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Let Me Join You March 25, 2009

Filed under: Dating,relationships — peyso @ 10:03 pm

Like This?

Like This?

I had a real good post lined up about what woman do to sabotage a relationship but because so many of my fellow bloggers are on vacay, I decided that it would be better for me to respond to a post from this week.




Jac wrote a very interesting post about women being interested in outdoor things. I totally agree with her on this one. I think women should do more than shop and be “girly”. Aint nothing more attractive than a female athlete, or hunter or something like that. In the words of the good brothers of VSB, “my favorite CP3 wears a B-cup”.


I think for the most part, women do a pretty decent job in taking interest in what their guy likes. Regardless of how painful is to entertain the conversation, just about every chick I’ve seriously talked to, took upon themselves to try to learn the game of football. They learn the clothes you like to wear and your favorite drink. They get to KNOW you.


I’m not saying this to say that men don’t do the same things. I’m just saying that we don’t do it as well. I come to the conclusion as I begin shopping for a birthday present for the boo piece. (The real life boo piece, not Nicki (Nicki, don’t fret my pet, I’ll get you and e-gift for your e-birthday)). I really do not know what to get her. She’s into a lot of things so there are many options and I am sure that she will absolutely love whatever I get her but still, I’m lost as hell. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


However, I have digressed. The reason that I am writing this post is to nominate 5 things that guys can do with their chicks that she will enjoy. Let me know if I’m on the right track:

1) Go shopping with her and not complain about it. I think every dude has done this before and we all have complained all the way through the experience (unless she’s shopping for lingerie). How about you accompany her shopping and learn why she likes certain items. I think this will give you a lot of insight to her personality, how she feels about her body and other important stuff that us men forget about (I cant list anymore because I forgot them).

2) When you go out, order what she orders. I know how most men feel about drinking the drinks that come with umbrellas and what not. However, I know my girl can drink like a sailor thus proving she’s not ordering for the low alcohol content. Them joints straight up taste good.

3) Chick flicks, besides the Notebook. Them joints have quality acting most of the time.

4) Her mama’s house. Get a good look at what she’s gonna look like in 30 years.

5) Hang out with her and her friends. You’ll find out which ones are haters, which ones to stay away from b/c they’re plotting on your drawers.

So those are a few things that I know of off the top of my head that might be beneficial for men to do with their women. And you know almost any of this might make for making whoopie in the wild

Ladies, anything else dudes should think about doing with you. I can’t be one-sided against my homies…are there any activities you wish women would try?



6 Responses to “Let Me Join You”

  1. Why thank you Peyso. 😉

    Maybe your lady would enjoy a spa day?

    I’m pretty simple. I prefer shopping alone so a guy really doesn’t have to tag along with me.

    I’d just like one that can kick it with me when I go to Starbucks or the park and people watch… one that can just be quiet for a few seconds and let the sun do what it do. 🙂

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Pey Pey Pey..i think you mentioned alot of good ones.

    I also have to agree with Sunny…i hate when a dude goes shopping with me one of two things are bound to happen, he gets bored early or he’s like Ru Paul and wants to “do the whole mall”. I also don’t really care what my boo boo wants me to buy, half the time a man will pick out the skankiest things or stuff that looks great on his mother..

    anywhooo..other than that..oh wait no mani/pedi couple time either.i hate that too lOL..

    1. indie/foreign film..i love men who are in to art film even the ones who “hate to read the words” and then come out with a new perspective.

    2. farmers markets

    3. book stores..this is so cute on a cold and or rainy day.

    4. Food shopping at a fun place like trader joes or whole foods or harris teeter.

    i’ll think of other stuff later

  3. Jada Says:

    Yes, I think letting her have free reign of the television sometimes would be nice and thoughtful. And by that I mean, she gtes to watch what she wants…and you get to wacth with her without sighing and complaining. Try giving her shows a chance…you just might find you like them too.

  4. Peyso Says:

    @ jADA – i agree with you on this one, i let my girl control the tv and now im hooked to Wife Swap and Flight of the Conchords

  5. holly Says:

    Good post pepe! I am a parent to 2 ornery little bougie mutts. I would like for my guy to accompany me in taking them on field trips to the park or to walk a trail. Another thing is teaching me how to shoot! Yes shoot a gun! I’m dying to go to a shooting range! As well a driving range… I wanna learn how to play golf!!

  6. Bamer15 Says:

    Take her rollerblading. I did that last week for the first time with a ‘friend’ and she loved it. It was even better that she wasn’t that good at it.. Then I get to help. 😉

    (also helps I have played hockey since I was 3) So not only do I know what I am doing I am a great teacher.. and all you need is a decent day and some rollerblades.

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