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A Royal Mistake (Princess Syndrome) December 31, 2008

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So a few new things today…first a post from HollyGoLightly (our newest contributer to SSSO) and second Hummy’s very first guest post.  HIT IT!


Killa B aka Humble One on “Princess Syndrome”:

First thing I want to make clear is that if a woman thinks she is a queen or princess I see no problem with that. The issue I have is with women that think they are queens or princesses and demand that all men treat them that way. This is called princess syndrome. If you expect a man to respect you and not treat you as a subordinate but as a equal partner you do not have princess syndrome. If you think you “deserve” or are entitled to being treated special by every man because you exist, you may have princess syndrome. You have princess syndrome if you meet any of the following criteria:

1. If you believe that your role in the relationship is to look good and have sex with your man.

2. If you feel that you should not be responsible for anything out of your comfort zone in a relationship

3. If everything is never your fault.

4. If you whine.

5. If you need constant attention.

6. If you feel that your very presence in a man’’s life should be enough for him.

7. If you believe that it is a man’’s responsibility to feed and clothe you.

What say you? Do you have princess syndrome? Know someone who does? Have you overcome it? Men, have you dealt with any of these women? If so, how long before you realized she had to go?

Now before any of you tell me that I need more people…don’t worry…I already have them. See their comments below.


“The princess type woman, one that wants to be constantly swept off her feet and made to feel that life is about ponies and rainbows and cutesy type things. Some (real) men think it is emasculating to deal with a princess. The ones that want to be constantly spoiled and lauded upon for her looks and supposed perfection.

Men detest this type of woman. The few reasons as to why some deal with them is because they like the looks they get while with this “arm candy” and they want to keep up the image. Some stick with them because they have the dream of being with (aka banging) “the model” or “the prom queen”. Others may be with them just because they feel that they don’t appeal to other women.” – SBMinNoVa


“If a woman is looking for a man to clothe/feed them etc., they need to ask first and foremost, do they provide a wifely quality to deserve that type of treatment? Many of these type of women think marriage is all about them. While the husband is out providing for the family, is she taking care of home? The kids? The house? Or is she looking for a maid and a nanny to go along with the husband who provides the finances. What does she actually believe her role is in the marriage, and it has to be more than lazy layabout receiving the rewards of marrying into the financial elite.

The second part is if we cut through the colloquialisms, this woman can reasonable be described as a gold-digger, although that’s not necessarily an insult. There is no inherent difference between dating for money or dating for looks. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a man to take care of them, but as long as she realizes that if she’s out playing the “dating for money” game, a man with money has likely ran through a litany of women just like her and can recognize her type from a mile away. Play the game, but don’t be surprised if the game plays you.

Most importantly, remember, no man is looking for a princess, he is looking for a queen. A princess lives care-free and plays all day, a queen realizes she has responsibilities. As long as the woman realizes that she has to be a wife in the traditional role, I don’t see anything wrong with finding a man who will be the sole wage-earner and bread-winner.” – Hugh Jazz


I haven’t truly experienced the Princess Mentality. If I sense that pre-dating, it’s a reason to rule a chick out. I can figure it out pretty quickly beyond the first date. If I’m consistently taking out the plastic or makin the jokes and she doesn’t even attempt to do anything, it’s a wrap. That type of ish is really a turn off. That’s like fellatin’ a dude and then he just turns over and goes to sleep after the first time you do it. You’d prolly be like “what the eff is this?!” Same applies when a dude is makin gestures and the favors aren’t bein’ returned and an effort isn’t bein’ made.” Slim Jackson


I don’t think my thoughts on this matter are very complex. If two people enter into such relationship, there needs to be an understanding of both parties goals and how wants play into that. There should be an understanding that if the man takes on that role then there is a similar one that the woman has to play. That being said you’ll need to understand my financial limits relative to my ability to cater to you, that there is a mental and emotional toll with having to manage my life and most of yours, that I have wants that need to be fulfilled and sometimes those may include time away from you. And if someone cannot understand that then we do not need to pursue a relationship.” Kamakula


They should all be destroyed” – NoMoreHeroes



29 Responses to “A Royal Mistake (Princess Syndrome)”

  1. 80's Baby Says:

    I’m glad I don’t have princess syndrome. And come to think of it I don’t believe any of my close friends have it either…

    I say blame it on the parents… If they treat their daughter like she a freakin’ princess and the world revolve around her then when she gets older she keeps her fairy tale mentality and waits for her prince to come…..I’m glad that my parents constantly provided me with the sense of REALITY!!!!

  2. Britt Says:

    Does this type of person exist outside of TVland?

  3. I agree with you 80’s! My dad did treat me like a princess but also gave me REAL WORLD 101 too!!

    And Britt, girl yes they do exist outside of TV Land!! LOL

  4. Yep I grew up being the baby and the princess and now I am kinda a take no prisoners type. I dunno it just kinda needs to be that way. I don’t think a woman can logistically survive other wise. If you sit around and wait on a damned man you may be waiting forever.

  5. Jada Mwah! Says:

    First and foremost, congrats to Holly. Love the post dear. Secondly:

    Most importantly, remember, no man is looking for a princess, he is looking for a queen. A princess lives care-free and plays all day, a queen realizes she has responsibilities.

    Thank you and Amen to whatever man made this comment. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to say yesterday.

    “He treats me like a princess” is a cliche term that should NOT be mistaken for women who have princess syndrome. A man treating you well (which is what should be mandatory) could be synonymous with being treated LIKE a princess…but women with PRINCESS SYNDROME..believe the world and everybody in it owes them something just because they exist.

    I know women who grew up having everything handed to them by their parents and expected for the whole free world to do the same once they got older. They have no accountability for their actions, and take no responisblities for their choices good or bad. The believe the world should revolve around them. This ish is just sad and to the parents out there creating these monsters…PLEASE STOP! You are crippling your children! When they grow up they are unable to function in the real world b/c of the fairytale you encased them in.

  6. I validate jada’s FULL POST. U took the words out of my mouth chica.

  7. Amen Jada you are right! If you are gonna be a princess grown up and become a Queen!

  8. 80's Baby Says:

    One of my associates has this syndrome… Not just her momma but her whole family catered to her and she was thinking that as friends we were supposed to cater to her…. I think that’s what made us grow apart because I didn’t like the way she operated… She flat out said repeatedly that she just didn’t want to work… I think she think that she can get rich overnight…. I just shake my head at her… She now has a daughter and I pray that she ain’t nothin like that momma.

  9. I died when you said she thought her friends should to her! WTF?

  10. ” she was thinking that as friends we were supposed to cater to her”

    I would end up biting her head CLEAN off!

  11. Jac Says:

    I wish one of my friends would tell me some bullshit like that.

  12. I would have socked her!!

  13. Jada Mwah! Says:

    she was thinking that as friends we were supposed to cater to her.

    This is funarious! I’d fight that heffa in the face (wkcite Slaus) for her foolishness!

  14. slimjackson Says:

    Now that I’ve had some time to think about this, I dated a girl who wanted to be treated like a princess…and I refused. Not cuz I was a jerk, but because it came across as kinda immature. She wanted to be treated like a kid instead of a woman. That’s a serious problem for someone over the age of 21.

  15. Slim-Exactly…like as a woman I am not trying to have someone treat me like I am three I can feed myself, clothe myself, and get shelter without a man doing it for me.

    To me, it ain’t nothing but a thang.

  16. Slim what do you mean she wanted to be treated like a kid? You gotta provide some examples….

  17. Slim, that sounds kinda strange… what did she do?

  18. 80's Baby Says:

    I’ve been away from my desk but more about my friend.. She’s married now…But she’s just soooo unrealistic….and I just be shakin’ my head at her…….. But mind you it’s a lot of us within the crew… And we make an effort to attend bday parties, graduations, any kind of recognition event…. Well, this chick don’t come to nothing but expect us to be at everything she have. I peeped her game and stopped driving the highway for her….

  19. 80s: I have a friend like that… that gets pissed if we don’t show up at her events but will stand u up in a hot SECOND. I started doing it back to her.

  20. thats messed up! Well I show up to all my friends stuff and one particular one makes a point not to come to anythng I am doing or planning and tries to put me down about my decisions on clothes and ish

  21. Holister that batch needs to be downgraded to “associate.”

  22. 80's Baby Says:

    Well I show up to all my friends stuff and one particular one makes a point not to come to anythng I am doing or planning and tries to put me down about my decisions on clothes and ish

    @Holly…Sounds like a mixture of being envious and jealous to me….. She some dead weight that you might need to let go sooner or later.. LOL

  23. 80's Baby Says:

    Holister that batch needs to be downgraded to “associate.”

    @ Nick… I shole knocked the girl I’m referring down to an associate…. I mean it’s no love lost but I don’t go out of my way to contact her… When the girls get together we see each other and that’s about it.

  24. 80s: that is a very good ideas.. there is nothing wrong with “pruning your garden for dead weight.”

  25. The bad thing is ya’ll she is a good friend in other ways just sucky in others….

  26. 80's Baby Says:

    The bad thing is ya’ll she is a good friend in other ways just sucky in others….

    @Holly….I feel you. That just would get on my nerves after a while… All it would take was for her to do it on of my off days then I think I would have to let her have it…. Like dude, are you serious? (wk cite:Neffie) Ha Ha…. Absolutely Not (wk cite: Frankie)

  27. 80’s girl I think I did go off on her one time at a group gathering at Fox Sports!! LOL We didn’t talk for a few months…

  28. 80's Baby Says:

    @Holly… That’s funny… And is she still the same or did she learn her lesson???

  29. Junior Says:

    @Nicki, please never say that you will be biting a head off…ever thanks :)!

    Sigh sadly most extremely attractive women fall into this category…that’s why you have to keep your pimp hand strong! “Who you wit’?!”

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