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Is Chivalry Really Dead? November 7, 2008

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We’ve gone over this over and over again over at SBM. The men seem to think the chivalry is totally dead with the advent of Ms. Independent.

These are the same men who expect to have all kinds of “abnormal” sex (works cite Mom). I say if you want to be able to have things like Aquafina flow and willingness to try different things you might have to go out of your way a little. I’m not saying throw your coat over mud or pay everytime, but sometimes a woman wants to feel like just that, a woman.

How you make a woman feel like a woman is solely dependent upon that woman and her wants, needs and desires. I’m not sure how the other women will feel about it, but I know if I am happy I will fly to the moon to insure you are too.

Just ask The Comeback Girl! She’s not asking you to do everything cause really as Jill Scott pointed I can make everything rock by my damned self just like I can do bad all myself (works cite everybody’s grandmama) just be a man. I think that to a certain degree a man should be able to go just a little out of his way to make a woman feel desired and when you do then we’ll be a little generous. Yes, we like to be rewarded for hard weeks with a massage (yours or at the spa) or just a quiet night in. Just because things have changed a little, I don’t care what anyone says the man is not the prize.

Women, any tips on what makes you feel “soft and pink”?

Men, how far would you go to make a woman feel special?

And…a little Mary J for inspiration:


15 Responses to “Is Chivalry Really Dead?”

  1. Shelia Says:

    #! A man should listen to me. I tell them exactly what I like or don’t like–all they have to do is listen and act accordingly.

    If in a conversation, I tell you I don’t like chocolate; why buy me a heart shaped box of chocolate candy??? I’ll take the box and give it to one of my nephews 🙂 But it shows me you weren’t listening.

    If a man listens, he can cater to my specific likes and needs and that will go a long way with me.

  2. Beautiful post Jac.

    I’m like Sheila… I want a man to listen to me. I also need him to not be scared of emotions. I often keep so much in the inside and when it comes out…. well, it just may pour. I need him to be able to handle that.

    I want him to do things without me having to ask, surprise me.

    The actions will be reciprocated.

  3. Anitra Says:

    “but I know if I am happy I will fly to the moon to insure you are too”
    please notify me when “they” get this!!
    I agree with Shelia in that a man that listens is golden and with Nicki having a man not afraid to share his emotions/feelings even when its hard to do.

    the things I like to add to my list are

    1.calling or texting me random hours of the day just to say hi and see how my day is going.

    2. Opening my car door all other doors

    3. Cooking for me (a real meal). Which I have had a man do for me 1.5 times, men talk a lotta crap about cooking but the ones i have come across haven’t ever committed the act, but the ones that did had me melt like butter.

    4. take care of me when im sick

  4. jac427 Says:

    Hi ladies, right on, right on!

    I don’t feel the men realize something else…Chivalry and all that jazz must be done in order for them to get the nookies…what they think we just give it up on GP for anybody?

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i honestly feel like you have to really show a man how to treat you. He takes clues from you based on how you view yourself. I think thats the answer. lol in my McGlaghlin voice.

  6. Anitra Says:

    comeback what makes you feel soft n pink?

  7. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “comeback what makes you feel soft n pink?”

    a massage…hot stones..

    my hair did

    a slick outfit

    a pep in my step

    a cute guy im feelin touchin my arm

  8. jac427 Says:

    Ok, Comeback! I can feel you on the hair did tip…for a minute it had to be nails too, but eh I can get along without that but it’s gotta be the eyebrows right…

    Massage oil-Bath and Body Works is good.

    Sexy nighties.

    Smelling good.

    Kiss me here, kiss me there, where do you wanna kiss me now?

    And those damned Vicki’s Secret Christmas ads

    Anyone else?

  9. No More Heroes Says:

    @Jac: “what they think we just give it up on GP for anybody?”


    just joking…i think

    What qualifies as abnormal sex? LOL

  10. jac427 Says:

    NoMore-You know you put some work into PGF don’t you even play.

    But sometimes you can get it just cause, well you can.

    On that abnormal thing I’ve included the answer elsewhere.

  11. Junior Says:

    I definitely don’t think chivalry is dead. In fact I think its far from being dead, there are still more than enough men who are out there who are willing to go all out. I think the problem more so is encountering women who feel entitled because they have something going on for themselves. Chivalry is supposed to be “going over and beyond, the extra mile, etc.” I shouldn’t feel entitled to do that, although I WILL to show a lady that she is special and important to me. But, I’m not going to do that if she isn’t appreciative of it for the right reasons.

    *side note* there needs to be a code of chivalry for women too. Y’all slipping in this new millennium. Chicks can’t cook, don’t want to take their man out and pay for him for time to time, if this one I’m with doesn’t work out, i’m going get a white girl.

  12. No More Heroes Says:

    Jac I do put in work, im not that selfish. I agree with Junior that there are still men out there who want to do what it takes to make a woman happy.

  13. jac427 Says:

    There are men out there that will do these things. I am blessed to have one that does for me without end. But like Junior said best believe I have to swipe my card from time to time. I can’t just expect him to do everything.

    I think a mature woman would know and enforce these things.

    Just my interpretation of the situation.

  14. Bam Says:

    first time here..

    I want a man to love himself and be himself. Insecurity in men and men pretending to be who they are not piss me off equally.

    I also want a man who can take and give constructive criticism. I want to be able to encourage him and show him where he can improve and I expect to receive the same.

    In terms of what he can do to make me feel all soft n pink…

    Lotion me down without it having to be a sexual thing.
    Watching a good movie on the laptop in the bed on a lazy Saturday.
    Having him sit in the bathroom and chit-chat with me while I enjoy a bath.

    See. Easy stuff.


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