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What About Your Friends? November 5, 2008

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Since my boss let me off work yesterday to celebrate our Victory, I caught up on my DVR recordings of ” The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

One of the housewives, Kim,  has decided she wants to sing country music.  Her friends are shocked because they’ve never heard her sing or hum anything.   On one particular show,  she sang… and guys, SHE SUCKED!   Not the “okay, she can improve with lessons” kind… she sucks, “the ohmygodmakeherstop,  I’m so embarrassed for her” kind.    I found myself cringing and I finally had to fast forward through any singing parts.

One of her friends, Sharay, told her she had a beautiful voice and then she proceeded to voice her opinion about another friend who “didn’t support her dream.”

I cannot subscribe to the bullsh&* theory of supporting-someone-so-much-that-I-let-them-walk-into-a-snake pit. 

I’m the biggest champion of people shooting for the STARS but I refuse to let my girls get made fun of, if I can prevent it.  I’m going to give you honesty: I’ll tell you when you have something in your teeth, when you’re being stupid, when you can’t sing, etc.  I do NOT discriminate.

Does supporting your friends dream take precedence over telling them the truth?  Am I not a good friend because I’d tell my friend that she can’t sing? 

What say you?


16 Responses to “What About Your Friends?”

  1. cuzzo Says:

    you already know im brutally honest…not to be hurtful, but i do not sugarcoat.

    i wouldn’t make fun of the friend but try to make them laugh at themselves.

    speaking of this damned show – y did they have to throw a white woman in there? All of the other RHW seasons (OC and NY) did not try to shuffle the mix with any black women on the roster. When is Comeback gonna do that discussion with the casting person? I have this question for her. hmph.

  2. Yeah, Cuzzo, I think one mistake NeNe made was laughing at her…..

    I was wondering why they “threw” her in there too because that’s exactly what they did. Probably to appeal to that audience.

  3. Anitra Says:

    One thing I heart about my best friend is that she keeps it real. I do the same thing with her and it just happens to work out “most of the time” one thing I can say is that everyone isn’t good at being tactful about the delivery of hurtful information. I know I have it bad and i will just be like you suck!! and everybody can’t take criticism that way (im one of them), but to flat out lie? well you are doing your friends a disservice when you blatantly tell them they are good when you aren’t

    but again that raises the question about hateration and the fine lines. Especially as it relates to dating or doing something you love, maybe kims friends knew she totally sucked but the fact that its kims passion to sing makes it worth lying, i mean most times people already know they suck, but for your friends to have your back regardless is sometimes an irreplaceable thing. BTW i didn’t see the episode so i cant really judge the full situation

  4. teenamarie Says:

    my policy is be honest in all u do…and if someones feelings get hurt…then oh well…i refuse to set my FRIENDS out for any reason…if u cant then u cant…whether its a “talent” or what u wear!!! now any joe blow off the street that is willing to offer up a good laugh…then by golly george…gone head!!!!

    oh and telling the truth aint hating…i wish folks would politely get over this, “errbody is a hater” ish!!! just cuz u cant…dont mean we are hating!!!

  5. cuzzo Says:

    “the fact that its kims passion to sing makes it worth lying”
    noooooo….more like a hobby. she chose the time that she was gonna be on TV to start making moves on this “passion.” she never even heard her voice before this episode. and when she did hear it: her face was looking like she wanted to cry.

    sheree (we spelling her name all kids of ways, lol) is a damned mess for saying kim has a beautiful voice. she needa get her d@mned ears checked then. and her vision too cuz homegirl ain’t as much as she thinks she is.

  6. cuzzo Says:

    looking at the picture – lisa’s dress is bad! and deshawn is so cute, u just wanna give her a big hug.

  7. Anitra Says:

    lmao cuzzo I feel you girl, I didn’t know it was a hobby I missed the last two episodes and I know the ones before that showed her attempting to sing but she never actually did it. I can’ wait to catch up!!

  8. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ Cuzzo “When is Comeback gonna do that discussion with the casting person? I have this question for her. hmph.”

    I emailed her last Friday. Hopefully she’ll see the in link. Or maybe I can do a podcast with her.

    NeNe is a TRIP. I loved that episode. But firstly I dont really think Kim and she are that great of friends which is beside the point here. But if your song sucks, I’m going to find a way to delicately let you know what other options you might have. You know put a positive spin on it.

    My friends can be BRUTALLY honest. I actually appreciate my truth straight up no chaser. But everyone isn’t like that.

  9. “oh and telling the truth aint hating…i wish folks would politely get over this, “errbody is a hater” ish”

    I know that’s right Teena…. I am ready to bury the word “hater.” I’m sick of everybody using it incorrectly!!!!

    @Cuzzo: LOL… I was too lazy to look up the correct spelling. And I wish they stop bubbling up Sheree’s head b/c she’s alright but she’s got a STRONG face, if you know what I mean.

    I’m with you Comeback, “My friends can be BRUTALLY honest. I actually appreciate my truth straight up no chaser.” Don’t have me coming out lookin foolish!!!

  10. jac427 Says:

    I hear from a good friend of mine that the first day she met me I told her I was brutally honest and I’m still showing her today!

    I think you have to get in where you fit in and well Kim doesn’t fit in and tries to way too hard.

  11. cuzzo Says:

    “she’s got a STRONG face, if you know what I mean. ”
    bwahahahaa…yes…that nose…

  12. @Cuzzo: the nose, the jawline…. ERRRR’ thing.

    Kim does try to hard… she’s always complimenting… honey chile get a clue. She’s what I like to call Extra!

  13. cuzzo Says:

    damn u make her sound like a tranny.

  14. Cuzzo…. act like she don’t look a lil Strange’!

  15. Britt Says:

    Ditto @ everybody is a hater. Truth is subjective though, perception is reality. My truth is not Nikki’s truth. I can be brutally honest, so I don’t offer my opinion without prompting. However if you ASK, that’s a horse of a different color, and I will answer you truthfully.

  16. Eb Says:

    I think you should always tell your friends the truth… but know that they are going to take it as you “hatin” and not supporting their dreams. Kim CANNOT sing… but Nene went about the situation the wrong way so Kim did have a right to be mad… But Sheree is just fake and phony and everyone knows it… she knows that girl cannot sing. So if she didn’t want to tell her she was bad, she could have just kept her mouth shut rather than souping her head up

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