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GOOOOOODDDD MORNING! November 13, 2008

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Last night was stressful.  I failed yet ANOTHER Chemistry test; managed to spill Hydrochloric Acid all over my clothes (the flask basically crushed in my hands); me and my lab partner did the experiment wrong and had to start ALL OVER;  and I didn’t get to the beauty shop until 10:00 pm (my regular bed time!)

I’m operating on almost nil sleep, I have ten million things to do, including print out E- tickets, get directions to the airport (Indianapolis moved their airport on Tuesday. WTF?), get a pedicure, clean my apartment and on and on …  which reminds me, I need to make a list.

BUUUUUT, I leave for Miami tomorrow and I’m breezy…. 

How do you feel today?  This is a free day… What’s on your mind?

And while you’re thinking, take a look at the song I’m feeling right now.  Have a beautiful weekend!




11 Responses to “GOOOOOODDDD MORNING!”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Awl..sookie now..”Gettin up”..i gotta pump this on my good computer speakers when i get back from my coffee run.

  2. jac427 Says:

    I feel…kinda like….I can’t get right…


  3. Junior Says:

    Aside from the rain, I feel pretty darn good right now. Although I am a little nervous because the semester is quickly coming to a close…and have I been studying…NOPE probably not lol!

  4. cuzzo Says:

    I feel like shopping. But, that’s an everyday feeling.

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i have played this song 5 times on two different computers and now with my good speakers. lol

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    oh Nick..sendin you good energy to get that chemistry stuff straight.

  7. Thank you comeback! I’m glad you are feeling this song. It’s been in my head all day for weeks now. LOL

  8. Junior, at this point, I feel like I need to QUIT studying… it’s not helping me. ;(

  9. Britt Says:

    I feel antsy. I have lots of plans I want to carry out but I have to wait on good ol’ Father Time.

  10. Shelia Says:

    Happy Birthday Nicki…have fun…see any cute guys–take their pic and come back and share.

  11. Junior Says:

    NO!! There will be NO quitting of the studying!! We shall just pray on it. Pray for my motivation to remember that I am no longer a consultant, but a student, and pray for your knowledge retention ’cause I believe in you!!!

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