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My Brother’s Keeper March 1, 2009

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I am the oldest child of four.  Me and my oldest brother are one year and several months apart. My other two siblings are seven and eight years younger.  Growing up, the little ones were my babies, I helped take care of them like I had given birth to them. 

But my oldest  little brother?  Me and him HATED each other.  We fought constantly.  My goal in life was to kill him. 

There are several instances that can showcase my disdain:

– Once we were at Olan Mills, having a family picture taken.  The photographer had him stand behind me with his hand on my shoulder. I still remember the feeling it gave me, it irritated me to no end.  I felt like my skin was itching in the very spot his fingers rested.  I remember trying to shake and shrug his hand off of me without anyone noticing.  My mama would have had a fit if she known- with us embarrassing her in public like that??? She’d tell daddy for sure.  And trust, neither of us wanted to get daddy involved, he used to be a beast.

-The most brutal times would occur when we were at home during Summer vacation together.  One day we fought like beasts and ended up breaking the glass door to the entertainment system.  Then I pulled butcher knives out on him.  He called my mama at work and when she came home, she wore our tails out.

-The worst job you could get was being in charge of making the glasses for dinner, putting the ice in them and pouring the drinks.  Mind you, I hated my brother, so when I made his glass, I’d spit in it…  **rares back in disgust**  I want to slap myself now for my old ways!  UGH.

I don’t know why we hated each other so much, but I have a pretty good feeling it was our age difference, we were too close.  People consider this before having your kids so close, thinking “He/She will have someone to play with.  Sometimes they don’t become best friends!!!!  😉

We never started getting along until I left the house at 19 years of age. We’re still not the closest but now he can sit by me without making my blood boil.

I know you guys have some funny/ mean sibling torture stores. Share and share alike.


28 Responses to “My Brother’s Keeper”

  1. Nick can I just say I’m cracking up! I can’t believe u pulled a butcher knife on him!!

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    ” Mind you, I hated my brother, so when I made his glass, I’d spit in it… **rares back in disgust** ”

    SUG AVERY ICE TEA…u nasty sunny!!!!


    “”I know you guys have some funny/ mean sibling torture stores. Share and share alike.”

    Well..i don;t have any 😦

    but as an only child, I could play a mean game of uno, monopoly, chutes and ladders, go fish, hide and go MYSELF.

    and i WOULDN’T Always win.

    the end.

  3. LOL. Hol, I did.. I was sick of his mess.

    CBG: U were one of the lucky ones… I used to envy the only children. Seems like you all got all of your heart’s desires!

  4. I have a brother a year older than me a sister 7 years younger and I fought with both of them.

    At first my bro was my hero…but by the time we hit tennagery age…all that was OVER and we fought like cats and dogs. Our goal in life was to irritate each other. I would take his tootbrush and dip it in alcohol or something…cause physically he’d prolly beat me. I didn’t get along with my sis either…she was so much younger than me I couldn’t relate to her.

    For the most part…I just wanted to be left alone and they would always barge into my room and bother me. Things got better with me and my bro when he went to college.

    And me and my sis are now close since she’s older and I can relate to her more. I think sibling rivalry is normal.

  5. LOL at the toothbrush and alcohol, Jada! That is so funny.

    Me and my little sister aren’t very close. She’s wayyy younger than me.

  6. Jaci Says:

    This is too too much Nic-just too much.

    *Thanks that I am an only!

  7. Junior Says:

    My sister caused me to get the last whooping I’d ever received, I was ~14 and she was ~11. I remember I was in my room playing Street fighter II, when she came in bothering me about the boogie man being in her closet and her wanting to sleep with me. Well I wasn’t trying to have it because she slept like a wild child. She was the type of sleeper that would wake up with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet at the head, along with ALL the cover wrapped around her, and me curled up in the fetal position searching for sheets.

    Well this night I was NOT having it, I wanted to finish my game, cut on the radio, and listen to Bone Thugs’ E. 1999 all night long. Well when I declined, she starts doing the FOOL. Jumping around, cursing, blocking the TV, etc. So when the coonery reaches its climax, she accidentally kicks, or so she claims, the Super Nintendo, so I’m in the middle of laying the realest Shoryukens (“Dragon Punches”), on M. Bison when the game starts to make random electronic noises and then just cuts off.

    Well I’m HOT. So after staring at what was left of the burned on image on the screen, I turned around to see her looking like a Devil and an Angel at the same time. (I SWEAR somehow she had the “OMG, I’m sorry”, and the “HAHAHAHA, I just f*cked your ish up” look on her face…like a gasp and a smirk…so we’ll call it a “gasirk”) So I fly off the bed and lunge at her, the quick lil bastard manages to make it out of my room and into the living room grabbing a hanger from the floor. She then starts running around the table, but I bumped my leg on the side and slowed down so she ended up on the other side of the couch while I winced. So we start to fire off smart remarks, I’m reminding her she’s adopted it, and she’s letting me know I didn’t need to eat two double cheeseburgers etc. Then she takes the hanger and tosses it at me, but I was all up on Ninja Turtles back then, so I caught it like a ninja and threw it back in one motion. Well, i guess she was up on her Ninja turtles too, because she ducked out of the way and the hanger hit ALLLLLLLL up in the window. It didn’t even break anything but we had Venetian blinds, and it mad ALLLLLL types of noise. Everything after that happened in the slowest of motion, my Pops came around that Corner like Bowser on Super Mario brothers and was spitting ALL types of fire. My sister got hit with the “Bidness” because she was the closest to him, and then he proceeded to me. He didn’t hit ANYTHING but my arms, but he tore them up, and had me looking like a Leprosy victim. I didn’t even shed a tear, but it was like really…I haven’t been spanked since I was like 5!

    Needless to say, after that, they STILL made me sleep with her…made worse by the fact that she had Gas…

  8. Junior.. U will NOT have me in tears this early in the morning!!!! I could fisualize all of that.. And I remember how critical it was with those video games (esp. when u had to sleep with Mario Brothers on pause all night bc u didn’t want to have to go through 8 boards all over again)… and NINJA TURTLES??? LOL. promise u just took me back!

  9. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i kinda do miss having siblings tho from these stories. 😦 One of my cousins is like a sibling tho..

  10. CBG: It really isn’t much but a bunch of unsolicted or shared butt whoopings. lol

  11. Junior Says:

    Now now now, @ Nicki, it isn’t THAT bad. We had a lot of good times to, and I love her dearly and then some. But yes, out of the whoopings I remember receiving, she had to be the cause of at least 75% of them, that’s ridiculous!

  12. I can’t remember me and my brother ever having a good time! We really had hate!

    We got whoopings if ONE person did something. lol

    Thing was, as much as I hated my brother, let someone else try to do something to him! and it was OVER

  13. Junior that story is classic and sounds like a remake of something me and the sibs went through!

  14. peyso Says:

    GQ wrote an article about this same topic this month, I cant find it online though. Me and my brother go at it, the problem is that I’ve always been bigger than him. BUt he talks too much sh*t. I have put him in the hospital though (by accident i swear!). He tried to poison me by putting bleach in my water once

  15. @Peyso: Bleach in your water??? O.M.G.. you guys were going for collateral damage!

  16. This is insane!! I have an older brother and he use to practice his karate on me… however I do not have funny stories like any of these cause he was from a previous relationship and we didnt live in the same house…

  17. 80's Baby Says:

    I’m tardy to the party but me and my sister are 18 months apart… And we fought all of the time…And we shared a room for the longest so that only made matters worst….. I can’t even remember a specific reason that we fought but we were always fighting. Let me think on this one…..

  18. Not practice karate Hol! LOL. Why am I thinkin of that character from Martin?

    @80s: At one time, I shared a bedroom with ALL of my siblings.. and my sister would pee in the bed.. I would wake up, shirt COVERED. ew.

  19. My sister used to kick over my head. she is 6 years older than me and the constant threat of getting my head kicked off was enough to keep me in line.

  20. Kick over your head??? LOL.. I need a visual Dave.

  21. Britt Says:

    ROFL @ your post. Girl you know what that made me think of @ making the drunks? “Next time I oughta put a lil Suge Avery pee in his glass”. ROFL!!! And *dead* @ Junior. The detail, LMAO!

    My sister (3.5 years younger) and I got along pretty well save for a few rogue slaps. I was very protective over her and let her get away with murder so we didn’t fight much.

    However, I had a first cousin who was a boy and 11 months younger. We used to fight like Mortal Kombat or something. And then 10 min later we would be BFF. Maybe it’s the gender differences?

  22. @Britt: Cracking up at the slaps!!!!! My two cousins are about one year apart… one day I was on the phone with their mother and the youngest SLAPPED THE DAYLIGHTS out of the older… I gasped. lol

    Not Mortal Kombat…. (man, I miss being a kiddo!)

  23. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “so we’ll call it a “gasirk”)”

    @ Junior..that is so cute…LOL

  24. CPT Callamity Says:

    My sister and I used to go at it all the time but I suspect it was me counteracting her perceived bossiness. I remember she used to have a Jheri Curl and pinned me down and shook her hair in my face! I would look like I had been wrasslin with fried chicken!

  25. ” I remember she used to have a Jheri Curl and pinned me down and shook her hair in my face! I would look like I had been wrasslin with fried chicken!”

    LOL! I remember those curls.. no one wanted to sit on the bus with girls who had them.

  26. Big Man Says:

    You spit in his drink? WOW

  27. welcome Big Man. and yes.. I did. lol. Now, I can realize how gross it was though.

  28. Cuzzo Says:

    i didn’t grow up with my sibs (which r all from my rolling stone poppa) but me and cousin of mine (a male older than me by over 10 years) did have an all out bobby and whitney brawl on the balcony of a hotel for all to see. he was tryna whoop me with a belt…i was 16! After that we didn’t speak for years. He coulda died and I wouldn’t show up…but it’s all good now. We avoid that conversation, lol. No “remember when…”

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