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Today’s After-Thanksgiving Activities November 28, 2008

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It’s the Day after Thanksgiving, you’ve ate well, gained 5 pounds… what do you do now? 

This day is nationally known as Black Friday, when you’re supposed to wake up at the crack of dawn and fight with 100 other customers over the 10 42″ RCA flat screens that have been discounted.

Well, no sir, not me…. As I’ve stated before, I hate shopping.  I’ll enjoy my day off by washing my hair, sitting on my couch and eating leftovers, and doing homework

How about you?  Enjoy your day!


7 Responses to “Today’s After-Thanksgiving Activities”

  1. Junior Says:

    I’ll be!!….studying….:(

  2. Oh, Junior!

    That’s sucks!!!!!!!

  3. Bam Says:

    I am still in yesterdays clothes holding my laptop and my remote.


    4 days the fk away from the JOB!

  4. AnitraClark Says:

    “4 days the fk away from the JOB!”

    I approve and second this message

  5. Jac Says:

    I approve Bam’s message too.

    I LOVE shopping.

    Sorry Mik, back out I go.

  6. Tea Says:

    It feels like Saturday…I went by the mall but left after 20 minutes, I couldn’t do it.

    Tonight I’m partying!!! (right after i clean my colon)

  7. I approve Bam’s message also. Ain’t nothing like being off work!

    T, I went to the mall for five minutes for hoop earrings and almost merked someone! LOL.

    I am going out tonight, hoping to find candidates to multitask that ass.

    This no date thing is for the birds.

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