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Imagine if Valentine’s Day was really about this…. February 11, 2009

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I’m not really a big supporter of Valentine’s Day. However, this year I am fortunate enough to be celebrating my 6 month anniversary this weekend too. So I guess I’m spending boat loads of cash for that instead of for Valentine’s Day. I’ve digressed though. The gym that I am a member of sent out the above link. From what I understand, you bring in a picture of your ex, tape it to a punching bag and beat the hell out of it. I think it’s a novel idea. Imagine how much anger you can get out. I think this is what Valentine’s Day should be about. Helping you get over a past love, so you can really love again. Anybody agree? Is there anyone who wants to do anything to an ex? Good or bad. Lets hear it though. One last hack in the sack? You want to punch their lights out? Let us know and lets start the healing.


7 Responses to “Imagine if Valentine’s Day was really about this….”

  1. REIGN Says:

    Hmmm I had to think really hard… There is one guy who has been my friend for forever and we dated for sometime. Both had those immediate want to marry you feelings when we reconnect… long long time crushes on each other. Yea I wouldn’t release some ShoNuf on him… get out those pint up feelings, put the glow on him.

  2. I have an ex that I would tie up to the train tracks and run over him, then skin him and stick him in a tub of lye then feed him till his stomach busted (wu-tang style). but i digress. If i focused all my time and energy in making him miserable I would miss finding the joy in my own life.

  3. Great post Peyso! 😉

    Right now, I don’t have any feelings left for any of my exes… had you asked me back in October, I’d want to press pause on life and beat the living shiz out of my most current ex.

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Back around May, June, July Aug of 2008..oh yeah April too..i think i wanted to punch my own lights out for wasting awhole bunch of time…i dont think i was mad at him as much as myself..and in order to really move and let the right person in, you kinda gotta be able to forgive both.

  5. Jada Says:

    Over the exes…they’re not even a blip on my radar anymore. But there is a particular non-current I wouldn’t mind beating the ish out of just to get it through his head that even thought we may have got carried away a few months back we could never, and should never be.

  6. First of all I would like to say Peyso I am a member of Crunch and I saw this yestrday!!! Even though I have a boo I will still be in there for the workout effect!!

    I LOVVEEEEE CRUNCH!! This is where I take the Strip Tease class!

  7. 80's Baby Says:

    Is there anyone who wants to do anything to an ex? Good or bad.

    Ummmm yes. I would love to do something bad to the ex. (As you can see I am still a little bitter) But I already know my conscience wouldn’t even allow me to do it….. I am just gonna let karma deal with his @zz!!!!!

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