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It Had To Be Said February 9, 2009

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****Warning:  Serious hating is about to ensue. You’ve been warned****

I didn’t wanna trump the glow of Nicki Sunshine’s post for today but my fingers were itching to write about the Grammy’s – which I’ve literally been responding to Facebook comments about all night.  So, I’m posting later in the day – here goes.


I tuned in right as “Swagger Like Us” was being performed. Sooooo, did anyone else notice the hot mess that was on stage formerly known as M.I.A.??? Pregnancy is usually a thing of beauty but she was looking like who shot john. And, ironically singing about having swagger. If dressing like a clown is swagger, I don’t want NO PARTS of it. Did she not get the memo/email/smoke signal that the fellas were wearing suits? Was it misinterpreted to mean clown suit to her? Kill her stylist, NOW.

Neil Diamond

Not that I don’t like Sweet Caroline and all that jazz but something tells me that he was there to fill in space since Chrissy Brown and Rihanna were out. I picture him being backstage every year with a big old smile, constantly asking “Am I going on tonight? Boy oh boy that would be swell.”


Something perturbed me about people clapping for people they knew as the faces of the musicians that died this past year flashed. It’s like that awkwardness at a graduation when one person’s whole family is there hooping and hollering as they get on stage, then the next person goes and … silence *crickets*.

Lil’ Wayne and Hurricane Katrina

Poor little Wayne…all them drugs and syrup has him forgetting what year it is. Katrina should not and will not be forgotten buuuut, this performance was mad late. The whole New Orleans theme…late! And as he chanted “Feet don’t fail me now”, I felt like he was really asking his feet not to fail him so there wouldn’t be another episode of him falling flat on his back as he did on stage months ago.

And the winner is…

Who da hell is Robert Plant??? I swear they always choose some obscure person. It’s a big joke! They make you sit there for 40 hours and give the most sought after award to…some guy. Ha!

What I learned from the show? I’m convinced I like that chick Adele now. Gonna look up her stuff.

What did you like/dislike? If you didn’t watch (I wasn’t going to but it seems they took the award giving part out and just made it a big concert), you didn’t miss much.


7 Responses to “It Had To Be Said”

  1. Jazz Says:

    I’m guessing that whatever MIA had on was the only thing that would fit over her 20 months preggers looking belly! I weeped for her uterus everytime she started bouncing around.

    I didn’t understand why the Jonas Bros were paired up with Stevie?! And I realized last night that they can’t sing live.

    And Whitney looked great but someone needs to refresh her memory that crack is whack because she obviously took a hit off something before she hit the stage!

    Other than that it was aight. I kept switching to Queen on TV One.

  2. Your recap is having me wish I did watch… You are sooo funny. Girl, the only awards shows I watch are the ESPYs. LOL

  3. Jaci Says:

    OK OK I didn’t understand a couple of things…but Crihanna’s foolishness really through ish off..


  4. The Comeback Girl Says:

    im boycotting until Lalah (bell) is nominating..i think the academy or whoever nominates people are dead mindless idots.


  5. The Comeback Girl Says:


    “im boycotting until Lalah (bell) is nominated..i think the academy or whoever nominates people are deaf mindless idiot savant…

  6. peyso Says:

    I think us black folk have to remember that we dont buy records, we download and buy bootlegs and they call us a minority for a reason, aint that many of us. I say all of that to say that I wasnt suprised that the old white bol and the white jawn won all the damn awards. It is really ashame that the Jonas Brothers forgot some of the words to the Stevie song but I feel like Stevie enjoyed it. I hated MIA’s outfit, my mon in fact called me during the performance to inform me that she was going to pray for her. I hated the outfit but loved the performance. I fux with Wayne’s performance though, I feel like artist often dont get pick what they perform. I bumps with Coldplay hard body, especially the Jay trach. Other than that the and J Hud of course, the show was trash. Btw, Natalie Cole and her old arse could get it 8 ways from Sunday. The kiddies was looking real nice.

  7. Nicke Says:

    omg twin – u read my mind. MIA pissed me off with the clown/diaper-esque outfit. and the jonas brothers clearly don’t even know the words to stevie wonder songs! wtf! this is why i don’t watch this ish. well, anymore, since i clearly watched lol

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