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I’ll Be The Judge of That February 25, 2009

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This post may not resonate with most of you because I watch a lot of TV which cuts into book reading time (not). And during that TV watching is a lot of “judge” show watching. So, I’m judging the judges today – just the black judges, not Judy n’em.

First up – Judge Greg Mathis

I love me some Mathis. Mmmm. His MO is he went from jail to judge in 15 years. He knows about the streets and the circumstances of the many of the people that enter his courtroom. I believe he was the 1st black judge on TV too. Not to mention, he’s kinda easy on the eyes. He keeps it real. He gives off the vibe of that cool uncle who will chastise you but won’t tell you’re parents. He makes it known he’s from the Chi.

Next to Bat – Judge Karen Mills-Francis

Newer to the television scene, she’s not your ordinary judge. No, No. She wears a red robe, lol, and you can’t get past that blonde coif. Found out she’s based in Miami-Dade area. She’s sassy but not over the top put you in your place like somebody’s momma sass. She’s got a pleasant demeanor and a good sense of humor. She’s personable. I deem her cool auntie that won’t tell your parents either.

In this corner – Judge Penny Brown Reynolds

I’m not sure where she’s from or where the show is based. But, I did read that she’s an ordained minister. And, you can tell! Makes perfect sense if you’ve ever seen her. She’s so soft spoken and kinda ministers in the courtroom. She’s like part psychologist and counselor up in there – leave ppl always crying and what not. And, her show is soley Family court issues – in the sense of any case against a family member. She’s a nice person, not an entertaining judge. Her voice reminds me of an old woman tryna hand out the knowledege. I deem her Granny.

Order up – Judge Lynn Toler

Divorce Court

Divorce Court

Hmmm, just thinking this is a very nice picture of her…she doesn’t look this cute on TV. I digress. I like divorce court period. Liked it when Judge Mablean Ephraim was on there too. Nothing like some fueding lovers tryna get stuff like they are “owed”. She’s tough and easy at the same time. She doesn’t jump down the man’s throat, she listens to both sides fairly and puts her 45 cents in as well. She very knowledgeable about marriage (duh) and even sorta counsels ppl to think otherwise. I deem her momma.

Neeext – Judge Joe Brown

I don’t know if it’s his accent (some kinda drawl) or just him that BORES the hell outta me. He’s like your uncool dad. I don’t think the litigants even take him seriously.

There’s one more, who’s name escapes me right now. She’s soft spoken and her show tackles family stuff too. I’ll update once I figure it out.

Who’s your favorite judge and why?


16 Responses to “I’ll Be The Judge of That”

  1. […] cuzzo var varsarray=[]; varsarray[0]=’10649′; if(!token) {var token=’0′} else {var […]

  2. I don’t have a fav, I’ll watch whatever is on. LOL.. Judge Joe Brown seems like he thinks he’s cooler than he really is though. And Lynn Toler seems a bit of a firecracker to me.

  3. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i dont even know who half these people are LOL..

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ Cuz..also are you on blog hiatus… Is all well wit cha?

  5. Jada Says:

    I’ve always been a Mathis fan. Haven’t really been able to watch in a few years though. Having to go to the plantation on the daily kinda cuts that out. How I wish I was back in undergrad sometimes!

  6. cuzzo Says:


    you need to get up on the black judges…as i like to say…dats dat black history. but, when is it not historical anymore…after the first guy?

    not really a hiatus…just other stuff on my plate to take care of so I’m not home in front of a computer most of the time. all is well. u miss me pookie?

  7. Peyso Says:

    I hate judge joe brown, he just gets up there and acts a fool. i remember one day when he wasnt letting one side get a word in at all. You should have included the cuban lady that was on ppl’s court for awhile. i bangs with her fiery latina arse. lol

  8. Peyso Says:

    @ CBG – you need to step ur tv knowledge game up

  9. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ CBG – you need to step ur tv knowledge game up

    most of these shows come on in the day time right? i got a job for one. for just not a daytime tv watcher..those commericals about disability and suing people for work related injuries are depressing as he!l.

    and besides if i wanna be a medical assistanct..ill just go be one..i dont need a commercial to tell me about it.

  10. Peyso Says:

    @ CBG – watch em at night, i know u can be a medical assistant but do you know where you can become one in less than 18 months?

  11. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “@ CBG – watch em at night, i know u can be a medical assistant but do you know where you can become one in less than 18 months?”

    you are hilarious LOL…

  12. […] I’ll Be The Judge of That « Single Sisters Speak Out […]

  13. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “u miss me pookie?”

    @ Cuzzo

    nah man i was just wondering where you i missed you.

  14. Britt Says:

    I hate judge shows. I have always hated them, I think because they are so unrealistic. I hate to see people talked down to. Also it’s just overrated mediation. But I can kind of see the appeal.

  15. cuzzo Says:


    “You should have included the cuban lady that was on ppl’s court for awhile.”

    Ahhh, just Marilyn Millian. She’s still on there. I just realized about a month ago that the Harvey Levin that’s the “street correspondent” for the show is that same Harvey Levin from TMZ.


    well, hmph! j/k. add that comment to ure site for unpopular opinions, lol.

  16. Britt Says:

    LOL @ Cuzzo. Other people don’t hate them too??? LOL!

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