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Back to Reality…. Nic’s Miami Recap November 19, 2008

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I’m back from Miami and we had a gorgeous time. Just in case YOU are planning a trip there soon, I wanted to give you some hints on where to go and what to do.


Where to Stay

I’ve been to Miami four times in the last three years. Three of those times, I stayed in hotels that were DEPLORABLE. Although we didn’t spend Arab money, we certainly weren’t doing Motel 6 status either.


This time, we rented a condo. It’s called the Knickerbocker and is located on the edge of 3rd and Collins. It was gorgeous:. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroooms, and a fold out couch. I video’d but have no idea on how to convert it into something wordpress can work with, so please settle for this pic. Check the happiness! We found it! From now on, I’ll be staying here.


Here is the link:


What to Eat

Pizza is one of my favorite foods… always has, always will be. It was hard finding good food, but I think I have it down to a science, keep it simple. One of the servers told us that they keep food bland because it is a tourist area and there are so many different cultures they are catering to. I am a simple gal, so these places are far from Ritzy, but they are good, all the same.


The Big Pink:

(my first year, I met Bobby Valentino here. LOL!)


11th Street Diner:

Fantastic food and HUGE portions. You must try the Croque Monsieur.


Primo Pizza:

Not only is the owner GORGEOUS, but this is the best pizza I’ve ever had! I think I ate there four times during our stay.


Where to Shop

First of all, I hate shopping, so I try to stay out of the mall at all costs. What I love about the strip are the quaint shops that you catch, just walking around. I like this Indian store called Passage to India, which has the prettiest authentic jewelry. I believe it is located on 13th and Washington (don’t quote me, but I know it IS on Washington!) We also walked down to Lincoln Mall Road where we saw this interesting character:


Where to Party

Since we were celebrating my 28th birthday, our main goal was to have some good nights.


Wet Willies:

Don’t come in here lookin casket sharp. This is not one of those places… It’s more like a daytime drinking spot. I love that it is open and you can watch people There are a ton of slushes to choose from and we always ask for an extra shot!


We went here Friday for Dwayne Wade’s party and had the best time. My friends saw him a couple of times inside (I saw nothing with Patron glazed eyes), but we took blurry pics of him as we were in line and he pulled up and in Vitamin D Milk Maybach (corny? I know, but hey, you don’t get stars in Kentuckiania!)


Sexy, fashionable atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about anyone fighting because you “stepped on their Js.” It’s really dark and they are couches everywhere. This is where you need to be on Saturday.


Love Hate Lounge:

This has to be my favorite place ever! It is owned by the guys of Miami Ink and is the best spot to go to on Sunday. They play old school hip hop and raggae etc. The DJ is crazy! Promise I lost ten pounds from dancing. (and my eyes aren’t lazy…. that’s from the shots!)




I must be honest. “I gots to do it!”



I visit Club Opium every time I go, but this time, they were closed. We were instructed to go to their sister club, which is Prive. First of all, you are supposed to come early in order to get in. Me and my girls did this and watched as some pip squeak belittled a Sheik about his religion and girls threw themselves on him to gain entrance. There were us and one other black woman in line, in a sea of exotic Indian browns and pure whites. We watched him ignore us. We couldn’t quite figure it out… we’re nice looking women. It was getting chosen last for Dodgeball teams.


We later learned from a random guy who walked us to Cameo that if you’re black, you basically can’t get into that club until Tuesday. Disgusting! I won’t be going there again.


I hope I’ve convinced you to go… please do! This is my favorite place in the world…. There are so many other perks, including the beach and good old people watching!


30 Responses to “Back to Reality…. Nic’s Miami Recap”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    happy birfday SON…you look so purty purty..I love the dress black dress in the bottom heffas over here are hot like FIRE…

    i like when yall do these “around town” type posts…Cuzzo did that philly spot the other day..i likes dat..imma put these spots on my todo MIA list next time..

    i love MIA btw. that is one SEXAY city..I feel sexay as soon as i get off the plane. love it.

  2. Thanks Comeback! Girl, you ain’t never lied about it bein one sexay city.

    LOL. I think that dress is what got me sick. It was 50 degrees Sunday night and I had came out the club after sweating on the dancefloor.

    It was worth it!

  3. Britt Says:

    I ❤ Sobe!!! So glad you had a good time. If I ever go back I will have to get with u about the condo you rented because that is a prime location.

  4. Thanks Britt! Yes, hon. I’ll be happy to pass on the info. The owners were the coolest. one of them used to be a Chippendale. He is FINNNE!

  5. cuzzo Says:

    oh yes, how did I forget…HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY my single sister.

    I still have my commemorative Wet Willie’s cup from mad years ago.

    and hot mamacita!!! legs, legs, legs….u betta take a pregnancy test just to make sure nobody slipped anything up in there while u were dancing.

    glad u had fun.

  6. Thanks Cuz! LOL… girl, they were trying to… best believe that. But I wasn’t feeling any of them… it was just good fun with my chicas!

  7. sampan Says:

    Thankyou verymuch

  8. No problem Sampan. And welcome to the blog.

  9. cuzzo Says:

    “This is my favorite place in the world”

    In the mood of Obama is the President – We Got’s to do better-ism, let’s promise ourselves to see beaches and beautiful people on other continents 🙂

  10. jac427 Says:

    I am all for let us see beautiful places.

    Happy Birthday pumpkin!

  11. cuzzo Says:

    PS – I love Big Pink!!! I stayed at the Marriot and it was like down the block, I swear we ate there like everyday. We saw Big Gip from the Goodie Mob.

  12. I want to do Brazil one day… my friend is scared b/c of that movie that came out, Touristas. LOL.

    Thanks Jac. 😉

    Big Pink… dang, I wish we had one here! LOL

  13. Peyso Says:

    If I may add some places for people to try (I consider myself an expert because during my summer internship after my junior year, my job sent us to the Miami office on 8th and Ocean, put us in a hotel on 8th and Collins, and paid for all drinks and meals), I think you have a few dollars to shell out, consider staying at The Hotel on 8th and Collins. It is a 5 star hotel, with a 5 star restaurant called Wish located there. The food is bangin and the rooms are even better. They have a great roof with a view of the water.

    The Park Central is on 5th and Ocean and I would recommend staying there. When you’re there, you feel like you’re in 1940’s Miami (in a good way) not 2008.

    There is the banging little cuban spot on like 7th and Collins where you will eat like a king for less than $15.

  14. I’m supposed to be hitting up the MIA for the first time this winter … so this post is getting bookmarked and referenced. I was looking into condo’s too.

    Glad you had fun though … and good look on the heads up about Prive … f*ck em!

  15. Dang Peyso, I wish I would have known about that restaurant when we were there. I wanted to try some authentic Cuban food!

    Thanks SBM! I love the blog world… If I can save just one brotha from the racist bastards, that’s enough for me.

  16. cuzzo Says:


    when r u going? I’m trying to figure out where to go on my vacay.

  17. Junior Says:

    @ cuzzo “I like south beach but I’m in san troupez” I have to agree, that we have to broaden our horizons. Now I don’t have san troupez money just yet, but I know that’s temporary!

    @ nicki, i want to do brazil too…I’m just just afraid that if I go, I won’t be coming back and will have 2382343 illegitimate kids running around…

  18. “nicki, i want to do brazil too…I’m just just afraid that if I go, I won’t be coming back and will have 2382343 ”

    LOL. Junior. NEVER this number!!!!!

  19. QB Says:

    Hey Nick happy late birthday. ya’ll look like you were for sure havin fun!

  20. Jada Says:

    I love love LOVE Miami. I’ve been twice this year. Fortunately I vacationed with friends who don’t mind spending that paper so my experience was great. First time we stayed at the Conrad, which is the nicest swankiest shit I’ve ever been in. Second time they rented this beautiful ass house on the water.

    And we went to Mansion and Prive both time and had no trouble getting in. Maybe b/c of VIP, but they didn’t seem to be hating on the black folks when we went. I’m sorry you had a horrible experience at Prive. And Opium is the shit!

    We went to that outside mall too and saw the same lady posing as a statue. Pretty interesting all right.

    So glad you had a blast. Miami truly is a great place to go. I can’t get enough of it!

  21. cuzzo Says:


    i know man, just temporary. i’m tryna go to dubai…versailles…visit the taj mahal…ride in a gondola in venice.

  22. Jolie Fatale Says:

    @nicki: lookin good mama! sounds like fun.. I passed on the info to my group of friends and now we are going for one of our girls bachelorette parties! THANK you CHICA!

  23. @Jada: that statue lady was pretty freaky… one of my friends was scared of her. LOL

    @Jolie: Thanks chica. I’m so glad you guys are going.. If you need any further info, I’ll be happy to help you out.

  24. Bam Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    I may actually take your advice because I too HATE to shop. So I’m assuming we could be like minded in other avenues.


  25. @Bam: High 5 on the shopping hatred. We are truly unheard of, chica! LOL

  26. slimjackson Says:

    I did Miami the last 2 Memorial Days. We stayed in the same Condo each time. The condo is definitely the move. We didn’t even go to any clubs this past year. Just chilled out and threw some functions at the spot. I’d link folks to pictures, but then I’d be putting my real identity out

  27. @Slim: Memorial Day is one of theeee best times to come. I went out a few times when I went during that time, but there’s so much going on outside, that you really don’t need to.

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