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A Centennial Celebration February 18, 2009

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We here at SSSO are having a little party today!  Yep-you got it we’re celebrating our 100th post today.  Interesting how this little blog here got started…so for that shout out I wanna say hey to our bro SBM! We greatly appreciated your inspiration.  Ms. Nicki and I started this as a way to vent and it has truly turned into something meaningful.  We’ve brainstormed, had guest, and even brought on new members!  We’ve talked about haters, lovers, pgfs, and one night stands.

If all that wasn’t dramatic enough we elected our first black president and threw a couple of parties.  We’ve discovered that RHOA is probably one of the most ridiculous kinda shows ever and I think we feel some kinda way about that.

And that said I’m so not gonna make this long…cause we’re firing on all cylinders today…fashion, health, new reviews and even a new tab so kick back…relax and let us know what you think, what you’d like to see and just in general leave some feel good.

-Peyso, Nicki, Holly, Cuzzo and Jaci


13 Responses to “A Centennial Celebration”

  1. Akua Says:

    Congrats on 100 posts family..keep up the excellent work!

  2. Happy Burf-day to us!!!!

  3. Anitra Says:

    awww happy birthday!

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Happy 100..!!! And congrats..**cues Vesta**

  5. Thank you ladies!!!

  6. Peyso Says:

    HAPPEE BERPHDEIGH, even though it aint really my bday. and this isnt even a birthday lol

  7. Jada Says:

    Congratulations ladies and gent!!! Keep the great posts coming!

    *Chugs OJ*

  8. REIGN Says:

    Congrats and Happy 100!

  9. 80's Baby Says:

    Congrats Ladies and Peyso!!!!!!

    Happy 100th!!!!

  10. Cheekie Says:

    Happy 100th! If we ever get some organization up in my blog (i.e. regular posting) we’ll hit that number soon enough. Blogs like yours serve as an inspiration.

    Here’s to 100 more ladies (and gent)!

  11. Congrads ladies and gent!!

  12. Britt Says:

    Congrats! Happy 100th!

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