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Celibacy Blues (Nicki’s Random Thoughts) November 10, 2008

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Right now, I’m experiencing a bit of the Celibacy Blues….   

I miss: 

  • Men;
  • Kisses and full on make out sessions;
  • Massages that lead to something else;
  • Being held. 


Damn my ex for these phone calls claiming it is always going to be his (which it is NOT…Trust).  But there is still something so sexy and animalistic about a man claiming his territory… reminds me of ravenous jaguars [wanders off into a fantasy]. 


Damn him for sending me a picture message of his well endowed manhood, trying to throw me off my course.   


I’m a strong woman, but I’m sick of leaning on my own shoulders.  


Perhaps I just need a date.  I haven’t had a date since, hmmmm, let me think, July… some short guy…  He doesn’t even count. 


Maybe I just need a change of pace from this wack-tastic city.  Thank GOD Miami is only three days away.  I always get love in the city.  This is my fourth trip, God willing.   




I can’t wait to get to the beach and let the warmth envelop my body… I’ll lounge on my chair, fully oiled up… for now, I’ll settle for those passionate kisses from the sun. My girls can have at that umbrella.  I NEED A TAN.  LOL.   


I can totally lose myself in Miami….  I turn into who I’m supposed to be; free and happy. 


No worries, club members, I’m not leaving you guys. I’m only venting.  And I’m so random right now.   


And now I exhale.  J


Where do you guys lose yourselves?  Do you have a favorite place? 


29 Responses to “Celibacy Blues (Nicki’s Random Thoughts)”

  1. jac427 Says:

    I lost myself today.

    In my bed…forgot who I was, all my problems…shook, cried, unwinded.

    I came undone.

  2. “No worries, club members, I’m not leaving you guys. I’m only venting. And I’m so random right now.
    And now I exhale. Where do you guys lose yourselves? Do you have a favorite place?

    i could lose myself anywhere. it doesn’t take alot for me. Ive been to MIA twice. Its nice. I lost myself friday at the mandarian oriental..they do the best massages there EVER.

  3. “mandarian oriental..they do the best massages there EVER.”

    I’ve never had a PROFESSIONAL massage. I need to invest in this..

    @Jac: What’s going on, dahling?

  4. Jac Says:

    Please reference the song
    “Seconds of Pleasure” and two Kenny G CDs

    “I hold on to the feeling, cause I don’t know when I will feel it again…”

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “I’ve never had a PROFESSIONAL massage”

    its the BEST..i totally recommend it.

  6. Junior Says:

    Boooo @ some “short guy”!! Why does that have to be his only defining characteristic?! And furthermore, why does that mean he doesn’t count?!?! (hope your ex sends you a few more pics today) :-p.

    As for my favorite place to lose it…it definitely has to be in the dark…because that’s where men cry duh.

  7. LOL @ Junior! He was a jerk too, but I left that part out.

    My ex has been sending me texts AND calling me. Damn you! LMAO

    P.S. I cry in the dark too. 😉

  8. Junior Says:

    Well ok, I guess I can let that reasoning slide, although being only 5’8″ myself, I could’ve rode with “some jerk” instead :-p.

    Have fun in Miami though, I’m sure while you’re enjoying the nice weather, sun, and beach; I’ll be bundled up in DC parked in my nearest library studying for finals…hooray 😦

  9. @Junior: Aww….. I’m sorry.. I got love for the shorties too. I’m only 5’6″.

    Thank you man, I’m excited. I need to be studying BUT…. I’m not. See where my priorities are???? But you are a student of law, so I understand how that goes (working in a law office and all)

  10. Jolie Fatale Says:

    I lose myself daily. Any and everywhere. Celibacy does give me the blues but lately I’ve been the “kissing fairy” and I’ve felt much better. Kissing gets me by.. 🙂 I miss the aspects of a relationship as well.. hopefully I will stumble upon one soon

    AND NICKI.. you are way too beautiful to not have any dates since JULY… What is going on in your city!?

  11. Thanks for the compliment Jolie.. a chick without dates NEEDS compliments. Girl, it’s wack-tastic I tell you…

    I am a kisser too…. one of my fav things to do… only thing is, men don’t like to do it for long before they try to rip your clothes off! LOL

  12. jac427 Says:

    Loves kissing! hmmm….

  13. cuzzo Says:

    the last time i tried just kissing…i had 3 orgasms. damn damn damnnnnn!

  14. Dammit Cuzzo! LMAO. Those must have been SOME kinda kisses.

  15. cuzzo Says:

    um yea….see what had happened was….yea. O:-)

  16. jac427 Says:

    Cuzzo-I lost count yesterday on just kisses.

    Nicki-You better get hip

  17. Junior Says:

    Clearly cuzzo’s kisses were of the “conversation with the lips that don’t speak variety” , she is fooling no one..NO ONE!.

    @ nicki, you work at a law office? Y’all hiring summer clerks lol?!

  18. cuzzo Says:


    I wasn’t tryna fool….

    tee hee

  19. Eb Says:

    ugh.. why do men do that… why are men convinced that they own the pussy… so NOT!

    and why do they send pic messages of their gorgeous manhood… because they know it makes us weak in the knees just seeing it…

    stay strong missy.

    lol @ you not counting the short dude…

  20. Shelia Says:

    If going on a date will help, go for it. Just make sure you don’t go back to his place or he come back to yours 🙂

    Reading a good book is a good way for me to escape or taking a trip.

  21. @Junior: You do not want to be in this hell hole of a law office… Check it: He just came in here b/c I gave him a wrong file. He told me, this is the difference between excellance and doing a good job. Um sir, I’mma need you to kiss my ass.

    @Eb.: Thank you girl.. he’s trying to break me down SLOWLY. He was a short jerk who said, “so you’re paying next time, right?”

  22. @Sheila: I’m hoping for good date in Miami!

  23. Humble One Says:

    “I am a kisser too…. one of my fav things to do… only thing is, men don’t like to do it for long before they try to rip your clothes off! LOL”

    Not true. I can kiss without sex. It depends on how nice your lips are.

  24. @humble: not to toot my own horn but mine are pr-e-tty nice. mabye that is the problem. LOL

  25. Bam Says:

    I lose my self…
    Face down…
    Ass up…
    On the massage table under the magical finger tips of my favorite masseuse at my favorite spa, (she happens to be a woman).

    When I am being cheap I just put on the tranquil music and pretend I’m being rubbed on in my tub full of bubbles.

    …oh I lose myself on the plane when I am traveling alone too.

    Enjoy your trip babe.

  26. @B: thanks gorgeous! You and Comeback are hyping me up on the massages. I’ve def gotta get one.

  27. reign Says:

    i triedd celibaby once. was only successful since i didn’t date and had no communication with a worthy man.

    @ nickisunshine: “only thing is, men don’t like to do it for long before they try to rip your clothes off! LOL”

    i’ve actually found one that can makeout for the longest. so sensual and playful with it. just wonderful.

  28. @reign: I’m jealous, does he have a psychological twin?

  29. reign Says:

    i’m sure there are others out there. just adds to the list, it’s hard enough finding a good man, but add on one that can kiss and have a passion for it…. slim to none.

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