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What Really Grinds My Gears….. February 25, 2009

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What Really Grinds My Gears…..


  1. I hate when dudes sag their pants more than mine.
  2. I hate skinny jeans and the people who think that it’s ok for men to wear it.
  3. I hate when I get paid on a Thursday and my check is gone by Tuesday.
  4. I hate Ques who are too damn owt.
  5. I hate when people say I’m close minded when I don’t like someone, something or someone’s particular lifestyle.
  6. I hate when people call Africa a country.
  7. I hate when people say I don’t sound like I’m from NYC.
  8. I hate all the yuppies moving in my hood.
  9. I hate all the black folk who move into hood and think that they are not gentrifying because they are black when in all actuality you’re gentrifying because you make more money then all the black folk that lived there already.
  10. I hate when people expect me to act a certain way when I say what school I went to or the opposite way when I say where I grew up.
  11. I hate when I have to give the people who makes sometimes $50K more than me, excel and PowerPoint lessons.
  12. I hate that when a lady got laid off she got mad when she knows her arse hasn’t taken a Microsoft training class to update her skills in at least 10 years.
  13. I hate ring tones and the considerably auditory offensive ones.
  14. I hate sidekick phones.
  15. I hate chirping on nextels.
  16. I hate women who ask me what car I drive.
  17. I hate b*tches. Yea I said it. Firm believer that there is a difference between a woman and a b*tch. “Sisters get respect, b*tches get what they deserve. Sisters work hard, b*tches work your nerves…”
  18. I hate that we folk can’t just have a good ole fist fight. People are either too sensitive talking about “People shouldn’t fight, blah blah blah” or are punks and go get guns.
  19. I hate that people, despite my size, pick fights with me.
  20. I hate that my pops refuses to ever clean up after himself.


What grinds your gears?


17 Responses to “What Really Grinds My Gears…..”

  1. Britt Says:

    Co-signing #10 all the way.

  2. I love Family Guy.

    What grinds my gears:

    1. People who drive slow on both sides of a two way street.

    2. People who sweep out in front of you and do 20 mph. (If I had a Hummer, some folks would be in trouble.)

    3. In church last night, someone’s child got about at least six times during our HOUR and A HALF service and kept bumping my leg and not saying excuse me. I could have kicked him across the pews.

    4. People who do not control their children. I don’t think your child staring in my face is cute… Depending on my mood, I prolly won’t offer IT a smile.

    5. Trying to be good and posiitive and folks testing me before I even get out of bed.

    6. Men who turn into social retards when they see an attractive woman. The freaks were out in great number at the bookstore yesterday.

    7. These stupid arse 2520s in the offic building who insist on keeping the air conditioner on in the WINTER.

  3. anitraclark Says:

    1. People who say my name wrong and then ask “did I say that right?” knowing good n well they botched it.

    2. Old people that are in front of you at the grocery store when you are in a rush and they start pulling out pennies.

    3. People who still write checks at retail stores (where the flip is your debit card or at least credit card).

    I probably have more…


  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Im annoyed at lots since this diet..tho its getting better.

    1. inconsiderate drivers who wait until your behind them, it seems like they aren’t turning, but then they abruptly stop with all these cars coming on the other side…and then they signal..or fail to do so.

    2. Selfish an only kid with an overcomprimising hard working mother, who still got lots and still gives lots away even today, I don’t understand the self person concept. I also am annoyed at self-less people. Martyrs..

    3. People who misunderstand me. i really dislike being misunderstood (Nina Simone anyone?) but such is life.

    thats all i can think of rhat now.

  5. Jada Says:

    Bad ass kids.

    Men who want you to submit but refuse to lead.

    This job.

    Being falsely represented.

  6. Jaci Says:

    You know what really pisses me the f*ck off?

    Men who lie about their d#mned children. That is enough to make me want to slap the ish out of you.

    It’s disgraceful. Pitiful. Disgusting.

  7. peyso Says:

    @ Jac – what do u mean lie about their children?

    @ CBG – y ru dieting?

    @ Nicki – O, I’ll test you before you get out of bed alright…..

  8. “@ Nicki – O, I’ll test you before you get out of bed alright…..”

    LMAO! I didn’t even mean to say it that way!!!

  9. Hilarious all hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have so many irritants let me think on it and get back to ya!

  10. peyso Says:

    @ Nicki – you aint gotta say what you mean, trust me i know….

  11. @Peyso: **looks both ways, shifty eyed **

    Thanks… I think. lol

  12. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “@ CBG – y ru dieting?”

    Pey I gotta get ready for my unveiling..

    spring will be here in no time.

    And Im gonna be kinda cuttin up in the summer lol…and i gotta get it right for that.

  13. peyso Says:

    @ CBG – make sure i get invited to ur unveiling too

  14. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “@ CBG – make sure i get invited to ur unveiling too”

    you just inspired me to eat a piece of lettuce…

    for lunch.

  15. RightCoastLexSteele, The American Dream Says:

    1. I too hate ques that are too owt.
    2. I hate reds that think they are q’s (yes, i said it.)
    3. I hate people that go slow in the fast lane.
    4. @#$% the police.
    5. I hate the racist bastards that always give me Newports depsite the fact I specifically ask for PARLIAMENTS. Does that sound like NEWPORT???

  16. Cuzzo Says:

    people that use the word “hate” for everything they dislike.

  17. JaneDoh Says:

    The list of blogs I love are apparently getting longer 😉 This post was right on point. I’m late as hell but here we go

    1. Skinny jeans, I concure.
    2. People who are sitting in the handicapped section of the bus, who don’t give up their seats to the handicapped.
    3. People who don’t move out of the way when you are exiting the elevator or bus.
    4. People talking wayyyy to loud on their cell phone.
    5. Boost mobile chirps **grrr**
    6. And only because this happened not 45 minutes ago… guys who are trying to talk to you and then get mad when you (politely) say no thanks. “Well I didn’t want your ass anyways.” Irritating

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