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Back In The Day November 12, 2008

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I was reminiscing while on my commute to work this morning – Kanye West, “We Major”, blaring through my ear buds.  And I was thinking about the creative things I used to do with my best friend growing up.

I remember when we used to

– listen to the new albums at HMV for hours

– put on shower caps, fill the bathroom sink with water and “swim”

– use the workout machines at Macy’s cellar

– play video games in toys r’ us

I was DJ Push Play, making the hot mix tapes from the radio and we would sit in the park til the street lights came on…jammin’. Hours would pass by as we’d play Sega Genesis, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Remember when times were simpler?


And everybody say

I remember way back when

And everybody say

I remember way back when


Back in the day


Back in the day


38 Responses to “Back In The Day”

  1. jac427 Says:

    When summer meant the longest days ever…

    Bologna sandwiches
    Days in with the fam

    First kisses, pure loves, no bills…

    The first friends you get that really do last forever…

    Man…I had the best childhood.

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    ” put on shower caps, fill the bathroom sink with water and “swim””

    i don;t never ever ever remember being able to swim in the damn sink…and i can go back to about 6 with my good memory.

  3. Shelia Says:

    I remember passing lyrics between classes to my best friend.

    ~Thinking we were the next Salt N Pepa

    I remember playing not only hopscotch, but
    -mother may I
    -red light, green light
    -hide & go seek until it got too dark.

  4. Check it:

    I remember:

    1. Fried Bologna Sandwiches and putting Doritos on them
    2. Rolling around in fresh cut grass and getting welts from it (allergies) and doing it anyway
    3. Hide n’ go get it
    4. Liking school (go figure!)
    5. Singing songs with my cousin like we were on Kids Inc.
    6. Wanting to be on the ‘new” Mickey Mouse club (“now it’s time to see you later…..”)
    7. No bills (SAY IT, Jac!)
    8. The carefree life.

  5. Holly GoLightly Says:

    “Hide n’ go get it”
    See and it was games like this that started our downfall…… *shaking my head*

    I remember:
    1. Think Chicken Pot Pies were the be all end all
    2. Eating Kool Aid and sugar- no water
    3. Jumping on my cousin’s humongous trampoline, doing flips and other crazy ish.
    4. My cousins and I putting on talent shows at family gatherings
    5. Playing Duck Hunt or the first Mario brothers trying to beat the dragon and save the princess
    6. The MANDATORY DAILY NAP- I miss these the most!!
    7. My granny’s pudding deserts she made especially for me in champagne and wine glasses topped with all types of fattening goodness!

  6. Britt Says:

    When I couldn’t WAIT to be grown and do whatever I wanted!!! Now I wish I could go back :-).

  7. cuzzo Says:


    you hold ure breath and put head in…voila!

  8. cuzzo Says:

    We used to sing the dirtiest songs too. I shared this one with a friend yesterday:

    I went downtown
    To get a stick of butter
    I saw james Brown
    Sittin in the gutter
    Took a piece of glass
    Stuck it up his @ss
    Never seen a MF run so fast

    Rockin Robin Tweet Tweet Tweet

    …and other hand games like Numbers

  9. Holly GoLightly Says:

    Cuzzo I remember that!!

  10. 80's Baby Says:

    I remember my momma dressing me and my sister alike….. That’s probably why everybody still think we twins. But our styles are similar so a lot of times at stores we would be seperated and come back with the same stuff… But we had to wear it at least on the same day to let everybody know we both had it. I was tarnished in 3rd grade when somebody said to me didn’t your sister have that on yesterday and I was like yeah but that was hers and this one is mines…..

    But what else:
    1. The summers being babysat by my great-grandma.. “Quit coming in and out… Either stay in or stay out”
    2. Just being out on the block
    3. Anxiety the night before the 1st day of school
    4. Goin to the neighborhood candy store and coming back with all kind of penny candy
    5. Enjoying the free personal pizza from Pizza Hut because of Book It….

  11. Humble One Says:

    I love the old school

    a few things I remember I loved

    1) G.I. Joe’s and Star Wars toys

    2) Two-hand touch with sideline tackle

    3) ghetto blasters

    4) hide and go get it

    5) Mr. Softy

  12. “Enjoying the free personal pizza from Pizza Hut because of Book It….”

    Please believe it! I was on it!

    “Two-hand touch with sideline tackle”

    Is it wrong because I try to play this now, at my ripe age? LOL

  13. 80's Baby Says:

    @ nicki…..
    “Enjoying the free personal pizza from Pizza Hut because of Book It….”

    Please believe it! I was on it!

    Girl how come they still do this. My sister’s a teacher and she showed me the updated versions of the certificates…

  14. Peyso Says:

    I remember:

    1) A game called Skelly
    2) Messing w/ the girls when they played jump rope
    3) How when the ice cream truck came all kids would stop whatever you were doing
    4) Being sent out to play b/c it was too nice outside
    5) Run Catch and Kiss
    6) Manhunt
    7) Coming inside when the street lights came on

  15. cuzzo Says:

    What is this Book It?

  16. cuzzo Says:

    ya’ll reminding me of the games we used to play.

    – 7-Up (in the classroom)
    – red light, green light
    – mother, may I? (is that ghetto simon says?)

    what’s the one where u link hands and someone from the other team has to try to break thru?

    and 7-11 – kinda like hide n go get it…7 humps and 11 kisses to the person caught. (we were so fresh!)

  17. “Girl how come they still do this. My sister’s a teacher and she showed me the updated versions of the certificates…”

    Getoutta here! That is great but with how these kids are nowadays, pizza probably doesn’t even faze them… they’re like Boo, I want an ipod. LOL

    @Cuzzo: Lookee:

  18. Cuzzo, we called it Heads Up, 7 up… to cheat, some of the kids would put their heads close to the corner so they could see tennis shoes and id kids that way…

    Who am I kidding? I cheated. LOL

  19. Humble One Says:

    Who remembers

    Frozen tag, lik-a-maid, and playing chicked on bikes.

  20. cuzzo Says:


    freeze tag! yes!


    um, i assume u meant “chicken”. we ain’t play that. don’t they do that in the movies with cars?

  21. 80's Baby Says:

    @ nick… Girl I did the same thing… Was trying to peek and see the shoes

    @cuzzo…Isn’t that game Red rover…. Or do you just say Red Rover Red Rover we won’t such and such to come over… LOL

  22. cuzzo Says:

    @ 80’s and Nicki

    CHEATERS! :-p

    didn’t it feel good to get picked though? lol

    yes….that’s it.

    red rover, red rover, send nicki right over….and u gotta bust through the chain.

    re: hide n go whatever
    didn’t the not-so-cute girls always want to be caught? lol (shhh, i was one of them)

  23. Humble One Says:

    “didn’t the not-so-cute girls always want to be caught?”

    I remember one time when I found one of them by accident. Not a favorable experience.

  24. “didn’t it feel good to get picked though? lol”

    It really did.

    Nah, nah.. Who remembers KICKBALL??? and free day on Gym Day??

  25. 80's Baby Says:

    @humble…. Does it compare to your experience with Dirty Drawers????? I’m still laughin about that….

  26. 80's Baby Says:

    @ nicki…..Girl, every year I have a block party for my birthday and one of the things we do is play kickball but we play california style…… This summer we played against kids who had just graduated from high school…. Man, they wore us out… LOL

  27. cuzzo Says:

    “Who remembers KICKBALL??? and free day on Gym Day??”

    me me me! it was funny when someone thought the ball was going somewhere…then *bam* catch! haha (like nelson)

    gym day – we always did the same thing…girls play with the ropes or stand and talk…and the boys played bball.


  28. 80's Baby Says:

    @ cuzzo…. Unh unh… the girls in my class we played too and we had say so over our free day in Gym.

    I think one of my all time favorite gym games is dr. dodgeball… Where the doctors would have to go and get the people who were hit on the scotters and bring them back to the hospital…. LOL

  29. Yaw people took dodgeball too SERIOUSLY!!!!! I was one of the skinny minis and those jerks would dang near try to knock me down with it.

    What is Kickball… california style ma’am?

  30. 80's Baby Says:

    Dang dont nobody know about california kickball….

    You have 6 bases… And there’s no limit to how many people can be on the base at one time…… You know how with regular kickball it’s only person on a base… Well, with California if you on 1st and when the next person kick you can stay there if you don’t think you can make it to 2nd…

    In school it used to be fun because it would be like 7 people on the last base and if somebody kicked a good one then all 7 of them would all run to home at the same time……

  31. Humble One Says:

    @80’s baby
    “Does it compare to your experience with Dirty Drawers????? I’m still laughin about that….”

    This one did more than just smack my ass. She was bigger than me too.

  32. Humble One Says:

    Who remember’s show and tell?

  33. @Humble: I remember show n’ tell.. and bringing my cabbage patch kids.

    That California Kickball sounds like a fight waiting to happen! LOL

  34. Humble One Says:

    @nicki – I forgot to give you a shoutout for playing 2 hand touch football. If you play tackle you get mad points.

  35. cuzzo Says:


    “Who remember’s show and tell?”

    i don’t remember anything that i brought.

  36. @Humble: LOL. I am a running back sir. 😉

    I haven’t played in years though.

  37. jac427 Says:


    I loved Show & Tell, Kickball…omg any game!

    FOUR SQUARE! That is so the shit!

  38. QB Says:

    i remember
    leaf forts
    picnics in the snow
    swimming from may – september in the lake
    diving for seaweed (we were strange)
    running around the house in our swim suits in the middle of winter and then jumping in the hot tub
    family picnics at the beach
    sailing. god i miss sailing. it is so relaxing
    fireworks over the water
    macaroni and cheese and hotdogs and peas mixed in…
    making “perfume” out of violets and lilacs…

    god i could go one forever.

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