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A Sunday Kinda Love… December 22, 2008

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Ok…so it’s true….I’m kinda an old soul.  Don’t ask me why, but I really love me some Etta.

Yes, I want a Sunday kinda love.  Amongst all the kinds out there this one is most appealing.  It carries that relaxed easiness.  It’s best described as a walk in the French Quarter late Sunday as the sun sets on the Mississippi.  *le sigh*

Let me break down what this is…cause I’m thinking we all need a Sunday lover…

1. A Love That’s On the Square-He is Mr. Dependable…Johnny on the spot…hitting that spot whenever you need him to do so.  He’s not concerned with what his boys think.  So what if he has to not go to the club on Saturday ’cause he’s got church and brunch with you and the folks…he loves you and he’s gonna do what he needs to do.

2. Someone to Show You The Way-Now, we’re always talking about how we need a man to lead.  I can lead.  It’s most definitely not a problem…but I need a man with vision, direction, purpose.  Someone who’s not afraid to say “we’re definitely headed to the right”.  If he can say it strong and with conviction then I can most definitely make sure it happens.

3. Someone to keep you warm-It’s December.  This one should be self-explanatory.  Everyone needs that late night human contact…a brush of the hand, brushing the hair out of your face and making out under the mistletoe 😉

So this kinda follows the idea of list that we’ve been talking about on blogs for about the past six or so months.  So Etta’s given her Sunday love requirements.  What makes you all swoon…?  Get romantic, get pragmatic…just let me know what you need a man to do.  Whether it’s breakfast in bed, paying the bills or just listening to your day…I’m ever so curious loves!


12 Responses to “A Sunday Kinda Love…”

  1. Love this song Jac.. I think I have a renewed love for Ms. Etta.

    1. Patience: When I say I’m not ready to have s3x, don’t tempt me… (this probably goes with number 2)

    2. Respect.

    3. Honesty: Be truthful, be yourself. Don’t play the part of the player if u look stupid doing it.

    4. Control. I want to be held, but does it always have to turn into a full on grind session.

  2. Jada Mwah! Says:

    First of all GREAT list Jacster! I’m appreciating it very much.

    Gotta add a dose of some good old HONESTY. My blog bro NoMo has this down. I’ll respect you forever if you just tell me like it is and allow me to make my OWN decision and CHOICE fully informed.

    Spontaneity. I myself tend to be a very routine person, I love structure and security. But every now and then it would be nice to have somebody to just pull me out of the monotony of my day and show me something new and different.

    Mental Stimulation. If you can feed my mind. Have an intelligent conversation with me…I’ll love you forever.

    Spiritual. Know GOD. Know HIS ROLE. Know you can do nothing outside of him.

  3. “Spiritual. Know GOD. Know HIS ROLE. Know you can do nothing outside of him.”

    I agree with this one Jay-Boogie. 😉

  4. Britt Says:

    Ditto @ Nikki.

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Chile you R old…

    Im still trying to figure out exactly what i want LOL..maybe thats my problem too.

  6. Jac Says:

    Thanks all!

    comeback-Yeah it can be

  7. ooohhh, I can just sit back and take

  8. ChiChi Says:

    Faith (in me and us)
    Good Laughs, Good Food, Good Wood…LOL

  9. Jac Says:

    Praise God on the Good Laughs, Good Food and Good Wood

  10. Dead at good wood. LMAO

    ** high five for ChiChi! ***

  11. Angelique Says:

    Ok Jackie, this is my list!!

    It may be asking too much, but this is it! Enjoy!

    What Do I Want In My Man?

    1. Loves God, number one!
    2. Catholic, goes to Church, Catholic!
    3. No Children, therefore, no baby mamas!!!!
    4. He respects and listens to me!
    5. Has to be funny, makes me laugh and smile at least 80% of time
    6. Good conversation, makes me think, pushes me to think further, he pushes me to keep my mind open to other experiences.
    7. Loves my body and if he does find fault, then he helps me to make steps to improve it, and does it with me and improves himself along the way
    8. HE HAS a good and stable CAREER, A College Degree (BA, Masters, Doctorate) , a goal and a life plan!
    9. He is good with money! He has a savings and good investments.
    10. No DUI or court cases, he has never been in the Legal system what so ever!
    11. He’s kind, caring, provides and supports. He has a good heart
    12. He has a good relations with his family
    13. He is someone I can introduce to my mother
    14. He’s adventurous, spontaneous, loves to do lots of things, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, sporting events…etc.
    15. He has his own life, his own friends, his own mind
    16. He’s open minded
    17. He’s healthy and fit
    18. He’s not overly sensitive and can handle me the way I am, even when I get angry.
    19. He tells me like it is when I need to hear it
    20. He gives back to his community

  12. thefabulousgiver Says:

    Ahh…This is SUCH a good song! Ms. Etta hits it RIGHT on the head!

    In addition to some of the things already listed, here are the things that make me swoon…

    1. Understanding how important the little things are – I don’t get too bent out of shape if we can’t do GRAND scale things all the time. But, a sincere (keyword!) small gesture can mean more to me than spending 8 hrs together and you’re on your BB for 7.5 of them!

    2. Making me laugh – All the other mess fades away, but laughing together keeps you young and keeps your spirit together.

    3. A healthy obsession with football – I had to make the list a little lighter!


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