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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2008

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Halloween is by far my favorite!   I don’t know if we can call it a holiday (?) so I’ll just stop at favorite. 

I love everything about it, including the scary movies.  Just last week, I watched The Strangers….at home… all by myself.  It wasn’t bloodcurdling but I could have sworn I heard someone knock on my door in the middle of the night and I waited, listening for “Is Tamera there?”

My favorite scary movies are:

1.  High Tension

2.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre

3.  House of 1,000 Corpses

4. The Devil’s Rejects

5.  Amityville Horror

Honorable Mention:  Night of the Living Dead.  It scared the crap out of me because the beginning of the movie’s “storyline,”  said it occurred in Louisville, Kentucky, my hometown!!!! Yep, still won’t watch it!

What are your favorite scary movies?

***** 12:02 pm ***** Adding one additional: The Serpent and the Rainbow…. If you don’t know, google it!


15 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    I loved the strangers…im sad because this is the time of year that its fun to have a strong man around to hold your hand at all the scary parts. 😦


    i love saw 1-5…off the chain too. Friday the 13th (the last one) and Texas Chainsaw (the last one)

  2. nickisunshine Says:

    LOL! None of my men liked scary movies like that so it is always me and my girls!

    I need to see the 5th Saw, since you just gave it good reviews.

  3. Mikki AKA AnitraClark Says:

    Yea I want to go see the 5th saw, my favorite movie was freddy #1

  4. Anitra Says:

    oh yea I thought “birds” was pretty creepy too and my most favorite children of the corn!

  5. Jolie Fatale Says:

    I abso hate scary movies. i dont watch at all

    the end

  6. nickisunshine Says:

    LOL. Dang Jolie.

  7. Junior Says:

    The Ring scared the sleep out of me. I don’t particularly care for scary movies, but I can sit through them. But, when that bitch jumped up out the TV, I was like “oh hell naw”! Ghosts aren’t supposed to climb up out the TV! They jump out of closets, or under the bed, even hide in the bathtube! This trick straight turned off the public broadcasting and introduced herself in the line up, I can’t fux with that!

  8. nickisunshine Says:

    The Ring freaked me out because of the way she was walking. I watch a lot of Asian subtitled horror films and they all seem to make them walk like that.

  9. Junior Says:

    Those Japanese naggas make some real scary/freaky ish. I watched a lady saw of her husbands limbs with a wire!

  10. Teacia Says:

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is definitely a great one but man ole man…28 weeks later did my ass in for real!!!

  11. nickisunshine Says:

    @Junior: LOL. With a wire!!!! Now that is gross. A lot of our movies were Japanese at first.. We are thieves. LOL

    @T. 28 weeks later made my head hurt with all the running. LOL

  12. Those are by far the most gruesome pumpkins of all times…

    I see you in Da Ville! Me and Mr. Swagger are up here in Cincy, we might have to have a Black Bloggers Convention here or something (at least a happy hour!)

    Nice blog, congrats on the swagstar award lol…


  13. nickisunshine Says:

    @Ed: Hell, I’m happy someone knows where it is. LOL

    I would def be in attendance for that. Do you know how CLOSE that is????? 😉

    Thank you sir… First award in my life (besides spelling bee and perfect attendance awards!) LOL

  14. Shelia Says:

    LOL Junior, The Ring is one of my favorites because of that scene.

    Here are my top 13 favorites:

    Friday the 13th
    It – Stephen King
    The Ring
    Child’s Play
    The Thing
    The Car
    The Exorcist
    Amityville Horror
    The Omen
    Nightmare on Elm Street

  15. cuzzo Says:

    i don’t like scary movies so no faves, but the ring takes the cake on the scaredom factor….nothing like it. i slept with the tv on afterwards.

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