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SSSO Fashion November 14, 2008

Filed under: Fashion — cuzzo @ 12:01 am

Ma’am, Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to jazz up that fall wardrobe with a…

Tailored Jacket

Bold Color

Bold Color


Polishes any look. Can be paired with jeans and tee shirt or more casual office attire.

Scarf (it’s not just a white people thing anymore)


ooh la la

ooh la la

These lil dandies have grown on me…warmth and chic-nicity all in one. Who knew?

Bold Jewelry

Urban Outfitters

Draw attention to those manicured mains (french for hands).


10 Responses to “SSSO Fashion”

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  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i endorse this message i love a splashes of color like this. scarves and blazers/jackets are my fav for this. cuzzo u should take some pics of yourself with these elements.

  3. cuzzo Says:


    This message has been endorsed by our sister, the Comeback Girl. Now, I can truly begin living 😉

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    shut up Cuzzo LOL…yall should start doing video..maybe I’ll do some this weekend bout this and link to yall. to me when your feeling down..nothing picks you up like little shopping a little color in your life.

  5. cuzzo Says:


    I would do that. Actually i’m gonna do a lounge-singer type christmas carol medley when the season rolls around.

    I just need to locate my camera. That’s why you still don’t have a fit club pic or a purse pic.

    I’m always up for shopping…and if I’m not, check my pulse, I may be dead.

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    my fit club pic is up in the “address to the fit club state of the union”

  7. Junior Says:

    splash of color, smash of color. Just add a splash of heels or boots (tall or short) , some tight fitting jeans or tights. THE END!

  8. cuzzo Says:


    where are you from? what u named is the canvas for the above mentioned…everything i’ve named takes it up a notch – from bland to bold.

    FYI/PSA – excessive wear of tight jeans/pants may cause yeast infection

  9. Junior Says:

    I am from Houston, TX!!!!! I’ll take your word for it, I guess you’ll just have to demonstrate. I was just saying that to point out that it is a rare guy who pays that much attention, we are just trying to see how well you accentuate your ass-ets. Now granted, even with that said, as I have a fetish for nice clothes myself, and am often complimented on my style, I’ll concede.

    as for your “FYI/PSA” – So does flavored oils and lubricants, but the ladies give no complaints about those either ;).

  10. cuzzo Says:

    “So does flavored oils and lubricants, but the ladies give no complaints about those either ;).”

    you have to clean that stuff out/off eventually. if you don’t, well, you just nasty. ewww.

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