’s gay. Although if she was that’s fine with me as long as she knows I like boys. 2) I’m drunk. Not normal buzz drunk but drunk as in I lost senses and still don’t remember portions of the night. But I digress.

    So we’re on the way home and she suggests we go to a strip club. My bf says, “no. I’m taking Daisy home, she’s had enough.” (all of this I’m being retold because I was too drunk to remember) We get to the house and he tells her to go ahead in front of us. He comes over to my side of the car, holds my face (this part I remember vividly) and says “Daisy, I don’t care how drunk you are right now. This girl is trying to get at you. This is every guys fantasy but I want to marry you someday so I’m not going to let this happen.” He helps me into the house, takes me upstairs and starts helping me into my PJs (yes, I know what a good man I have – notice I sobered up at the “I want to marry you part” YIPPEEE!) she walks in. Asks if she can sleep with us. He says “H to the naw.” She walks over close to me, grabs my boobies and says, “Well let’s see what Daisy thinks.” At this point I’m sober but I can’t seem to get words out of my mouth so I just throw up on her. I was literally paralyzed by the shock and alcohol.

    Long story short, the next day we drop her off at the airport and I act as though I was too drunk to remember what happened the night before. Needless to say, I haven’t talked to her since. I feel soooo horrible about it. I never thought I’d stop being friends w someone because of their sexuality but that heffa crossed the line!

  9. jac427 Says:

    Man, Daisy wow chick. I can’t say you were wrong about that one….honestly that chick crossed over some serious boundaries. Wow…just wow.

    NoMore-Wow on you too. But on the post I think you’re correct every now and then something or someone comes along and you just know it’s the best thing ever but you’re not sure how to go about it and in those instances, it ain’t nothing and nobody but God doing his thing.

  10. No More Heroes Says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting.

    Daisy, I was beginning to think I was the only one who had a story to tell! Nicki if you dont mind me asking did you enjoy it?

    Jolie, she isnt married. I was talking about someone else in my past. PGF isnt GF because im not ready yet. At this point Im not the good man she deserves…but I’m getting there.

    Humble: That shouldnt have happened to you, LOL. Now im curious as to your story though.

    Everyone, maybe I’ll share that story since youre all wondering.

  11. No More Heroes Says:

    And Daisy I find it interesting that he made it seem like you doing that wouldve made you unmarriable. Maybe I’m alone in thinking that wouldnt have been a deal-breaker for me by any means. But he was looking out for your best interest regardless, an admirable thing to do.

  12. jac427 Says:

    NoMore&Humble-Detroit sounds kinda scary.

    NoMore-I think that for him it was the same thing as if another man was trying to get with her and honestly in your heart of hearts when you see a woman who to you is that angel (works cite SBM) then you tend to not give a darn about anything else. If she was just his jump-off or w/e then he might have been all for it.

    Share these stories I wanna hear!

  13. Truly amazing…

    No More – That is one college experience i was unfortunately able to replicate…dammit!

    Daisy – I totally visualized your whole story, i was even skipping ahead thinking i knew what was going to happen, oh boy.


  14. Daisy Says:

    Jac – Yes, wow is the correct word. This was my closest friend when I lived in Houston. To think of all the times I changed in front of her on trips/before going out without knowing – yuck! I get the willies just thinking about it. Needless to say I’m a lot more careful of how I am with all my friends now!

    No More – NO I DID NOT ENJOY IT!!! I mean I threw up on my white carpet and I’ve NEVER been that drunk. And Jac hit the nail right on the head. He’s been with a lot more people than I have and one of the things he loves about me is my “lady in the streets, _____ in the bedroom” style. He knows that everything he gets from me is just for him. I admire the fact that he loved me enough to take care of me and not advantage of me in a situation like that.

  15. nickisunshine Says:

    Daisy I agree, she crosssed the line. I feel like she came at you b/c YOU WERE DRUNK.

    Honey this, ” that’s my girl and I’d NEVER in a million years think she’s gay”

    Doesn’t mean anything… one of my girls just decided she wants to start having relations with women and she has a great boyfriend and they just bought a home together (I need to write a post on this… so much more to the story!)

    But anyway, if she is a good friend and you’ll miss her friendship, I’d advise you to clown her THEN talk it out… if not, she needs to kick rocks

  16. nickisunshine Says:

    “Nicki if you dont mind me asking did you enjoy it? ”

    Hell no. I felt like I was being jailed raped. After I kept trying to toss him off me (holding me down, arm in my back) he let me up and I ran up against the wall…

    if there were camera’s, I’d have 10 million hits. LOL

  17. Teacia Says:

    Well not only have a dated a married man(something i swore i would never do) I also fell for his ass. He and his wife actually did end up getting a divorce, but by then I was mentally over the situation and refused to become his next victim.

    Let’s see…what else, oh yeah…one word…anal.

  18. Daisy Says:

    T and Nicki – what’s up with all the a**** up and thru?!?

    I just can’t. I can’t.

    **walks to the corner shuddering**

  19. nickisunshine Says:

    @Daisy: Honey it was love and nothing butt.. plus he was so damn smooth. LOL. Never again though.

  20. Teacia Says:

    Daisy, I hate to be the one to put it out there but it’s really not that bad when it’s done in a loving fashion…but I have a diverse sexual appetite, lol.

  21. jac427 Says:

    See on the anal tip and lawd why am I about to say this…but I’m strongly thinking about that and some other things I thought were nuts….

    *runs to Comeback;’s treehouse*


  22. nickisunshine Says:

    “Daisy, I hate to be the one to put it out there but it’s really not that bad when it’s done in a loving fashion”

    That’s exactly what my cousin and friend told me… I was too busy panicing and clenching (two things they told me NOT to do!)

  23. No More Heroes Says:

    I havent got a girl to do anal. I had opportunities but it didnt happen.

    LOL@Nicki running.

    Teacia: Diverse huh? [Looks up curiously]

  24. No More Heroes Says:

    Oh yeah Ed that wasnt college, that was grown-man everyday routine, LOL.

  25. jac427 Says:

    Whoa…see I’ve tried with guys and I guess I’m kinda diverse too considering my next conquest but like…anal..just…seems..serious.

  26. Teacia Says:

    Yes No More….diverse.

    And Nicki, yeah clenching and panicking is NOT a good look by any means. The key is definitely to relax…oh and lube up. It can be quite the enjoyable(if you like aggressive and passionate) exprerience.

  27. Daisy Says:

    I’m not knocking it ya’ll. I’m just scared. My bf is rather uhmmm well…yea. And I don’t know where he’d put all of that. Maybe I can make it one of my wedding gifts to him – LOL!

  28. Teacia Says:

    “My bf is rather uhmmm well…yea.”

    Daisy ruuuuunnnnnn!!!

    Lol, no seriously…just talk about it beforehand, get plenty of uhhh lubricants and talk him through it while yall are being intimate…this is why it shouldn’t be just done with anyone, it’s a delicate song and dance.

  29. jac427 Says:

    Tea: you are a nut

  30. jac427 Says:

    Yeah I’m looking for a pencil dick for this one

  31. Teacia Says:

    Wow Jac, just wow.

  32. nickisunshine Says:

    Oh my god Jac!

    Yeah Daisy, I agree with T on this one.

  33. QB Says:

    ” but I figure I didn’t wanna commit to going to hell just yet” if you ever decide to commit to going to hell let me know and I will make sure we party together there often. My boss says I am going to a “firey firey place for the life i live…” haha Mikk.

    Nice post No More… I have been one to say never frequently and Comeback keeps correcting me on it… working on that.

  34. jac427 Says:

    LMfAO-Ladies I’m serious, I’m trying to make sure things still work hell…

  35. cuzzo Says:

    I swore I would never get back with my BD…

    Our son was 4 months old when I found out he was having another baby in the coming weeks. Also found out he had another girlfriend (aside from this other BM) in Cali. Slowly but surely he convinced me that it wasn’t cheating because I broke up with him before he got with either woman. I technically did (verbally) but nothing in our relationship changed so to me we were still together. He continually lies about the relationship he has with his other BM and his GF in Cali.

    I always say everything that’s done in the dark will come to light. It came to light to me that he got someone else preggo and it came to light to her (she called me today) that we’re still sleeping together.

    *disclaimer: I don’t need any advice or ooh girl what were u thinkings or follow up questions….I see it for what it is clear as day*

  36. jac427 Says:

    Ay Cuz-It is what it is…there’s not really anything anyone can say on it 🙂

  37. Daisy Says:

    I’m still skerred but thanks for the words of wisdom.

    If the treehouse is still around when I get married, I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes…..

  38. Shelia Says:

    Wow, you guys have had some interesting ones. Mine deals with an ex. I said I would never give my ex-fiance another chance—got engaged to his butt twice…and still we didn’t make it down the aisle…but thankfully so, because we would be divorced now 🙂

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