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Cadillac Records: Nic’s Movie Review December 7, 2008

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You absolutely MUST go out and see this movie. It was so good that when it was over, I was left wanting more.

Cadillac Records is about Leonard Chess (played by Adrian Brody), who had big dreams.  He successfully made the transition from junk hauler to club owner to producer.

Initially, I thought the movie was going to be about Etta James (who was played by Beyonce), but it’s not.  Matter of fact, Beyonce has very few parts in this movie.

The main characters are Muddy Waters (played by Jeffrey White), Little Walter (played by Columbus Short),  Geneva Wade, (played by Gabrielle Union), and Willie Dixon (played by Cedric the Entertainer).   Mos Def played Chuck Berry and Eamonn Walker played Howlin’ Wolf (who is  uber-intmidating!)

The acting in this movie is phenomenal (yes, even B’s!)  At the high points, when Muddy Waters and Little Walter were in the juke joints, making music, I wanted to go back in time  and dance right with them.  Yet, at the low points, when Etta James was introduced to her alleged white father, who rejected her, I just wanted somebody to “ger her some damned gin!”

I don’t want to reveal too much but give you just enough to wet your appetite for it.  This is a story that definitely needed to be told; and something that you definitely need to see.

Here’s “All I Could Do Is Cry,” originally sung by Etta James, which Beyonce Knowles sang in the movie.  I was amazed to find out that Mos Def did his singing as Chuck Berry also.


12 Responses to “Cadillac Records: Nic’s Movie Review”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    imma have to check this out..i should have made this my date movie.

  2. Eb Says:

    I had no desire at all to see this movie… but since you said bey isnt even in it that much, maybe I will… it really tanked though… everyone is talking about that today… so I guess more people felt like me that this is one we’ll wait to see on DVD.

  3. Aw man Eb.. I didn’t know it TANKED! It was really good.

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    what do you mean eb…it tanked??? people didn’t like it?

  5. Britt Says:

    I will go check it out. Thanks for the review!

  6. Junior Says:

    @ Eb. I think it depends on what your definition of a flop is. The movie, for whatever reason, only opened on < 700 screens nationwide and it still made 3.5 million. I guess compare that to the Punisher that opened on over 2500 screens and only made 4 million. Initially, yes, it looks craptastic, but overall I think they did OK. I’ll probably go see that over Xmas break though. STill have a Con Law, and a Federal Income taxation Law exam…ugh…is it the 17th yet :(.

  7. No problem Britt. 😉

    JR: Good luck on those finals homie.

  8. Anitra Says:

    I am gonna go see it since you gave it a good review.


  9. cuzzo Says:

    *coming out of hibernation*

    I’m gonna see this too. I was kinda tired of these types of movies but I haven’t seen one in a minute so it should be exciting. Seems like only the good movies are going back in time…where’s the innovation in the movie biz?

    I’m boycotting Will-Smith-is-the-d@mn-hero-again movies. He’s a good actor and I need him to expand these rolls. His last what 4 movies, he’s a hero. (can’t say that I’ve actually seen them all but it’s what I’ve gathered)

  10. Welcome back Cuz….

    I want to see the new Will Smith movie.. who knew big ears back in the 90s would have turned out so sexy????

    Mik, let mek now what you think!

  11. mrsFAB Says:

    Now see, Kitty Bradshaw reviewed this flick, ans say it was okay. Good if you like that Jackson 5 movie ot the Five Heartbeats. Now you you are saying ti was great. Now I am torn. I was going to wait til DVD, but now….

    Isn’t it funny how Moss Def is turning out to be a better actor than Beyonce? I love Bey, but I really wish she would stick to singing… and not classics like “At Last” either!!!!

  12. I agree Mrs. Fab, At last was not her song… now I don’t dispute, she did a beautiful job singing it BUT she doesn’t have the grit and sadness that Ms. Ettta possesses.

    LMAO b/c I will watch the Jackson 5 movie overandoverandover again.

    Mos Def is phenomenal.. He makes me curious about him. 😉

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