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I love Black Women-Yaya Edition December 18, 2008

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Now see…I love women.  I specifically love black women…especially since I am one who came from one.  Anyways…I know over on that blog we celebrated Black Man’s Appreciation Day…and I was thinking we should appreciate women and be all ya-ya ish.  So anyways…over on VSB not long ago they discussed things about the opposite sex that you’re thankful for.   Well I wanna know from you lovely people what makes you appreciate the hell out of a black woman and okay, alright…black men too (only if you must).

Here’s my list:

Black women:

1.Strength-Hell the country was built on the backs of blacks especially women who held their families together.  That same blood is flowing through our veins today.

2.Beauty-Classic, elegance…light, dark, medium…straight hair or curly…a black woman epitomizes beauty.   Just look at me and my Mama…

3.Substance & Style-Maya Angelou, Patti Labelle, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long….Josephine Baker (yea, her too)

So give it to me straight…what do you love about black (wo)men…men..only if we have to 🙂

It’s ya-ya day yall


22 Responses to “I love Black Women-Yaya Edition”

  1. Junior Says:

    Man, we love those Rumps!!! Who is worried about all these inherent characteristics?! “Shawty got an a$$ on her…I’mma put my hands on her…”

    Oh, I love their melanin coated skin as well. Skin cancer is not the new couture.
    *Side note- No Law school for 2.5 weeks!!*

  2. Congrats Junior and welcome back to the land of the living. LOL.

    1. Superwomen: It gets hard sometimes but we can do it all: mother, wife, businesswoman, all remaining fly and s3xy.

    2. Variety: We are like Baskin Robbins ya’ll (21 flavors)

    3. Exotic: From hourglasses to big lips, Hollywood is paying for plastice surgery to get our natural characteristics.

  3. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Its the BOSS..thats a hot picture of her. I love b&w artsy.

    Black Chicks Rock..mostly because we just some bad mamma jammas.

    1. We can make a meal out of literal and actual scraps.
    2. We love so hard..sometimes against our own best interest..
    2b. but when we learn the lesson. We learn the lesson.
    3. And Black women are so (stealing from Sunny) so diverse and beautiful from the lightest of light to the blackest of black..we bAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD..

  4. “And Black women are so (stealing from Sunny)”

    I don’t mind a little steal. I piggybacked off Jac myself. LOL

  5. 80's Baby Says:

    I’m over here to validate…..

    But I just love how we are able to make something out of nothing……. Tell me something ain’t possible then watch me work and make it happen…. Well, not me alone because I can’t do nothing without HIM but yall get my drift. 😉

  6. Jada Mwah! Says:

    I love our uncomparable nuturing spirit. You’d be hardpressed to find a balck woman who gives up on those she loves and the things she believes in.

    I love that we love hard (sometimes to our detriment), but we go hard or go home.

    I love the our faith in the good in people.

    I love that even when our worlds are falling apart right before our eyes, we always find a way to make it through anyways.

  7. Britt Says:

    We are so loyal!!! When a black woman is your friend she is your FRIEND. I am so thankful for my ride-or-dies.

  8. Britt Says:

    And Diana’s lashes are HAUTE in that pic!

  9. People forget how raw Diana Ross was back in the day…

    Yep, I love my black women, oooowwweeee!


  10. jac427 Says:

    Junior: Congrats dude. You’ve worked hard for this break.

    Nick: Hey sis…most definitely “Superwoman”…man knowing that gets you through a lot of days…”cause I am super woman…yes I am, yes she is”

    Comeback: I think we can love hard because we are loved…by them.

    80s-Hey lady that’s right girl…we will do the damned thing. Just tell us we can’t…and watch us soar.

    Jada-A black woman’s spirit is her best accessory.

    Ed-Hi there and thanks for stopping by again…and trust we feel the love.

    “cause even when I’m a mess I still put on a vest with an ‘S’ on my chest”

  11. Cheekie Says:

    Oh, my fellow Black Sisters!

    I love our Sisterhood. How we always band together, especially when we see a brotha with a 2520 chick times are tough!

    And to go off that point…I love how much we love our Black men. Even when they don’t love us.

    I love our style. From hair on our head to shoes on our feet, there’s nothing like a Black woman’s personal style.

    Our swagger. Oh yes, we have it! The shake of our hips whether we’re dancing our walking is something special!

    There’s so much more, but those are the top ones that come to mind.

  12. Cuzzo Says:

    I like our big butts n I cannot lie (whippoosh)

    our skin tones

    hair textures

  13. Junior Says:

    confused @ nicole’s randomness…

    statistics are deceiving, find out how many white people commit heinous acts and get off, that’s the real stat.

  14. Cuzzo Says:

    @Counselor Junior

    I dunno where Nicole came from (she prolly white).

    The stats are skewed. How r you going to count people who never get caught or get caught and get off like my man esquire said?

  15. Get Togetha Says:

    I concur with everyone’s thoughts…I love our strength, wisdom, spirits, our skin, our hair and the fact that we can do anything with it, and our loyalty even tho it might not always serve our best interests.

    To sisterhood.


  16. cuzzo Says:

    Howdy Get Togetha! Welcome and thanks for your comment.


    “And Diana’s lashes are HAUTE in that pic!”

    i dunno – they remind me of that movie, A Clockwork Orange

  17. Junior Says:

    @ cuzzo, yeah I meant to say that too :-D!!

  18. Tim Says:

    If Black women are so strong, why are they No. 1 for out-of-wedlock births? HIV-AIDS? This country was built on their backs? I beg to differ – this country is going to hell because they spend too much time on their backs.

    Why? And. don’t play the blame game when you answer.

  19. Tim- thanks for popping by. We will all be answering this question for you shortly by way of a special post!

  20. Tim Says:

    I look forward to it, Brown Sugar!

  21. […] while ago, Jaci posted a beautiful tribute to black women in her I Love Black Women- Yaya Edition  post. Very recently, the following comment was posted within that tribute by […]

  22. chukas Says:

    black is just beautiful.but still white girls are sweet for real my men

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