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Music: Oh How I Love Thee! January 29, 2009

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The one earthly thing that I can’t live without is Music.  If I could marry him, I would.   (And yes its a him, no woman could ever make me feel this way. LOL.)    If I were dropped on an island with nothing else, I need my Ipod(I’m sneaking buffalo chicken breast  in my pocket).  

I don’t have one particular genre, I enjoy it all.  It can hype me up, from the first line of Jadakiss’ We Gon’ Make It, (F*** the Frail sh**) or  mellow me out like EVERY SINGLE TRACK on Faith Evan’s very first record, Faith.  

I think it’s one of the very things that can unite us all, it goes across race lines (act like you don’t remember the lyrics to Ice, Ice Baby!).

With that being said, I have some records I’ve found that I can play all the way through (no skipping)…. 

Nic’s Top 10 Albums:

1.  Faith Evans:  “Faith”

2. Floetry:  “Flo’ology”

3.  Jill Scott:  “The Real Thing”

4.  Glenn Lewis:  “World Outside My Window”

5.  N.E.R.D:  “Fly or Die”

6.  Alicia Keys:  “The Diary of Alicia Keys”

7.  Dwele:  “Subject” 

8.  Dwele: “Some Kinda”

9.  Kanye West: “The College Dropout”

10.  Jay- Z:  “In My Lifetime, Vol. 1”

Ya’ll just don’t know, I could go on and on….  There are sooo many.

Does anyone feel the same way about music?  What have I missed on the favorites?


28 Responses to “Music: Oh How I Love Thee!”

  1. Shelia Says:

    I love music…between books and music—it’s a two-way tie.

    I agree about your playlist…I can listen to them without hitting the skip button.

    I can also listen to the following without hitting skip:

    Mary J Blige – The Breakthrough
    Prince – Greatest Hits
    Michael Jackson – Thriller
    Whitney Houston – The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack
    Janet Jackson – Control
    Jennifer Hudson – Jennifer
    Fantasia’s first album
    Anthony Hamiliton’s latest

  2. Good Morning Shelia!!!!

    Girl, that Fantasia album was a BEAST… I loved it. Especially when she sung “summertime.” That song gives me chills

  3. thecomebackgirl Says:

    This is tough cause with A.D.D im anatural skipper. So i guess the project is super special if im not skipping.

    All the way through without skipping:

    Lalah Hathaway “Self Portrait”
    Feist “Open Season”
    John Mayer “Continuum”
    Foreign Exchange “Leave It All Behind”
    Syleena Johnson “Chapter 4”
    Kanye West “Late Registration”
    JayZ “Blueprint”

  4. I need to check out that Foreign Exchange Comeback.. I’ve heard bits and pieces of it.

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “Foreign Exchange ”

    im not sure if there considered “underground”..but if something’s always root for “the little engine that could ” artist. “Leave It All Behind” reminds me of my life right now with boys.

  6. “im always root for “the little engine that could ” artist. “Leave It All Behind” reminds me of my life right now with boys.”

    Me too Comeback. I like Lil Brother.

  7. Jazz Says:

    Some that I can listen to all the way through:

    Amel Larrieux- Infinite Possibilities
    Kanye- 808s and Heartbreaks
    Jay-Z- American Gangster
    Nas- I Am
    Robin Thicke- The Evolution and Something Else
    Joss Stone- Introducing Joss Stone
    Erykah Badu- Mamas Gun
    Outkast- Speakerbox/Love Below
    Sade- Love Deluxe

    The list goes on and on and on…..

  8. slimjackson Says:

    9. Kanye West: “The College Dropout”

    This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I was so happy when I uploaded that to my ipod a few weeks ago.

    I gotta think about other albums in my ipod. There aren’t too many that I can listen to without skipping a track. The new Ludacris album is hot in them streets for me right now…but I gotta skip 1 track on there.

  9. Jaci Says:

    I have so many it’s kinda hard to totally get it out..

    Etta James-Chess Greatest Hits
    John Mayer-Any Given Thursday, Room for Squares and Continuum
    Gerald Levert-Do I Speak for The World, In My Songs
    Kanye West-I like all of his ish.
    Chante Moore-Love the Woman

  10. Jazz, I love “Party Life on that American Gangster” I can listen to it over and over again… reminds me of Miami Vice.

    @Slim: I haven’t heard Luda’s cd yet… I think that song I know what them girls like turned me off. LOL

    Oh Jac: My old soul.. you’re so sweet. 😉

  11. Peyso Says:

    @ Jazz- American Gangster is ur fav Jay album? smh

    @ Nicki – I’m glad you gave Jada his due respect.

    My albums I can listen to w/o skippin
    1) In My Lifetime – Jay
    2) Stillmatic – Nas
    3) Life After Death – Big
    4) Ready to Die – Big
    5) Thug Motivation – Jeezy
    6) Blueprint – Jay
    7) Diary… – Alicia Keys
    8) Graduation – Kanye
    9) Da Drought 3 – Wayne
    10) Illmatic – Nas

    Honorable Mention:
    Take a Picture – Wale
    The Professional Part 2 – DJ Clue
    Reasonable Doubt – Jay
    BluePrint 2 – Jay
    The Minstrel Show – Lil Brother
    Aquemini – Outkast

  12. Why thank you Peyso.

    I see whe have some of the same music taste. People are sleepin on that LIL BROTHER..

    I have a mixtape of Wale’s… something free that he put out there a while back and I LOVE IT. I didn’t know he came out with anything official though.. thanks for putting me up on that.

  13. Jazz Says:

    I forgot
    Aaliyah- Aaliyah(last one before her death)
    Jill Scott- Who is Jill Scott and Beautifully Human

    “@ Jazz- American Gangster is ur fav Jay album? smh”

    Umm no. I said one of the ones I can listen all the way through without skipping. Hard Knock Life is my fave. Actually that was the first Jay cd I ever bought.

  14. In no particular order

    1. Lyfe – 269-192
    2. Lyfe – The Pheonix
    3. 50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Trying
    4. Jay-Z – Life and times of Sean Carter Vol. 1,2,3. Blueprint, Black Album.
    5. Ne-Yo – In My Own Words, Year of the Gentleman
    6. Bounce – Dangerously In Love
    7. JE Heartbreak
    8. Biggie – Life After Death
    9. Joe Budden
    10. Musiq – All minus Soulstar

    way too many…lurves music!

  15. Eb Says:

    You already know I do…

    top 10 albums of all time

    1. Lauryn Hill Miseducation
    2. Mary J blige – The Tour
    3. Tupac’s Greatest Hits
    4. Teedra Moses Complex Simplicity
    5. 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin
    6. Whitney Houston Greatest Hits
    7. Boyz II Men – Evolution
    8. R. Kelly – 12plau
    9. JOE – All that I am
    10. Maxwell UNplugged

  16. Jazz:

    “Aaliyah- Aaliyah(last one before her death”

    Yes! This cd was thee bizness.. the only one of hers I actually purchased.

    Jay Boogie: I like Joe Buddens too… where he been?

    Eb: The Miseducation of Lauren Hill HAS TO BE A certifiable classic.

  17. Peyso Says:

    Joe Buddens drops a mixtape like every week. Def jam really screwed him on his marketing. I used to bump hard with him back when he and Fab use to roll together

  18. I had no clue Peyso…. he did get screwed… and that guy is kinda a hidden genius. He doesn’t get the respect that he should.

  19. Joe Budden was TRULY slept on. I hope somebody will sign him and soon!

    Miseducation was PHENOMENAL! Agrees with Eb.

  20. Peyso Says:

    Nicki did u see the Wale Nike Boots video or the video to W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.? He’s got a new track called “Chillin”.

  21. Peyso: I first caught him in that Roots video.. and after that I googled him… I haven’t seen him in of his own stuff yet. MAN, I’m slippin.

  22. Peyso Says:

    Nike Boots video

  23. Britt Says:

    Where is your Stevie, Big Loofa and Patti La La Belle???

  24. Britt, I do love me some Stevie! But I do have fast forward some stuff…. like “superstition.”

  25. Autumn Says:

    Yes, music is my refuge!

    Jadakiss – By Your Side
    Peter Rock & CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y.
    The Pharcyde – Passing Me By
    Dwele – Open Your Eyes
    Common – The Light
    Comon – The People
    Bilal – Soul Sista
    Jay-Z – Dead Presidents II
    N.E.R.D. – Bobby James
    Beyonce – Beautiful Nightmare

    And on, and on, and on.. lol.

  26. peyso Says:

    @ autumn – i forgot about that Jada track. that’s one of my joints too

  27. vanilla sky Says:

    Sorry Im late B… got my mind goin a hundred miles per hour with this one!! Tryna figure how I make this short….dang! Never met a chick (EVER) who felt music like me until you. ;>)

    ALWAYS loved music…came out the womb dancing! My momma loved music so I had no choice in the matter. As far back as I can remember, my cherry popped in 1st grade when I stole my brothers “cassette tape” of The Beastie Boys-Liscense to Ill…Ive been a junkie for that beat ever since!

    (My first “time” CD was Bel Biv Devoe, Poison.)

    Shortly thereafter, I fell hard for A Tribe Called Quest (Low End Theory)& Pharcyde (Bizzaride) MAN!! The lyrics had me mesmerized!….my eyes & EARS were glued to LL, Slick Rick, Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul, & Arrested Development….

    Then I began to expand in my taste & ventured into intense affairs with Outkast (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Pac (Thug Life/Me Against The World), Jay (Reasonable Doubt) Big (Ready to Die, Nas (Illmatic), Snoop (Doggy-Style) & noneother than, Common (Ressurection)….these albums REALLY had me wide open with intrigue and hype (on different levels) And as much as I LOVED & CLAIMED “I used to love her”, little did I know how much more that song would mean to me now…..14 years later.

    Being young & in the club a lot forced me into a “compromised” music spell. I was brainwashed with good beats & catchy jingles. (you could say I had a lot of “one night-stands” (Im too embarrassed to admit some of the cd’s I purchased at that time) But Im happy that I survived that music stage of my life…And living in Lameville, KY didnt help either) This city (STILL til this day) cant comprehend REAL MUSIC!! (altough BIG SHOUT OUT to Nappy Roots for talking about “real” country folk so the world didnt think KY was GHETTO!) I think perhaps (geographically speaking) we are stuck in the middle to where we are confused about what to like, so instead of pulling music from all 4 corners, we went w/ MASTER P….., “UUUUHHHHHHH!” LMAO! Lord help us.

    Then came my crushes on Goodie MOB (SOUL FOOD-HANDS DOWN STILL ON OF MY FAV ALBUM’S!), The Fugees, 8BALL & MJG, Scarface, Tela, AZ, Gangstarr, Keith Murry, The Roots, Do or Die, Twista. (I flirted a lil w/ DMX, Ice Cube, The Lost Boyz, E-40, Craig Mack, & Mobb Deep.)

    Then some of my old flings came back to break me off some more….Tribe Called Quest (Midnight Mauraders), Jay (In My Lifetime Vol 1), Pac (All Eyes on Me) Big (Life After Death) Outkast (Aquemini)

    After the deaths of Pac & Big, something happened…..GARRBAGE emerged. (for the most part anyway) The South capitolized on the need for something new and quick. And with that came a zillion artists with names beginning with “lil” & “young”…..??? Again, dope beats, catchy jingles, some routine dance, & the confusing need to STILL speak about bling, grillz, making it rain, white T’s, air foice one’s, poppin bottles wit model’s, being in tha club (vip of course), oh yeah dont forget about the mandatory strip joint anthem that graced EVERY ALBULM!! This was fun for a bit, but it casted a cloud over REAL HIP-HOP….Seemed to me the whole youth generation had been brain-washed with complete garbage to where “consious” artists/poets like COMMON, Goodie-MOB, The Roots, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, etc., couldnt sell albums. (unless compromising who they were) All the sudden it wasnt cool to talk about anything with SUBSTANCE…..

    Thus, I began to fall out of love…Few artists kept my interest……J-Z did go a lil commercial, but he was still J…..Outkast kept me together while they grew,……I dabbeled with Clipse, Fabulous, & Pharell (I was REALLY crushin on all this R&B/Rap Colabo’s)…….Tony Draper left Rap A Lot and with him went the whold damn camp, Face, Tela & the most disturbing, 8ball & MGJ. The West Coast was a mess!! Dre went into hiding, Cube wanted to act, & Snoop signed w/ No Limit….WTF!!?? Although I cant be mad at the West…Suge Knight had the hardest of men urinating on themselves-Then emerged The Game-I slept on this dude for a long time only bc I wasnt tryna hear that hard-core beef bull but this cat REALLY is special…..The East put out some quick-fix love affairs with lil thanks to Puff,…Mase, Black Rob, Freeway, Cam Ron, Beanie Segal to name a few…. The South gave me, TI, Field Mob, Luda, Young Bloodz,(I just love the way Sean Paul talks!), Sleepy Brown, & Bubba Sparx……I will highlight that Jeezy & Lil Wayne (as talented as they may be), I am not a fan simply bc they WASTE their talent talking/rambeling about absolutely NOTHING! And dont get me wrong, I understand that ALL artists feel & deserve the need to express where they came from & what they now have, but cmon dude, after your 8th album, you really should have found some new, enlightening material!!!!! What good are your “catchy metaphores” if they are ALWAYS referencing the SAME ISH!!!

    So with that being said, let me tell you about who Im in love with now…..Im older and obviously looking for a different love with Hip-Hop. Through all my MANY crushes, flings, & affairs, (to which all I am grateful) but nowadays, my heart belongs to:……….KANYE, (the first time I heard him actually spit, my undergarments needed to go for a wash!), Joe Budden (I mean how long did I sleep on this dude!!!He might just be the ONLY artist that stimulates my brain so tough that I have to pause his stuff just to let my brain digest & catch up with what I just heard-I seriously feel there is some sort of conspiricy in why he has not been better promoted/picked up), Lupe Fiasco, (impressive) Jay-Z is still there (he got me good wit American Gangster-whoa!), ALWAYS Outkast (new & old), ALWAYS Common (new & old)

    Oh wow, that was just a rant about hip-hop/rap…….I didnt even begin to touch on my Grown Woman crush……R&B ;>)…..perhaps another day huh? Ummmmmmuwah! Love you B!

  28. U ain’t never lied about your story VS… LOL. We are musical twins.. Promise. love u too chica~

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