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Warm Me Up…. March 18, 2009

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I’m gonna be honest. i didn’t know what to write about today and I reached out to the good homie CBG for some inspiration. So today’s post was inspired by her. Now I done already asked ya about the nastiest shiznic ya ever did and I got some wack behind responses. Ya acting like ya don’t get it in. So today, in lieu of the letters that ya are supposed to be sending in for me to answer, I’m gonna give ya a chance to redeem/rescue ya freak cards. I’m gonna ask ya another simple question. Some men have mastered this and others have wondered about the answer since the beginning of their vag stache free lives. The question is simple and the answer is sometimes as simple but at times it can be quite difficult. Some of us know the answer without even knowing it.


The question is……..



What is the single word or action that gets in raining in Australia? I mean wet like an ocean. I mean that aquafina flow. For real, we dudes really wanna know. I’m sure that it differs from woman to woman but i wanna see the wide array of nasty thoughts running through ya minds. I’m looking for a go to line, that I can use in the clutch. Trust, I already know that I usually gotta warm up the car before I drive but what is it gonna take for the ignition to be ready for the key as soon I get in the car? (I know the metaphor is a stretch but work with me)

For me its usually not a word or an action; it’s a look and a smirk. What gets you in the mood?


25 Responses to “Warm Me Up….”

  1. Jaci Says:

    I am probably going to have to hide my face for the remainder of eternity for this one…but anything which makes the phrase daddy’s anything will have me doing backflips.

    From me, I hear from some very reliable sources that it’s a look that says…give me what I came for…and don’t cheat me.

  2. While my experiences have varied greatly from woman to woman … I think there is one thing that generally works well …

    Nothing …

    Shut the f*ck up … grab her real close and hard … and then without saying a word tell her what you want to do, how she needs to sit, and when she needs to cum.

    But what do I know …

  3. wonker Says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  4. Bamer15 Says:

    Me being a late twenties white male.. and the experiences I have had, hmm…

    I would have to say that an action will do it way more than any one word or sentence will ever do.

    I can’t help myself when a girl does this: (Looks at me from across the bar, or 3 feet away) But she looks at me with a smirk until our eyes meet, then she looks down or takes a sip of her drink, then looks up one more time with that same smirk or a smile just to make sure that I know she was looking at me and no one else.

    Drives me nuts, and believe me I will come across that bar or wherever I am in 3 seconds. It’s like a sure fire way to make me forget everything else…

  5. @Bamer15: that is technique for flirting! I read about that somewhere. LOL

    For me, if a man corners me on the wall, all up and through my personal space, it does something to me. It makes me a little breathless but it’s exciting.

  6. This is NOT CBG Says:

    I ADORE really funny men…im not talking about the dry annoying (but im trying to be an intellectual) humor. Im talking about the really down to earth stuff..maybe he says something totally insane and cute..but real humor gets me every time.

    ok that was my ice breaker…


    i really heat up when a guy (who i dig..this only works for physical chemistry) sits really close to me. And he smells my neck (oh never mind..i cant do this total recall right now) lol

  7. @LMAO @ CBG’s new name:

    Speaking of funny men, I think this is why I think Vince Vaughn is sexy.

  8. Cuzzo Says:

    that up an down look that says I wonder what she tastes like. but not while doing anything corny like licking his lips more so with a serious face.

    i think it’s a given that there has to be an attraction.

  9. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    So with me it was pretty simple…. All he had to do was walk in the door and I was ready…. Ha Ha

  10. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    Okay ummm maybe I should clarify a bit… This is not in regards to any man that just walks in the door.. But my ex just walking in the door was enough for me.

  11. peyso Says:

    @ Ms. Eighty’s – thanks for clarifying. i was fittin to walk in and out of ur doors (pun intended)

  12. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    @ Ms. Eighty’s – thanks for clarifying. i was fittin to walk in and out of ur doors (pun intended)

    @Peyso….Oooooooh I’m telling Nick… LOL

  13. He’s so flirtacious. lol

  14. Jaci Says:

    Nicki-I think from now on we should call him Mr. Smooth Groov

  15. Jaci: I think you are right.. Peyso is no longer doing him justice

  16. peyso Says:

    @ ms 80’s – snitchin tsk tsk
    @ jaci – mr. smooth groov is an ugly name
    2 nicki – u know u my one and only e-boo

    for now…

  17. Dang Peyso- For now?

  18. REIGN Says:

    SBM is on track.

    For me, my guy makes this sound when he gets hard, when were not even doing anything just hugging/looking at each other. Just knowing that the sight of me gets him going makes me flow lol.

  19. Britt Says:

    Gotta co-sign Nicki. Being cornered is the biz. Also, when a man gives you a hug or a kiss on the neck from behind. WOW! LOL.

  20. Britt Says:

    Oooohhh I just read Cuzzo @ up and down. YES! LOL. I call it “hungry eyes”.

  21. Cheekie Says:

    Nicki and Britt nailed the power of the non-verbal. Ooh. Wee.

    Another small thing that gets the flow flowin’ is the “love hug”. It is the exact opposite of the “chuuch hug”. For some reason, I LOVE when a man’s hand smooths over that arc in your lower back, right above the tush. MMMM! Tingles.

  22. peyso Says:

    im startin to think this was a bad idea for a post, cuz ya lettin all my secrets out the bag.

  23. @Britt and Cheekie: That corner will have comebody in trouble.

    I like a good hug too. Umph, Umph.

  24. Cheekie Says:

    LMAO @ “comebody”.

    Please tell me that was on purpose, Nicki! HA!!

  25. Bamer Says:

    Another thing I forgot to say is when a girl does anything unexpected. Like that could be a kiss when I am looking the other way or touching my leg while driving, etc.

    unexpected looks, kisses, touches, etc are money.

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