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The RHOA Reunion Show November 26, 2008

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Happier Days?


Hello Guys and Gals and Welcome to the partay!!!

In true Cuzzo fashion we are a day late and a dollar short but the party must ensue.

Please Enjoy some


Mini Quiche

Mini Quiche

Banana Bread

Banana Bread


Don’t be shy…Dig in.

Mimosa, Anyone?

Mimosa, Anyone?

My Thoughts:

1 – DWIGHT EUBANKS STOLE THE DAMN SHOW! He’s my favorite honorary Housewife (NeNe has runner up).  And, he’s got a reality show of his own in the making. Fave Quote: “Who is this wonderful person giving a fashion show with no fashions? How dreadful.”

And wasn’t he a true diva! and in his little time next to Kim was more of a friend to her than any of the other women have been. Telling her she needed to step it up with the wardrobe and hair. *snap* Bam!

Can't Wait!

2 – I ABHOR Kim. She such a lie! i could write so much more on all her wack-tivities but I’m sure you all saw it.

3 – I wanted to kick DeShawn off the stage – she was so boring.

4 – Sheree has not convinced me that She By Sheree will actually be coming out.

5 – Apparently, Lisa is NOT the one (in her own words, lol).

Just about everything that I expected, happened.

So, what are your thoughts on the Real Housewives of ATL Reunion show?

For your amusement (many of you may have seen this already as I posted it before on Comeback):


47 Responses to “The RHOA Reunion Show”

  1. Tea Says:

    I LOVE NENE!!!

    She had us dying laughing with those faces all night…especially when she was talking to Sheree and mocking her.

    Sheree’s pony was a HOT ASS MESS!!

    But I especially LOVED IT when Dwight told Kim that they had to do something about that hair.

    …speaking of hair didn’t Dwight look like Eddie Murphy in Vampire…lol.

  2. AnitraClark Says:

    lmao @ Teacia. Dwight came and saved the day basically because it was nuts the whole time, The look on Kims face when he told her to do something about her hair was priceless. That just goes to show its not what you say its how you say it.

    Over all I am glad DeShawn didn’t act a plum fool, she rep’d detroit well in that regards *pumps fist in the air*

    Lisa – fake
    Sheree- totally fake
    Kim- the fakest

    NeNe wanted to whoop on kim but she still the coolest

  3. “…speaking of hair didn’t Dwight look like Eddie Murphy in Vampire…lol.”

    LMAO. He did!

    DeShawn was so good on the show…

    I heart NeNe. She made Sheree look like a dumbass.. she said, “Um-hmm, raised brow for me too.” LMAO.

    Sheree’s ponytail took me back to Junior prom…. and the piece on the side? Sweetie Puh-leeze.

    I love Dwight and his fruity behind!

  4. Cuzzo, I just had to add a pic!

  5. AnitraClark Says:

    lol, Nicki I needed to rewind that part when Kim was crying about having cancer than saying she never did, that was hillarious!!

    he was like so you don’t have cancer? No
    so you never had cancer??? No
    so you do NOT have cancer?? No


  6. Mik, he really made her look stupid didn’t he????? Girl, I was dying. It was like she was in a court room..

    Tell Kim to stop outlining the outside of her lips… she looks gross.

  7. cuzzo Says:

    sorry this post looks so low budget…not my style. i’ll spiff it up n serve hors d’oeuvres in an hour.

    your most gracious hostess,


  8. Teacia Says:

    Yeah, the cancer thing was like what…didn’t she just said that she has cancer…and then’s she like, “but the results came back and it wasn’t cancer…it was something else that I don’t want to get into on here.”….LOL HI LARRY US!!!

    NeNe set it off for the first 20 minutes and then it calmed down. Deshawn was chillin in the cut because she’s trying to be a minister…she can’t be on there acting a fool.

    Mikki I don’t think that Lisa is fake, she’s grown…and she’s not new to money. Hell she married Keith Sweat back in the day when he was BANKING!! But I thought it was priceless how ready she was to dig into Kim’s face…you can just see the look on her face before it went down.

  9. @T: Wow, I didn’t know she was trying to be a minister.

    I like Lisa…. Man… her husband. I need a clone. LOL.

  10. Shelia Says:

    I must be the only one of my friends who hasn’t really seen this show. I’ve seen a few minutes of one episode. I will have to catch it during re-runs or if they come out with a RHOA 2.

  11. Shelia, I think they are doing a marathon on Thanksgiving.

  12. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Yeah Tea Nene kind of reminds me of you in a way…I think home girl deserves her own show. But I think it was Holly who said some fake wackadoodle things were going on in the background like Sheree not paying her staff on time or at all, cars being borrowed. That whole Kim dealership thing?? i heard was totally fake.

  13. “That whole Kim dealership thing?? i heard was totally fake.”

    They showed the check she wrote out last night.

    They also showed how much DeShawn tithed… I couldn’t believe they did that. It was $15,000.00

  14. AnitraClark Says:

    Teacia well, I think Lisa is fake because she is part to blame for the falling out with Kim and NeNe.

    I believe she told Sheree what happen in the car, which of all people to tell you tell her??? I mean if your so called Grown, you would have left what happen in the car IN THE CAR.

    I knew she felt bad when she resorted almost instantly to calling Kim a liar over and over and over. She said she apologized to NeNe for telling but after all the damaged you caused between the two, it didn’t mean anything.

    I liked her up until she did that, if you noticed she didn’t take the peacemaker award!!

  15. Love, Love, the setup Cuzzo (as I fix my plate).

    I don’t think She is actually coming out… I’m not convinced who would by it.. she may think she’s head of fashion but that sweater she had on last night made me itch.

  16. 80's Baby Says:

    I didn’t watch the reunion show so I can’t comment… But I will help myself to some fruit and a mimosa….. Strawberries are great…. thanks!

  17. thecomebackgirl Says:

    So Dwight has his own show?? whats that pic up of him?

  18. Hey yall my comment was in moderation… forgot I was saying!

  19. I love Dwight! I told Jac I was gonna go on a hunt for him! He has got to be in my circle!

  20. AnitraClark Says:

    oh wow Cuzzo thanks for the set up, pass me a drank!!

    I would watch his show, he is so funny and cool

  21. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i agree..he is a gay husband MUST…

  22. Yay! Thinkin Mama is getting released today..she has to wait on the heart doctor to check her out, but it’s looking good!!!!

  23. AnitraClark Says:

    Yay Nickay!

    *raises 3rd glass of mimosa*

  24. cuzzo Says:


    I did not read the full story about him but he does have a reality show coming out about him and his salon.

  25. “i agree..he is a gay husband MUST…”

    yes he is Comeback!

    “Thinkin Mama is getting released today”

    YAY!!! I know you are happy girl!

  26. Cheers Mik.

    LMAO at a 3rd glass… NOT at 9:53!!!!!

  27. I am charged ladies… it just made my Thanksgiving.

  28. I need a gay husband… 😉

  29. AnitraClark Says:

    I hope Sheree chokes on “She” Che, whatever

    and I hope she doesn’t get a dime from that divorce, not a gold digger my tail. Maybe dwight will be fixing Kim up on his new show

  30. cuzzo Says:

    What I love about Dwight is he keeps letting you know that he is a MAN. It’s like he’s still flirtatious but you know it’s NEVER going down.

    Is it just me or does he looks like he’s had a face lift or collagen in his lips or something?

  31. jac427 Says:

    I got me one yesterday.

    This food is tasty.


    I love Lisa and that man….Oh especially that man. I will bring them both home.

    Mik-Sheree is definitely a golddigger. SEVEN FIGURES=golddigger.

    Kim needs a psychiatrist, psychologist and some medication.

    Nene was so fab looking!

  32. jac427 Says:

    Cuzzo-He’s definitely had some work.

    AND yes…he is always trying to pull down his damned pants!

  33. “Is it just me or does he looks like he’s had a face lift or collagen in his lips or something?”

    He’s def had procedureS. (with an S!)

  34. Ya’ll wasnt that funny when Dwight told Kim she needed to come to the 21st century!!!!!

  35. “Ya’ll wasnt that funny when Dwight told Kim she needed to come to the 21st century!!!!!”

    I DIED. why did she try to get all soft on him, “well, ahhmn working on it.”

  36. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Cuzzo i missed the bonnie hunt show with neicey the full skit on youtube?

  37. cuzzo Says:


    I’m not sure. I just recycled the same link I had

  38. Teacia Says:

    Comeback don’t feel bad, my friends said the same thing last night. I don’t think I’m that confrontational but I guess I’m wrong…lol. I am sarcastic and call it like I see it…and I would have said the same thing to “Apple” about the stipper question…lol, that was funny.

    I did admire her natural looking makeup though…but the weave uhhh yeah, that’s a no go.

    I can’t wait for next season and Dwight’s show…it’s going to be good for ratings.

    Mikki I still don’t think Lisa is fake…we’ve all done it, besides she didn’t say it verbatim…all she said was, “Girl in the car, NeNe song a song, it was about Kim and it was not good.” Period…it happens all the time.

  39. I thought it seemed like they picked the rudest/ strangest questions from viewers they could possibly pick.

  40. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “I thought it seemed like they picked the rudest/ strangest questions from viewers they could possibly pick”

    i did too..”So nene why do you dress so horribly”? was like…


  41. Anitra Says:

    Teacia yes I guess im the only one who sees through Lisa’s innocence lol.

    I’m sure we all done it before, but I guess my point was that it ruined a friendship.

    If it was me and I KNEW I caused the riffraff I would have tried to bring them back together vs just acting like I didn’t do anything and that THEY where the only ones acting childish.

    I mean she should be a baby sitter but I mean I wouldn’t feel right about recking someone’s friendship over gossip

  42. Anitra Says:

    shouldn’t be

  43. AnitraClark Says:

    here goes the full version of that clip that cuzzo put up

    its hella funny

  44. “thats”


    Great clip Mik… they were funny as all get out.

  45. Britt Says:

    “If you touch me I will wear that wig off your head” – Nene. Can’t wait for Season 2!

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