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My first semi-serious blog entry…… February 25, 2009

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As a recent college graduate, I was more than excited when my pops said that I can move back home. I love the building that we live in. It is a six floor, pre-war (WWII that is) building in the middle of Brooklyn’s most vibrant neighborhood. It’s a stone throw from Manhattan and the same hood where Biggie and Lil Kim used to run around. It’s filled with history and cultural centers such as the Brooklyn Navy Yards and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I’ve digressed though. This building has been in my family for at least 30 years and I and my pops have lived in this building for at least ten years. The actions of the tenants association really befuddled me. In a well intentioned letter to inform us of the new recycling laws, they addressed to the wrong people; or at least that’s what my pops thought. The letter was addressed to Mr. Harris and partner. Did they really think that we were a gay couple? I mean, I understand that he may look young and I may look old but come on now? Both me and my dad were seriously troubled by this. Did we give off any signs that we were gay? I don’t walk with a twang or talk funny or move my hand like a stereotypical dude. I definitely have had more female visitors than men, (only one recently). I don’t get it. I asked some friends about it, both gay and straight, and many of them said that I was being homophobic. That if someone’s sexual orientation wasn’t a big deal to me then this shouldn’t be a big deal either. I don’t care if someone is gay, hell, that aint got shiznic to do with me. Hell, all the gay people can get married, their lives aint got a damn thing to do with me. But what makes you believe I’m gay. Should I worry about this? Am I less of a man now? Am I really being homophobic? Am I making too much of this?


Signing off with a really huge pause (no homo),

Peyso con Queso


9 Responses to “My first semi-serious blog entry……”

  1. 80's Baby Says:

    Sorry but this made me chuckle a lil bit……Especially how they addressed the letter. Is that how gay couples are addressed though?

    No you shouldn’t be worried about this and you are not any less of a man….But it is funny though…

    [Hides behind somebody chuckling]

  2. peyso Says:

    Sorry for posting early but i had to get it off of my chest, (pause)

  3. thecomebackgirl Says:

    This post touched my heart..***i want to encourage men to be more sensitive.***

    ok down to brass knuckles..

    when the letter arrived…addressed the way you said. I immediately thought partner as in business partner or real estate investor. I didn’t think gay/married partner.

    If i may..i think its also a sign that perhaps you and Dad could get more involved in the association meetings. Build relationships so people don’t have to make the assumptions you think they make.

    but that wasn’t my first thing i jumped to tho when the letter was addressed to dad&partner.

  4. peyso Says:

    @ cbg – maybe you have a point but why would 2 business partners live together?

  5. “If i may..i think its also a sign that perhaps you and Dad could get more involved in the association meetings. Build relationships so people don’t have to make the assumptions you think they make.”

    I co-sign Comeback Peyso!

    Have you guys been involved?

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ cbg – maybe you have a point but why would 2 business partners live together?”

    you have a point too..i was thinking maybe it was a co-op or some such other investment prop. I jump to alot of conclusions when i read..i just didn’t jump to THAT ONE.

    With that said…i prolly can understand you and your father’s befuddlement..but i think that should warrant much more involvement with the association. And getting to know the people..if it really really bothers you.

    Sometimes people see what they WANT TO SEE. Like what if the person actually addressing the letter was gay. They are big on social ettiquite and nicities..and sometimes TOO PC..Sometimes NON-GAY people are like that too.

    I would go to the meeting and make it a nice way..that you are back home with your Dad for a while. And it is a nice building blah blah blah..and make sure that that person passes it along.

    it mayalso encourage the tenant head person to think about building relationships instead of jumping to conclusions …IF…that was what they were thinking.

  7. peyso Says:

    the thing is also that this is the first time that we got a letter addressed like this and we’ve been here for nearly 10 years. i lived here since i was 14. they should know me, but ur right though. half the ppl are here due to gentrification and thus probably didnt live here 10 years ago let alone 2

  8. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i dont think you should feel like less of a man tho..thats really sad that yall been there for 10 years and something like this happens. I bet its someone new. And if they were implying partner as in gay..i bet they are dim witted.

    how do you just jump to that conclusion? for me to even write partner as in (gay) i gotta see a ring. I gotta two men or women togther in a couply way.

    i wouldnt worry about that.

  9. Cuzzo Says:

    ure making too much of it. I wouldn’t take “partner” to mean gay relationship in this sense. They just don’t know who you are.

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