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The Great Outdoors and Other Manly Pursuits March 24, 2009

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Something Outdoors?

Something Outdoors?

So after yesterday’s mini convo on CBG I went out.  Now…I was a little ticked and since I was out and ticked I wondered how this blog would get done for today.  Anyways…I mentioned it to friends and one of them said to me if I had a blog I would blog about how women should be more into the outdoors.  Well seeing as how this girl would rather be in Saks than dealing with Sasquatch this was hard for me to come up with…this I remembered a few things.

I am from Alabama.  We like the outdoors.  In fact, the following things go pretty hard here:

1. Hiking through some of our mountains..probably Mt. Cheaha.  If that’s too much for you just go check out the view of Birmingham from Vulcan and have a picnic.

2. Fishing on any of our too many to list waterways.  What is a better way to spend some time communing with nature?  Listening to the sound of the water pass you by on a beautiful somewhat cloudy day in spring or fall?

3. Now this might seem like reaching or nuts, but going mudding is a heck of a big deal here.  I am NEVER going to try it, but hey…cleaning up afterwards might be fun!

4. Now we don’t exactly have this in my part of the country, but white water rafting can also be pretty popular.  I can’t exactly swim, so I don’t know that I’ll be trying this either.

5. Hunting.  I know men like to dominate and what better way to dominate than when you kill something.  Hunter’s orange does not look good on me.

So those are a few things that I know of off the top of my head that mean might be interested in doing.  Think about your locale for sure though…if you’re in Aspen..then obviously skiiing, snowboarding, etc would be fun.  On the beach?  Try jet-skiiing or parasailing… Planning a visit to the African jungles?  Try bird watching, safaris or hel! swing from a tree!  And you know almost any of this might make for making whoopie in the wild 😉

Gentlemen, anything else ladies should think about doing?  I can’t be one-sided against my girls…are there any activities you wish men would try?


20 Responses to “The Great Outdoors and Other Manly Pursuits”

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  2. Jada Says:

    Now that jet skiing and fishing sounds good. I used to like fishing as a kid.

    I was an outdoorsy kid. Loved to be outside climbing trees and playing various pick up games with the cousins, riding bikes, etc. But those days are pretty much over.

  3. Jac Says:

    Jada-I loved fishing too. Now that I think about it…I went to Camp Cosby a couple of times as a kid. I also loved canoeing…I dunno being outside just does something for me especially this time of year.

  4. I like going crabbing, It’s kinda messy though. In DC just going sight seeing is a good way to get out and get some sun.

  5. Jada Says:

    @ Jac I used to go to Rec camp during the summer and sickle cell camp. I had a ball at both. Loved to go to hidden lake and go swimming. Or on those trails at national parks and museums.

    I’ve never heard of crabbing Dave.

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “swing from a tree! ”

    i really do quit you today!!! for sure!!!

    As a “Alabamian” by esp. around Talladega are also a big deal.

    besides water stuff as i plan to spend mucho time on the water this summer, i love farmers markets..i love local artists, farmers etc coming together in an open market and selling stuff. I love their fresh produce etc and just checking out people that have great talent living passion filled lives.

    cool stuff.

  7. Jac Says:

    I have read that Dave loves crabbing (see I really do read)

    I don’t get how to do it…maybe I’ll come to DC and Dave can show me.

    What about things like golf, tennis, etc..sports..what do men feel about women participating with that?

  8. @jada – Crabbing is like fishing except you catch crabs (not the nasty kind.. lol) it’s a nice way to spend a morning on the water.

    @jac – I saw a couple playing tennis this weekend, for some reason it looked fun. I think any sport where your outside would be fun, as long as you can have a friendly competition.

  9. Jada Says:

    Or what about riding ATV’s and such things. Horseback riding on a ranch or something. That would be fun.

  10. Jac Says:

    Now I love horseback riding…I would love to do that while wrapping my hands around a man’s waist…sex!y.

    Dave-Yeah I am starting to feel that way too..especially with spring time approaching.

  11. Britt Says:

    I am not a huge outdoorsy person but I do like water activities. Swimming, jet ski, tubing, etc.

  12. peyso Says:

    I’m in the process of teaching my lady how to shoot so I wouldnt mind hunting with the lady

    @ Super Dave – my experience with crabbing is that its really boring, u just put down the cages and pull them up later

  13. @Peyso – It can be boring, it’s more about being out on the water relaxing. Just like fishing can be boring. When your done you have a fresh lunch.

  14. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    I love the outdoors and I’m open to a lot of things….. Heck, I’m even down for an ol school game of kickball, flag football, or whatever……

  15. peyso Says:

    put on some comfy shoes and do all the touristy shiznic that ur city has to offer…

  16. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    I’m in the process of teaching my lady how to shoot so I wouldnt mind hunting with the lady

    @peyso….Sounds like fun… I went to a gun range last year and ummm I kind of liked it a lil tooo much… It was this huge rush that came over me…

  17. Cheekie Says:

    “I can’t be one-sided against my girls…are there any activities you wish men would try?”

    I wish he would try holding my purse without pouting while I ravage Macys.

    But, yeah, I would actually like to try some more outdoorsy stuff. It would be especially fun (and SAFE) to go with a guy who is more experienced with said adventure so I would feel secure.

    And co-signing those who mentioned outdoor sports being fun.

  18. lurker Says:

    Coming out of lurk briefly…As an Alabama girl myself, I have enjoyed all of those things that were mentioned in the post, even mud sliding (wouldn’t do it with my vehicle, but fun none the less). Last deer season I attempted to go hunting, long story short I fell the heck outta the tree stand trying to get away from a lizard so only ground level outdoor activities for me.

    Ok, back to lurk mode.

  19. Offdwall Says:

    Camping… nothing like doing the natural whilst surrounded by nature. More importantly, there aren’t the typical distractions of TV and the internet to detract from valuable conversation with your lady.

    Fishing is also a good one, but only for the dude who is not afraid to bait a hook or gut a fish. Looking like a wussy in front of your girl is never a good look. LOL

  20. I noticed your blog about if you could, you would blog about the outdoors! More power to you … like this site, and please feel free to look at the weblog I created to celebrate women in the outdoors and also to inform and entertain.

    Looking forward to hearing from you …

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