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Time IS On Your Side! March 30, 2009

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Keyshia has some very valid points in this song of hers (that plays on the radio every five minutes). Anyways, taking it slow appears to really be the way to go.

Theres Still Plenty Left

There's Still Plenty Left

Recently my best friend invited me to a wedding for a girl at her church. As the processional was processing she leaned and said “She’s a virgin you know, and she’s 26”. At this point the groom came out and I was like I just know that someone somewhere has been giving him song. Anyways, moving right along…during the marital discourse the pastor explained that they had done things right. What’s right you may ask? He then went on to tell the radiant bride and proud groom how they had taken their relationship from casual acquaintances to the best of friends and then onto a relationship where they have now committed their lives to one another. Now…before everyone gets their panties and boxers in a wad I am not saying that you need to all remain virgins until marriage. I am saying that you need to really examine the person you’re with…learn their likes and dislikes…build a friendship. Once you’ve built that friendship then you can try and take things to the next level…but just don’t jump into anything…play your cards right 😉 Lay back and let things happen naturally, don’t force it. Does anyone have any other things that they think would be beneficial toward building something life long? I know that’s what we’re all trying to do so… What’s up good people?


16 Responses to “Time IS On Your Side!”

  1. Peyso Says:

    Learn the person and learn em well

  2. This is speaking to me this morning… my “friend” told me that he wants us to be exclusive but I’m not so ready for it. We haven’t even dated for long enough. I’m still collecting evidence- courting.

  3. Jaci Says:

    Peyso:I totally agree with this, in fact, I was telling someone that last night..and he responded to me by asking how long it takes to do that?

  4. Jaci Says:

    “This is speaking to me this morning… my “friend” told me that he wants us to be exclusive but I’m not so ready for it. We haven’t even dated for long enough. I’m still collecting evidence- courting.”

    I’ll be seeing you at our secret meeting spot.


    I say tell him you need to know a bit more, however I don’t know if I think that you should wait for exclusivity as much as I am talking about marriage in the post…just because if you can focus all your attention on one person, it might work better.

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “play your cards right ”

    and so goes the Chaka Khan song lol.

  6. Jada Says:

    Get to know the people closest to them as well.

  7. Britt Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. As the old saying goes “Fools rush in”.

  8. J. McFly Says:

    My grandmother always says, “Friends become lovers.” And even as a man, I truely believe this. It’s the girl that knows you from all levels that will understand and put up with you for the long haul.

  9. Jaci Says:


    I agree especially with Jada…

    You really have to know everyone surrounding this person. I had an ex…I should have examined his uncles a little more and asked why his stepfather was never around…

  10. I am in 100% agreement with this. I think way too often everyone is so “geeked” and in that crack-like love feeling that they don’t take the time to get to know a person.

    And its sad … because you would think this is common knowledge by now.

  11. Offdwall Says:

    1) Understand you will never be 100% sure of spending your life with them. Hesitancey is healthy and ok.

    2) Loving someone daily is a lot easier than liking them daily. Like your love.

    3) Credit check! Experien, etc. LOL

  12. Britt Says:

    ROFL @ Experian. Co-sign!

  13. Erin Says:

    I definitely agree with this post about letting the relationship happen and evolve on it’s own. People need to learn to be patient and enjoy the moments and stop planning the next 5-10 yrs to the “T”. Know that everyday will not be perfect but loving someone on the imperfect days makes the perfect days even better. It takes work, on both sides but it’s definitely worth it…….

  14. Damon Says:

    This title reminds me of the movie Fallen with Denzel …. and the song they keep singing in it “Tiiiiimmmeee is on my side … Yes it is ..”

    And it wasn’t a good thing. lol. Good post, though.

  15. MDUBB Says:

    I’d just say to really make sure that you love that person and that they love you, and to not make a life long commitment until you are absolutely sure, I don’t care how long it takes make sure these things are official.

  16. mrsFAB Says:

    Five free things. The men have no excuse and the ladies should not be accepting any. Great post.

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