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What to Say….What to Say?! January 22, 2009

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i love you my fellow bloggers.

i really do.

nic’s sick..

peyso’s i dunno

holly sleep.

cuzzo on hiatus

i’m tired.

i think we taking the day off.

please send me somebody named dr. feelgood (and everybody else too 😉 )

What We Feel Like

What We Feel Like


7 Responses to “What to Say….What to Say?!”

  1. 80's Baby Says:

    I’m sending all of you ladies a get well soon….. lol

  2. Jaci Says:

    Lol…the ladies…cause ain’t nuttin wrong w/ Peyso…I just can’t reach him 😦 just like a nagga

  3. Feel better Nic!
    Rock that spin class in the mornting Hollies!
    Hope all is well Cuzzo!
    Anticipating your next post Peyso!
    Curious bout your L adventured Jac!

    Be blessed all!

  4. peyso Says:

    Peyso is feeling great. BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVORED. Just wanted to let you know that

  5. Jaci Says:

    Thanks Jada! I might have to discuss a bit of what’s going on with us!

    Peyso-Not to start confusion I knew you were good, but I was exhausted last night and couldn’t write anything and I figured you’d already gone to bed plus you wrote yesterdays! However, SSSO loves you!

  6. Thanks Ladies.

    Welcome to the team, Peyso.

  7. Puh … ain’t no being sick or being tired in blogging!

    Go do some push-ups.

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