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Nic’s Repeatable Movie Picks November 24, 2008

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I am not a sensitive woman, so I don’t share tears easily… things have to be serious.  

I have an exception. The Color Purple takes me to infant status.   

I was at the hospital with my mom Sunday, (luckily she was on the phone).  When this part came on I cried like a biyatch! I covered it up like I was getting choked from coughing- slick one I tell ya.

This also made me cry:

But this is funny as hell:

I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count, and will STILL watch it over and over again.  There are very few movies I can repeat back to back, which include:

2.  Imitation of Life

3. Napoleon Dynamite (my repressed nerd just came out! LOL)

4.  Jerry McGuire

5.  The Break Up

These are my top 5 REPEATABLE movies.  What about you-do you have any? What scenes send you into tears?  Men, your emotions are welcome here.


32 Responses to “Nic’s Repeatable Movie Picks”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    oh yeah imitation of life…the funeral scene…and i think home girl running behind mama’s hearse…oh no good.

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    bridges of madison co.
    to sir with love
    the way we were

  3. Oh yes Comeback, that funeral scene is a beast…. That heffa was so nasty to her mama!

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i know i wanted to whomp dat @zz 4 acting so wrong, but that was the sign of the times. so sad.

  5. You are right… I heard that I had some family that “passed” back in the day. I went to my granddad’s family reunion last year and even the darker people looked white… they just looked like they had painted skin. I was shocked.

  6. cuzzo Says:

    1-Berry Gordy’s: The Last Dragon – I shed a tear with Leroy when Richie calls him a coward after shonuff and his gang tear up Daddy Green’s pizza place.
    3-The Nutty Professor – all both of them
    4-Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy
    5-Coming to America

  7. Cuzzo, I cracked up at your scene desciption but I love the Last Dragon too….

  8. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “You are right… I heard that I had some family that “passed” back in the day.”

    i wonder about this all the time. My mother sometimes talks about her grandmother (my great grandma) who could pass, but refused.

    i guess its all good. my granny and my great granny found the darkest men they could find. Hence ME…lol.

  9. Junior Says:

    Aight ladies, I’m saying this in confidence, so it had better not be any set trippin’ up in here!

    1 – Hit the color purple on the head. I’m 26, and for some reason every speck of dust in the world flies into my eyes when “Celie?” sees her kids again and her son starts saying “maw maw, maw maw”.
    2 – The lion king – This was the first movie I ever choked up on. It was something about watching Scar say, “long live the king”, then tossing his brother into the back of wildebeest. Once again, every spec of dust on “Earf” decides to get active.
    3 – Star Wars Episodes 1-6
    4 – Superman Returns – I am definitely a big ass kid, and watching a man fly around, stop bullets, and lift all types of inappropriate things…GREATNESS.
    5 – Bootytalk #22 – what can I say? It’s not easy being in month #11 on planet celibacy ha ha!

  10. I will heart you forever (workcite: Mik) for admitting your tears Junior!

    The Lion king made me tear up too… I won’t lie. When the dad dies, it gets me.

  11. 80's Baby Says:

    @ nicki… You like the breakup? Is that the movie with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn? I didn’t like that movie. lol

    Some of most memorable Tearjerkers:
    1. My Girl – I cried during his funeral after he died from getting stung by the bees.
    2. Crooklyn- I cried when the mom died..
    3. The Sesame Street Movie- I remember being a kid crying at the movies because they painted Big Bird Blue… LOL
    Okay I stop with the tearjerkers… LOL

    Movies I can watch again & again
    1. Talladega Nights -movie is hilarious!
    2. Lean On Me- You smoke crack don’t cha…..
    3. Why Did I Get Married….. Boom!
    4. White Chicks….

  12. Jada Says:

    300 – The last seen when Leonidas is remembering and calling out for his wife before he meets his death. Powerful scene there.

    The Little Mermaid – this is just classic Disney.

    The 6th Man – first movie ever made me cry. When Kenny’s brother dies I was heartbroken for him. And at the end when his brother had to go on to heaven.

    Last Holiday

    This Christmas

    Women of Brewster Place

    Color Purple – Love this movie. It never gets old.

  13. Aw man 80s! I bought the break up. Please don’t mention Talledega nights… that movie puts me in stitches, “I will scissor kick you in the back of your head!”

  14. Junior Says:

    @ nicki, they weren’t necessarily tears, it was just dusty!! *cough cough*

  15. Yeah Junior, just like I got “choked.” LOL

  16. 80's Baby Says:

    I bought the break up
    @ Nicki… I did too for like 3.99 and I want my 3.99 back.. LOL

  17. WTF did you find it at that price? LOL. I am pissed. I was hoodwinked!

  18. Jada Mwah Says:

    The 6th Man – First movie to ever make me cry. I cry everytime Kenny’s brother dies and when he has to leave at the end. I even tear up when I hear the song that was playing when he died.

    As for over and over

    Love Jones
    Love & Basketball
    Last Dragon
    Women of Brewster Place
    Just Another Girl on the IRT
    This Christmas
    Last Holiday
    Why Did I Get Married
    The Little Mermaid and Alladin
    Sex & the City

    there are more I’m sure.

  19. 80's Baby Says:

    Last year the day after Thanksgiving I believe at Circuit City…. This year all of the stores have a lot of movies marked down that low again. Some are even advertising movies for 2.99

  20. Oh swear! I may have to gather myself outta the bed then. I had no clue!

  21. cuzzo Says:

    I love/cry at the Lion King too – all that circle of life stuff brings tears of joy. *himan yanna ingua namma baya* (at least that’s what it sounds like to me, lol)

    i just saw madagascar II and kinda cried a lil – don’t recall the exact scene

  22. “himan yanna ingua namma baya”

    WTF?? LMAO.

  23. cuzzo Says:

    lol – that’s how the chant part sounds to me when circle of life is playin

  24. Britt Says:

    Steel Magnolias. No matter how many times I see it, Shelby dying hurts be down deep.

  25. Peyso Says:

    Wedding Crashers – Too many quotables “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me”

    Superbad – Also too many quotables “Dude! That means that by some fate we were paired together and she thought of me. Thought of me enough to want me to be responsible for the entire funness of her party! She wants to fuck me! She wants my dick in or around her mouth! ”

    The Christmas Story – I watch it every year on Christmas Eve
    Talladega Nights – Too many quotables ” I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger. ”

    Lion King 1.5 – Funnier than the other 2

    Anchorman – Too many quotables “I have many leather bound books. My room smells of rich mahogany” or “When in Rome…”

    The Break Up – The only movie I have ever cried at

    Sarafina – I love musicals despite this one being sad

  26. @Peyso: Wedding Crashers is a classic: “STAGE FIVE CLINGER!”

    Oh Peyso, you had me here: “The Break Up – The only movie I have ever cried at”

  27. 80's Baby Says:

    Nicki and Peyso: Yall gonna make me watch this movie tonight???? So what made yall cry? What is it about this movie that gets you… Enlighten me please…. LOL

  28. mrsFAB Says:

    I have never seen #3, but all of the others are on my FABfaves list.

    @ Everyone who commented on this post:

    I will blame you for making my “On Demand” movie cable bill go sky high, cause you all have brought back some memrories!

    Am I the only one who did not think that “White Chicks” was funny as hell? LMAO

  29. @80’s: which movie dollface?

    @mrsfab: White chicks was funny, but that one I cannot watch over and over again! LOL. “Making my way downtown, walking fast….” My favorite part was them singing.

  30. ooooh! Oohhh! Crooklyn made me cry. I remember when we went to the movies to see that. My two cousins wouldn’t let it go and said I looked just like the cousin with the stuck up “mama.”

  31. 80's Baby Says:

    @ Nick…. My bad I forgot to mention the movie… The Breakup… Still trying to figure out why it made people cry.. LOL

    Ohh I just busted out laughing.. They said you looked like the cousin.. Too funny.. LOL

  32. @80’s: LOL. The break up part… I thought it was so sad, when he walked in the bedroom and just looked at her while she was sleeping.

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