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I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! December 28, 2008

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I am reposting this one per request from my good ole’ buddy, Junior…. Enjoy and share, peoples. 


Let it be known that Kelis is my girl (I don’t know her personally, but if I did, she’d be my homegirl).  I love her originality and wild “who gives a d@mn” attitude.  I wish I could be more like that. 


One of her first songs was “Caught Out There,” where she screams “I hate u so much right now!”


Nicki Sunshine aka “Sunny” aka “Leggy McDaniels” is normally a very mild mannered chick, peaceful and serene, if you will.  But there was ONE time where I went off and probably could have been certifiable.


One of my girls called me and told me this ninja I was dealing with had a baby on the way with some chick from Atlanta!    He wasn’t my boyfriend; at that time, I was tolerable with accepting less than I deserved.   I was so pissed because we weren’t using protection (Hey, I’m transparent here.  GOD has delivered me several times when I wasn’t even looking out from myself!)  This micky-ficky was puttin my life at risk (and yes, I now realize that I was too!)


I was ready to murk this guy (although I’d never had a fight in my life.  Still haven’t. LOL), but I jumped in my car and sped over to his MAMA’S house.  I called him and he wouldn’t come outside, he was scared to death; I guess he could hear the madness in my voice.  I sat out there, waited for an hour and he never would come outside.  I finally drove off because I don’t disrespect people’s mamas.


I saw this ninja in the mall a few months later and ran after his punk a$$.  Do you know he ran from me? 


He did this for the next five years, would see me and bolt in the other direction, even when I was no longer running. It wasn’t until I saw him in the club and grabbed him and told him to stop acting like a punk, that he quit.  LOL.


And I’m not even hard, ya’ll; far from a gangsta chick.  But I guess it’s true, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Has there ever been a time where you totally wiled out and did some stuff you never knew you could have?


42 Responses to “I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!”

  1. Cuzzo Says:

    I’m not gonna admit anything for fear of prosecution. lol. Don’t wanna revisit the memory anyway, I might break down at work. NOT a good look.

  2. Cuzzo Says:


    Nicki you are CRAZY!!! Not the boy’s mama’s house. Why oh why? lol. And you chased this dude? I’m mad he was running but still what were you gonna do to him, choke-slam? Woo Hoo, that woulda been a scene. I’m glad you didn’t catch his @ss.

    “He did this for the next five years, would see me and bolt in the other direction, even when I was no longer running. ”

    So, he never went to take care of the baby?

    “It wasn’t until I saw him in the club and grabbed him and told him to stop acting like a punk, that he quit.”

    That’s it? What did he have to say?

  3. Not fear of prosecution Cuzzo. LMAO!

    Girl, I think I could have took him. I’m only 5’6 and he had to be that or shorter… plus he was chubby. I was NOT intimidated and thought I could whoop his a$$.

    I’m not sure he ever took care of the kid. Heck, he may have made the girl get rid of it.

    When I saw him in the club, he put his head down and started to walk right past so I grabbed him and was like, “hey,” and he said, “hhhheeeeey.” I asked why he always felt the need to run… he lied and said he didn’t run from me. Girl, I told him yes he did, I see him everytime and there was no need for that. And that was the end. I didn’t ask him anything about the baby because it probably would have brought back memories! LOL

  4. Junior Says:

    Dang, you should’ve saved this one until after xmas break, that way I could laugh at all the crazy. Unfortunately I don’t do crazy in that department, so I’d imagine that my stories would just come off rather bland, but I’ll laugh at y’alls though!!!

  5. @Junior: Maybe I will repost it. 😉 I need to read your “mild” stories too.

  6. Cuzzo Says:


    I’m gonna need you to NOT do anything that Junior recommends. Please and thank you.

    -The Management


    I know them Texas chicks are NOT mild. Especially when the show Cheaters is based in TX.

  7. Tea Says:

    Yep, I’ve been there and done that…but “i refuse to answer any questions under the grounds that may incriminate me.” Mr. Turner


  8. Cuzzo, tell the management that my paycheck is late AGAIN. Thank u.

    I’m gonna need yaw to stop being so scared and share and change names!!!!!!

  9. “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    Hello. It’s kinda like that time I smelled p*ssy on that nagga.

    I coulda killed his ass. I mean straight knocked him down in the street kinda stuff. And I wouldn’t have been mad if he’d’ve gotten run over.

    Or maybe it was like that time when he showed up with not shit for Valentine’s Day. I told him the only way he was getting out was to let me kill him.

    I would another nag would cross me.

  10. “Hello. It’s kinda like that time I smelled p*ssy on that nagga.”

    WTF??? R u kidding???? I think that would drive me APESH!T. I thought that only happened in the movies.

  11. Jac Says:

    “WTF??? R u kidding???? I think that would drive me APESH!T. I thought that only happened in the movies.”

    Smelled stank and just like sour milk. I don’t even know. And I wanted his ass to lie because I knew damned well that he showered EVERY MORNING and you get to me @ 6am smelling like you ain’t bathed in weeks.

    Tell that b!tch I said wash your a$s! I mean it!

    Where’s Hummy?

    I need to co-sign me about this fish, funk and a$s thing!

    Dial…works every time.

  12. Stank and sour milk??? God Jac, my stomach is turning!!!! EW.

    What did you do after this? Did you stay with him?

  13. thecomebackgirl Says:

    My BEST get back…has been in my head…good thing Jesus was some ole..count from one to 900…………

  14. @CBG: “good thing Jesus was some ole..count from one to 900…………”

    I think He has saved me many a time, since this was my only crazy session. LOL…

  15. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ Jac you smelted p^^^y galore on a negro???

    @ Sunny ..noticed how i plead the 5th like Tea. I don’t think my story is good for internet consumption. Let’s just say the secrets of one man-if i had just told some of it, could have destroyed his WHOLE life…but thats what i get for messin with a scum bag.

  16. Oh Lawd, u 5th pleaders. LMAO!!!!!

    “but thats what i get for messin with a scum bag.”

    Did u hint his scumminess beforehand?

  17. Nicki-Tried to kill him twice.

    Then left.

    I have some I could go to jail, Jesus just saved your life type moments too….but I ain’t saying.

  18. slimjackson Says:

    I’ve turned into the Black Incredible Hulk before. It was with good reason though. I promise.

  19. Wow Jac.

    Slim, I need u to be specific hon. LOL

  20. Jada Mwah! Says:

    First off I LOVE this song. Her first album was fire! I digress. So during Homecoming this year I had a wildin episode. I don’t know what I was thinking even getting involved, since it is so unlike me. But I guess I’m just getting tired and exhausted of all the man BS.

    I was leaving this party with my friends and this lil half naked short dude with dreds was damn shouting at this girl in the parking lot talking bout you need to get with a real man shorty.

    Something took over my mouth and responded to him that a REAL man would not be shouting at her ass in the middle of the parking lot. Well this set off mouth all mighty and we basically had a war of words in the parking lot. So not cute but I know I hurt his lil feelings. He started movinh towards me like he had lost his plum mind and was gonna do something. But my boys were right there letting me handle mine ready to pop his ass if he touched me. LOL. I felt silly afterwards…but I get so TIRED od men acting an ass to women…and I think that sent me over the top.

  21. High Five Jada! Her first album was thee business!!!!

    Half naked short dude just gave me a visual. LMAO

    “but I get so TIRED od men acting an ass to women…” I have definitely been there and got the T shirt… I don’t understand why they feel the need to loud talk u when u reject them!

  22. 80's Baby Says:

    This one time I was visiting my ex at his school…We weren’t officially together but we still talked or whatever and I went to a party at his school. His school was close to our hometown so it wasn’t nothing to go to a party there…He went to a PWI and he was in a fraternity so he was pretty popular and had a lot of girls. Again we weren’t together but we still cared about each other and when I was around I came first!!!! So anywho everytime I went down there to a party I felt like I was always being watched by random girls like who is this or whatever like I was stepping on toes…. So this one time it irked the hell out of me because this one chick was doing the absolute most….As females you know when another girl is being petty… And she kept making the effort to come and be around me because he kept coming up to me. And she kept just staring at me… So when the party was over and the lights came on she made the point to be right behind me…. And I heard her say I want to see if he gonna say something to her with me standing right here….. I got real pissed off then…. And I didn’t wait til he came to me I went to him and went off…. I remember saying something like you need to keep your lil h0es in check and tell them to quit worryin’ the f*ck about who I am…And he was like who are you talking about… And since she made an effort to follow me..When he was like what are you talking about. I looked her dead in her face and pointed at her like that h0e right there need to quit staring at me… and then I started pushin’ him like I wanted to fight him….. He was like somebody come get her!!!! But that’s the only story I have of me wildin’ out in public…. After this I learned my lesson and I became an act crazy in private kind of girl…….. He still brings that up and I don’t find it funny at all. I think I just got pissed again thinking about it..

  23. Jada Mwah! Says:

    LOL! Oh LORD 80’s calm down hon! Let me find out you gangsta @ss gangsta with the lil chickenheads. Women can be so damn petty and silly it don’t even make any sense.

  24. Dead at u pointing her out 80’s… DEAD!

    But I’m so glad u did it. She needed to know that u peeped it…. who just follows people? Sounds like fatal attraction.

  25. Britt Says:

    ROFL @ him running from you. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    @ Cuzzo – you are SOOOOOOOOO wrong for pointing out that Cheaters (my secret shame) is based out of Texas. LOL! However, I will point out that for the past two years or so they have been allowing NYC residents to tape shows.

  26. Britt, I’m sure it was prolly even a funnier site. I used to run track and his chubby arse maneuvered and lost me!!!!

    High five on u for calling out the so cool NYCrs. LOL

  27. 80's Baby Says:

    Dead at u pointing her out 80’s… DEAD!

    @ Nick….And the funny thing is I still see her face clear as day and this had to be 6 years ago… And what irked me the most was that she made it a point to keep following me…..

  28. @80s: That following is NOT the business.. it’s so strange. What happened with this guy?

  29. 80's Baby Says:

    What happened with this guy?

    @ Nick…. We’re still cool.. This is my ex from high school that I still communicate with… We text a couple times a week…. But I feel like he changed when he went to school.. He became super cocky and I didn’t like that. And since we were at different schools we just grew apart….But within the last couple of years we’ve started communicating on the regular again.

    He had me too (i’m blaming it on me being young) but once I got him out of my system he’s been out for good….He has a lot going for him and he’s wanted us to try again since we’re older now but I’m not gonna be able to do it…..

    In all honesty I think he just curious about the goods…We’ve never took it there so I know he probably hoping for a chance of this over here….But it’s never gonna happen!!!!!! lol

  30. “In all honesty I think he just curious about the goods…We’ve never took it there so I know he probably hoping for a chance of this over here….But it’s never gonna happen!!!!!! lol”

    @80s: It cant’ be rekindled????

  31. 80's Baby Says:

    It cant’ be rekindled????

    @Nick… Nope not at all… He is out of my system…. And plus when we were younger I told him that if he was to have a baby that’s the one thing that I wouldn’t be able to go back after…. And guess who has a 1 year old!!!!! And then him and his chid’s mother is a whole nother awkward situation itself…. I’m just not gonna be able to do it… LOL

  32. U look so dumb right now popped into my head

  33. @80s: Good… I think that is what kept me from going back to one of my exes… after the child, I felt like the bond was broken.

    NYB: What is athat from? Oh, Poetic Justice!

  34. datgirl7 Says:

    We all fly off the hinges, I have before and it’s definitely something I look back on and think, “yeah, that could have been handled a bit better” but as far as on a dude, nope, well not yet at least. I haven’t really dated much and the first sign of a guy trippin’, he gets dropped far before I get to blasting songs like this and Bustin’ the windows out his car…

    ::waves at Junior::- quit flirtin’ with people on other blogs!

  35. Cuzzo Says:

    lol…did datgirl just call Junior out?

    we know he’s taken 😉

    …and if ya don’t know
    now ya know…

  36. Junior Says:

    @ cuzzo, wow where is the love?! I was just suggesting that Nikki repost it on a high traffic day because I figured that no one was at work!!

    @ nikki, thank you, i’m glad that my suggestion was taken nicely.

    @ datgirl…you think you know somebody, take your hateriffic self back over to the real 7, don’t come crashing britt and I’s get away from you.

    And now that I’ve addressed all the miscreants, just because Nikki was so nice to me, I will share a crazy story that I had to go back into the memory banks to think of. There was this one time when a friend of mine who happened to be female came down with another friend of mine to stay in Austin. Now, one she was a white girl, and although I have nothing against them at all, my preference has always been black women….and maybe a lotta latin spice too :). Additionally, she is one of those people who has the gums from hell, you know the ones that seem to never stop coming down from the roof of your mouth? Needless to say, there is no attraction there on my behalf. Well my girlfriend at the time knew she and her friend were planning on staying with me, but for part of the weekend she’d be out of town. The friday night, while she was still in town, my guests and I go bar hopping in Austin (One of the coolest things white people do), have a good time and come home around 3 or so. So my ex finished whatever she was doing around 3:30 and got to my house sometime around 4 or so, but I don’t remember all to well because I was doing what people do at 4am….SLEEP! Now, keep in mind she has a key to my apartment, so I don’t even realize that she’s come in, but I’m awakened to tugging at my boxer briefs, and she’s smelling the interior of my yellow school bus. That’s why this song ( was so funny to me when it came out. Needless to say though, I was innocent. The glove didn’t fit, so she had to acquit.

  37. 80's Baby Says:

    but I’m awakened to tugging at my boxer briefs, and she’s smelling the interior of my yellow school bus.

    @ Junior….WOW!!!!!!

  38. cuzzo Says:

    @Junior & Nicki

    did that come out harsh? ya’ll don’t know me very well…

    yea Junior, that was mild. She must have thought you were real grimy. why though?

    Let me spice it up for you…after she smelled you, you raised up on her like WTF are you doing? She got the neck and eye rolling for you being so brash with her. You told her to find somewhere else to sleep that night until she cooled off. She told you hell naw she’s not about to go anywhere, you can go. You call her bluff and start leaving and she’s all WHERE YOU THINK YOU GOING? Bitch, is you smoking reefer?!? She’s tugging on you to get back to bed, she’s sorry.

    anyone else care to add?

  39. Junior Says:

    @ cuzzo lmao, no it didn’t come out harsh at all, and she had no reason to think I was real grimy, I may play the field before I’m in a relationship, but once I say I’m committed, I’m all the way in, I don’t know what her problem was. Besides, i’m DEFINITELY NOT about to leave my own house. I was inebriated and sleepy. It was honestly one of those things I didn’t think much about until sometime later when I randomly remembered the events from that night.

  40. I see you guys were busy after I left yesterday…

    Thanks for sharing Junior.. you’ll always get love over here as SSSO. 😉 And cute pic too man.

    I don’t think I’d ever be able to smell a man’s anaconda.. it’s just weird!

  41. 100% Redbone Says:

    Whoa, FLASHBACK! So Jazmine Sullivan is my homegirl 🙂 1994 I was seeing this guy he knocked me up and wanted me to get rid of it. I was pregnant and emotional and I didn’t. So we worked out a deal, he’d pay me a few G’s to get it done, so I went for it.

    Me, him & my girl went to the clinic and I was supposed to get my dough once it was done. This ninja left us BOTH down there!!! We get a ride back and my girl had to go to work so I said, “Ride me down his house” (because you know he wasn’t answering the phone) So I show up, he and all his boys are watching a basketball game and I walk in like, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” he says, “Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of my boys.” So I left quietly…Next thing I knew I was on the hood of his Cadillac bashing out his windshield. They clowned him forever!
    He acted like he was gonna take me to court but didn’t, he even tried to get with me after (I’m like, seriously?)and apologized a few years later. Thank God I don’t hold grudges…

  42. 100% redbone: I think u won the challenge here today.. u don’t busted windows. LMAO

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