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My Inauguration Playlist November 4, 2008

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There’s a party going on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your good times

And your laughter too

We’re gonna celebrate

Your party with you (Come on now)


– Kool & The Gang, Celebration

Yesterday I had smile on my face, a pep in my step, and a song in my head. Why? It’s 24 hours til OBAMAnation baby! How can I be mad? And when Wednesday comes, I’m gonna dance, dance, dance like an Asian child on yo gabba gabba. Here are a few songs on my playlist:

Disturbia by Rihanna (it’s gonna a weird time for some *cough* white ppl, that and it’s trance-like beat and lyrics: bom bom bee don)

Celebration by Kanye West (It’s a Celebration, B!tches!)

We Will Rock You by Queen (boom boom clap….boom boom clap)


Movin On Up, the Jeffersons Theme Song (dance and all)

Add to my play list – What song  will you be dancing too?

Side Note: Many of my posts will have musical reference cuz that’s how I roll.


EDIT: Update! 2 Nas Hits –

I Know I Can


If I Ruled the World


7 Responses to “My Inauguration Playlist”

  1. Jac Says:

    “For Every Mountain”

    “Negro National Anthem”

  2. Homecoming by Kanye West… b/c United States is starting to feel like home now.

  3. teenamarie Says:

    cant point out a specific song to add to my playlist cuz im just not into music like that…HOWEVER…i shall roll one up and pour me a nice tall cup of vodka and crandberry and have an absolut(ly) wonderful time!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

  4. u don’t know by jay z

    “put me anywhere on God’s green earth…i TRIPLE my worth”

  5. Holly GoLightly Says:

    I’ve been playing Young Jeezy My President…. i know a little hood but definitely a goodie!!

  6. Shelia Says:

    I might have to add some of these to my Obama Presidential Party Mix. Check it out:

  7. Monk Says:

    Tevin Campbell’s “Tomorrow”.

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