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Beer, Carjacks, Bubblebath and Lace March 17, 2009

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I know you might be wondering exactly what is running through ol’ Jaci’s head at the moment…well let me explain.  Over the past couple of months or so I’ve ran across many, many interesting men.  I have expressed to one that I like letters, so imagine my surprise when I go check my mail today and what do I find?  Three letters….and a post card.

Then I met another gentleman to whom I explained what I liked and he responded “If I don’t, I know another man will”.  So this got me to thinking…I don’t do much with my days (other than things the average housewife would do) and yet here are these men who are willing to do the things I’m asking for…they have jobs, lives, etc…yet they have time to sit down and write me “four page letters”.  Anyways, after sitting on my couch in awe for like an hour I began to wonder what exactly do men find romantic?  Is it always food, s3x, and money? I’ve heard that the stronger sex enjoys when you bring them beer or a car jack…but I also know women like flowers, candy and bubblebath.  But I am wondering if there’s anything I have missed?  What are things that both men and women like?

I also wanna note that Babyface is talking about doing all these things as soon as he gets home from work…from washing hair to paying rent and cooking ladies, what would you like a man to do for you?  Gentlemen, give it to me, what is the sweet thing you like?

My answer…in the morning, before I fall out!


27 Responses to “Beer, Carjacks, Bubblebath and Lace”

  1. watcat Says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. I want a really sweet date that I don’t have to put my hand it. It doesn’t have to be anything uber expensive, I’m not that chick. I just would like a little effort.

  3. I really want someone to make me super bowl type food (chicken wings, nachos.. etc) on a average sunday afternoon while I spend 10+ hours watching football.

  4. Jaci Says:

    Hi Nic, Hi Dave…

    @Nicki-Right! It’s like men have gotten away from doing things like that though a little of me suspects that there’s something going on with that.

    @Dave-I gotta get over to BDD today…secondly I honestly think that’s feasible based on my Sunday dinner, but Dave I KNOW you can cook! And here’s the thing a woman knowing you can cook, but choosing to cook for you (esp all that unhealthiness then leaving the house…must be amazing)

  5. Jaci Says:

    Ooooh ok and as far as I go the sweet thing I absolutely adore is someone who knows what I need when I need it and I’m not talking mind reader I’m talking you’ve listened to me and you’ve heard exactly what I say and how. I’ve really become very vocal in saying okay…this right here…I need this…and I’m getting it.

  6. @Jaci – See me knowing how to cook makes someone cooking for me all the better. I never said she had to leave, she’s welcome to watch football with me… lol

  7. Jaci Says:

    @Dave…oh ok that works too. I know not all women like football, me on the other hand, I come in the house after church and can barely put the keys down before my face is in the screen. Now…I’d be willing to say a woman like me won’t just watch the game though (I am also kinda touchy-feely)

    This brings me to an interesting question…how do men feel about women who don’t watch sports…like is it considered sweet when she does?

  8. No More Says:

    Good post Jac…you know the lady loves football and basketball, she likes to bring food & beer and she likes to cuddle up under me when the games are on, and she is interested in learning the rules, shes getting better as far as people & teams but shes got a long way to go though. I wouldnt mind if a woman wasnt into sports but having one who decided to try and get into it because I was into it is a blessing. We also play some video games and board games together. So romantic to me would be able to enjoy a game, movie or a nice dinner together.

  9. @jaci – I don’t think I’ve dated a girl who actually liked football. I know a few who do but I have not dated them. I wouldn’t expect a girl too watch, I look at it like lifetime and reality shows. I don’t watch them and when it’s on I’ll just excuse myself from the room and go find another TV.

    That said it’s always a bonus, esp if she knows the rules and watches for the game and not to see men in tight pants.

  10. “Nicki-Right! It’s like men have gotten away from doing things like that though a little of me suspects that there’s something going on with that.”

    @jaci: too many women have allowed them to be lax.

    I love football, although I’m still learning the acutal game.

  11. Jaci Says:

    @NoMore-Hi there. Yes I know the lady is very attuned to your needs and wants, but I also know that you are very into her and what she needs and wants…since you’re a guy who is boo’ed up what are you somethings you’ve found your lady likes? (Don’t put my girl too on blast!)

    @Dave-Oh darn Dave! WE gotta get you that chick. And men in tight pants who have a better a$$ than I do is not a turn on for me. Anyways…the fact that again, you don’t expect or need her to do it really makes it that much sweeter! I also have to say I love the fact that the men here aren’t like yeah no…I’m not tryna have her be in my cipher during the game.

    I think THAT’S romantic!

  12. No More Says:

    @Jac: Im lucky because she likes those same things I listed. She also likes to look at household stuff (furniture, bedding, etc) and sometimes I’ll go with her (of course I’d rather not). She likes bubblebaths, and romantic cards. I probably got a nice batch of pu$$y points the other day for helping her take her weave out.

  13. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “so ladies, what would you like a man to do for you? ”

    go rollar skatting ive reverted back to childhood.

  14. 80's Baby Says:

    I probably got a nice batch of pu$$y points the other day for helping her take her weave out.

    @ No more….. This just made me chuckle.. Was it a sew in or was it glued in????

    But great post Jac!!!!!

  15. Jada Says:

    I want a man to hold me gently and kiss my forehead while we cuddle on the bed or couch watching NCIS or a movie or something.

    And agreed with CB! A man who will indulge my childhood fantasies (ie: rollarskating, g-carting, arcade games, laser tag)….I’d swoon!

  16. No More Says:

    80’s: “Was it a sew in or was it glued in???? “

    It was a sew in.

  17. jaci Says:

    Wow. I am seeing some interesting things here today.

    @NMH-oooh that was nice of you (now we know why she sticks around!)

    @CBG-yes ma’am. I think a man has to have some idea of how to indulge the child in me. I usually say respect the woman but indulge the child. That does keep things moving!

    @jada-i see this as being the perfect saturday night. And its funny because none of these are things I require often.

    Does anyone else feel that way or do you feel these are weekly things?

    @nicki-what do u think is a good method of getting men to be romantic?

  18. Dr. J Says:

    Being from DC, a place where men pay for about 110% of everything. It is the most sweetest thing in the world when a girl pays. I’m actually not even sure what to do in the situation, so I end up buying something in exchange for her.

    Other sweet thing is when a girl does something without having to be told. Once without being told, my lady at the time bought me a new wallet. She never once complained about my previous wallet, she just bought a new one and said, “I thought your wallet was getting old and you wouldn’t get a new one, so here.” I think I shed a tear of happiness.

    As it pertains to sports, it would be nice if she was interested, but not necessary. However, be mindful that we cannot flip back and forth on the TV when sports are on. We can PiP. I am a man who agrees that you don’t need to hear football to know what’s going on.

  19. jaci Says:


    @Dr. J-that was a very sweet comment. I dunno anything about a man paying for every little thing (I’ve had them but I prefer going half like I do one date and you do the next)

    Anyways I just think a lot of the things we are asking are simply matters of consideration and being in tune w the partner.

  20. @Jaci: I am just now getting my first real dating experience (dating with the love lockdown) and I think this is the best way for me. During this time period, I am learning to be more vocal and upfront and in turn, allowing him to be also.

    “nicki-what do u think is a good method of getting men to be romantic?”

    So to answer your question, I don’t really think there is a way to get a man to be romantic, sotospeak. I think it is something that you learn about eachother in the dating phase… he must be already like that or willing to change for you.

  21. peyso Says:

    I really like playing monopoly, so i want my girl to cook a whole boat load of food, call some of my friends and her friends, get some lix and lets play monopoly til the wee hours of the morning. Romantic things are always done when the two of you are alone

  22. I like that idea Peyso.. Anywhere there is food and a kind gathering, u can find Sunny. lol

  23. really simple: simple surprises. wake me up with love.

    and humor me with good, honest conversation … and that’s telling me most everything … I won’t give examples

    I’m really simple.

  24. @peyso: board and card games work, too. A girl who can play Spades, Chess, Scrabble and Monopoly can win my heart over as well. … and be competitive.

  25. peyso Says:

    @ thismayconcernyou – i like to compete to so i hear u on this. i want a girl that talks as much trash as i do. im a huge trash talker and i need someone who will humor me in that respect

  26. jaci Says:

    @peyso-that sounds like fun…be sure to invite the blog fam!!

    @tmcy-a good friend once told me he was a complicated man with simple pleasures. I think this is something to live by. Mind you the levels of complication are varying but each man has something simple that will get them.

    Also a little trash talk goes a long way towards sex!ual arousal its look oooh baby please try to one up me!

    Do any of the men here like to dance?

  27. MDUBB Says:

    Let’s get this into the open, none of the guys have said it yet, but I know they’re thinking it….

    Surprise head.

    No need to explain that any further so I’ll move on.

    A lady that lets me complain about my job and actually listens to me for about ten minutes, is big.

    I like when a woman picks out my clothes if we’re going out. Don’t really know where this comes from, but I appreciate it.

    Back in the day I used to love girls who could roll one up, but didn’t smoke.

    On the flip side, I try to always make sure my woman is thought about, even if she’s not around.

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