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Would you like jelly or syrup with that? February 16, 2009

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So…I figured you were thinking I might be talking about pancakes, waffles and the like but unfortunately that’s not the case.  I wanna talk about something going on in the black community.  I’m going to be a little serious and a little humorous so prepare yourselves.  I want to talk about something affecting the black community more than any other.

Black men…the prison system and it’s impact on our society.  They are disproportionately sent more to prison than the make it to college.  While in prison varying different things happen to them.  These are unspeakable acts.    Check out this vid for a brief description:

Now…I know the video seems funny.  But honestly let’s think about this…try this scenario if you will.

Mike has been in prison for five years.  While he was there…he was forced to lick other men or be forced to receive anal. Meanwhile, he learns a trade.  Then he goes back home, where he earns a job…(cause remember he got skills).  Now…we have Keisha who already has two kids and needs a man (needs cause that’s how Keisha thinks about it)…anyways back to the story-he’s got money, she needs money…he’s not trying to fyck without a condom.  She does it anyways…a new HIV case is thus born.  And let us not forget about the baby born of this union.

So from this we can see that we can’t blame it all on the downlow brotha. We have to blame it on the prison system and our lack of respect for ourselves as women.  I wanna know why anyone would feel the need to defile their bodies this way?  Is the economy that bad?  Does anyone feel that the prison and governmental system are not doing all they can to help black boys?  Educate black girls on safe sex?  Or does anyone just really feel that the government engineered crack then AIDS to eliminate blacks (I sometimes do!)?


13 Responses to “Would you like jelly or syrup with that?”

  1. Peyso Says:

    Jac – you really like talkin about undercover brothers and gay dudes

  2. Satya Says:

    I hear what you’re saying with this one. I can’t blame this behavior on the prison system though. Many guys have relations in prison but don’t consider themself gay b\c they weren’t on the receiving end. I think it’s a cultural things within the black community. One would rather be dam near anything than be or be considered gay.

    I do think we need more sex education in our community. So many people are illiterate about STDs and the ways in which HIV\AIDS can be spread. I also think women need to be more persistant about getting themselves and having thier partners get tested. I know it sounds like conspiracy theory but I do think HIV is man made

  3. True story… my friend told me just Sunday about her friend who went out on a date with a guy who was fresh out of prison… he informed her that he would not be using a condom. Needless to say, he got the boot.

    I agree with Satya…. it’s a cultural thing. I think women need to take more responsiblity for s3x. If a man refuses to use a condom, go and get tested (THE BOTH OF YOU) before even committing the act. Then you probably need to talk to a s3x educator. A lot of people aren’t informed that HIV may not show up right away.

  4. By the way, that video had me and Jac cracking up yesterday… dude was so grimey with it.

  5. Akua Says:


    The only way to truly avoid not ocming across a man who is”gay”(in jail) would be not to date brothers who have been to prison period. Like look dude u did more then a year i can’t mess with you. Or you caring enough about yourself to make your partner get an HIV test prior to sexual activity. That way at least you know if the brother was gay in jail that he wasn’t infected. The thought of it turns my stomach. I watched Cover and it makes me wonder about every man i meet. Do you have the potential to screw men?

  6. The Comeback Girl Says:

    DID HE REALLY SAY THAT A NEGROS AZZ is CLEANER THAN A Pu!$$Y..seriously? Denial at its finest and I don’t believe relations just stop at eatin azz holes im really sorry, this has just been socialized in the prision system as being more acceptable to say than actually sticking something else in there like a pe!nis.

  7. Jaci Says:

    Satya-I think you are right, but I do have to say…if these men weren’t in prison they would be a hel! of a lot less likely to end up needed to few another man’s @zz as a damned vag!na. IN fact, he even mentions that in his little video.

    Nic-Absolutely. Women need to stop sitting around letting men LEAD them into the death chamber with foolishness. Condoms can be found any and everywhere…heck I just found two I ain’t even know I had…and in the interest of maybe being active I KEEPS me two boxes…1 regular and 1 Magnum–you will not get around with excuses.

    Peyso-You’re a young brotha…stayed out of jail, got a degree and a job. Big dreams and aspirations. This doesn’t so much apply to you…however, we all know that in this day and age black men are unjustly accused (still) because of the color of their skin…so what Mr. UPenn do you have to say about your brothers doing time for something they may or may not have done (or losing their lives for just walking down the street, Sean Bell anyone?

  8. Jaci Says:

    @CBG-Indeed. That’s what he said. And yes I think he goes further than that too….because he already stated that they don’t look at it as being that…but rather a woman…so I’m certain a whole lot more is going on with this jelly and syrup.

  9. Peyso Says:

    Jac – I dont understand the question…. lol. I thin jail is bad and you should try to stay away from it.

  10. Jaci Says:

    Peyso-Remember I’ve read your personal statement.

    Now…yes jail is bad and yes we should stay away from it.

    But what I am saying is…what do you think if anything can be done to stop #1-black men from going to jail unjustly? #2-the spread of disease to their jelly/syrup time while locked up?

    Do you think women are not taking as many precautions as they should s3xually?

  11. Peyso Says:

    Black men partially have to take the owness on themselves to stop putting themselves in situations where one could be mistakenly locked up. I’m interested in seeing how often that happens though, I some reason have a feeling that its not that often.

    They should give out condoms in prison.

    No they dont. I think some women just dont value their health. Its funny how some women can bother you to death about valentine’s day and their bday but they cant bother and annoy and nag you about wearing a condom.

    Furthermore, the least you can do is go get tested before ya begin to have unprotected sex. On a connected side note, ninjas need to remember that if you gonna cheat or ya main jawn, at least have the common courtesy to wear a jimmy hat when you step out. That’s a hell of a way to get caught cheating bring some shiznic home.

  12. B&TT Says:

    HIV was an engineered virus created by the government…the patent is published online and is accessible by all..but shoot I dont have a link handy 😦
    I have been hearing about our women disrepecting themselves in order to be “kept” or “show face”…we got women who are well aware of their husband’s homosexual tendencies and still allow them to see other men…that needs to stop!
    The community definetly needs to open up and create more dialogue about these issues of self-hatred- cuz essentially thats what it all boils down to……good topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Britt Says:

    Definitely @ all your questions. The prison system has, unfortunately, become financially lucrative for many people that don’t look like you and I.

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