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She Wants That Old Thing Back April 5, 2009

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In “I Know,” Jay Z starts out:  She wants that old thing back….”   

Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how many times you left it-  you always come back?  This can be dealing with a few things, whether it’s a relationship, GOD, school, whatev.

For instance,

I had to check myself last week because at one point I was deep into GOD and bible study and reading my bible and I feel like I’ve waned.  I’ve missed two Sundays of church, my potty mouth is creeping back up and I’ve been sitting on the phone when I need to be cranking that bible out.  I don’t want to be one of those Christians that only call on GOD when something is going wrong… or just kinda keeps Him on the shelf in case of emergency.  So that said, I’m trying to do better again.

Another sitch,

I had this guy that I was crazy cool with… he was the Dre to my Syd (Brown Sugar)… He was my ace boon.  One day, we decided to ruin it all and try a relationship situation out. MISTAKE!!!!!! (why isn’t there a rewind button in life?) 

In short, it didn’t work.  I wanted more… I wanted a title.  He “wasn’t ready.”  He wasn’t financially capable, and I often look out for my man (picking up things if I see them out, bringing him lunch to work), so I started to feel like I was trickin’. 

Story even shorter…  I decided to walk away.  Now, approximately every six months, I get a call from him trying to reminisce… the last one was just the day before Valentine’s Day, screaming we are supposed to be together.  Kids, he wants that old thing back (And I really can’t blame him.  Have u seen me?  JOKING).  Thing is, now we can’t even be friends anymore… and I miss my friend- so I guess I want a little of that old thing back too.

Is this post even making sense? I feel like I started in Atlanta but somehow ended up in Arizona…  ANYWHO, before I “Dig A Hole” any deeper, I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

P.S. >  This song also works for the topic today. As wack as Chingy is, I think it’s a hot record.

So people, tell me about your situations – whether they are healthy or not.


31 Responses to “She Wants That Old Thing Back”

  1. Mikki aka Anitraclark Says:


    do people even do that anymore? lol

    “I know” is my JOINT!!

    im sleepy and I want meat back!!

    oh wait…

    I got that!!


  2. LOL, Mik! I don’t know if they do “First” or not anymo’.

    Ummm, what kinda meat are u talking about, ma’am?

  3. Anitra Says:

    lmao I was talking bout cow meat not man meat lol

    girl u so crazzzzyyyyy

  4. Aww. Oops. Something’s wrong with me this mernin. lol

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “and I miss my friend- so I guess I want a little of that old thing back too.

    Get a puppy!!! These dudes are blockers SERIOUSLY..again nothing new can enter where old stale energy rests. And these dudes don’t just want to be “friends” they want to c!#ck block.

  6. @CBG: U are right… I don’t need his arse anymo’.. although I miss his friendship, bc of the way he acts when he calls, I won’t be taking it there again… some folks u just can’t befriend

  7. Jaci Says:

    Ok…I have a situation like this. I wanna go back, in fact, I would love to go back. But then the thing is I wouldn’t say I am exactly in love with him anymore, I just know it would be a good thing to do.

  8. Mmmmm… I definitely know the feeling girl. With my X I found that Pulling Me Back chorus speakin the truth for me last year. I think its our desire to keep with the familiar. Honestly I think if we even WENT back we would find that things were not as we remembered…

  9. offdwall Says:

    1) I have been the object of those wanting the old thing back. And it’s not like I’m all that. I was the bowlegged nerd in middle and high school with the pidgeon toes. I was always that dude who girls would say “I’m gonna find you when I’m ready to get married!” Of course, I thought it was BS then, but now thanks to the Facebooks of the world, folks have been popping up in droves. I got an email two days ago from a girl I dated when I was 15 that I haven’t seen since I was 15. Craziness…. like I’d be interested in your used up “cookies.” LOL

    2) I have been the wanter of old things on numerous occassions. sometimes it was genuine because I wanted to correct a mistake and give it an honest shot. Other times it was because I just wanted to see if I could really get the old thing back.

    3) I know it ain’t healthy, but when I’m out and drinking’, Black’n’Milds and hookahs have me like Chris Rock in New Jack City… “it just be callin’ me and callin’ me.”

  10. @Jaci: “wouldn’t say I am exactly in love with him anymore, I just know it would be a good thing to do.”

    If you aren’t in love anymore, I’d say RuUUUUNNNNNN.

  11. Hey Somethin!

    “Honestly I think if we even WENT back we would find that things were not as we remembered…”

    I think this is a great point. I think it’s all in our heads and we’re making a fairy tale out of a crapstorm.

  12. mrsFAB Says:

    A “rewind button” would be great. *sighs*

  13. @offdwall: Seems like the girls want to come back and appreciate you after the nonsense and them getting treated like crap.

    I have been there… I’d never have appreciated my Nice Guy now, if it’s wasnt’ for the stuff I’ve been through. lol. we didn’t know eachother back then though, so I get a pass.

    Tell those broads to kick rocks!

  14. @mrsFab: Girl YES! I have a few situations that need a rewind.. shoot, even a fast forward. lol

  15. Ms. Eighty's Baby Says:

    @offy… Ummm you bowlegged????? I think bowlegged man are soo freakin sexy…..

    But on to the post…. Heck, as Mrs. Fab said… A rewind button would be great!!!!

  16. Peyso Says:

    I know is my track, that was my neo’s greet for me last year too. And according to what I’ve read on other blogs Ms. Nikki has gotten that ole thing back

  17. LMAO Peyso… it’s not an old guy though. 😉

  18. Britt Says:

    When I started reading the blog I immediately thought of the Chingy song. I often want that old thing back, but I have to remind myself why it’s that OLD thing.

  19. @Britt: YES! I agree!!!! The old thing is the old thing for a reason!

  20. temps Says:

    @Nikki at least you are honest about not being able to appreciate your Nice Guy if not for the bs..too many women act like we dont exist or that we lacking something…the only difference between me and the thugs is really Execution and Taste. One of my boys loves Nas despite his ballernomics..and I love Jay Z despite being a “Smart” guy. I often wonder whats up with the ladies being so distant to the smart guys from the hood-we are far from squares. I have never dropped big words as some attempt to get things going with the ladies I keep things topical might add some insight to what she says but if she doesnt “take it there” I wont either but if she starts talking Tolstoy and shit oh baby its on!!! Sad though it took to say 26 or so before I actually had women eager to be around me cuz I can actually talk about topics beyond hip hop and sports!!

    To quote one of Comebacks Celeb crush dudes and my man Black Thought:

    “me and thugs mind is mutal/we congruent/lay on the charm unit”

  21. temps Says:

    thats ****lay on the CORNER with the charm unit**** I cannot butcher a great MC’s lyrics!!!

  22. liryc Says:

    damn, this post hit home so tough its amazing, I think everyone I read has been having that old thing back phenomenon happening.. I know I have for sure.

    The problem is that sometimes when you and that person sit there and talk about the “good ol days” you start to think about the positive aspects of the relationship and totally forget about the negative. What happens is that you start feeling those tingly feelings and you think maybe if we try this time it will be better!! WRONG!! that’s where we go off the deep end. Things end for a reason, and we must never forget that (that’s what I tell myself when my ex and I have conversations about our past)

    As for bible study and reading and getting back into touch with God, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! We all have those moments.. We fall down but remember to always get up! ((Donnie McClurkin)) good luck on your path with God. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  23. @temps: Thank you man. 😉 I really don’t know what the explanation is behind that….. the one thing that I know kept me from nice guys is that I have always been that super nice girl. I guess I wanted to live that rap life with the nice girl and the THUG. lol (so corny, I know now). The bad guy added a lil excitement to my predictive life.

    The other thing was growing up, I was never that girl that the bad boys wanted (the bad, gorgeous chick)… once I grew into my face (or whatever. lol), I wanted something that I’d never had before.

  24. @liryc: Thanks for the visit mami and don’t be a stranger around here. I agree, when reminiscing about the old days, we often have a covering, of sorts, over the negative stuff.

    And thank you for your prayers… I’m praying for you too!! 😉

  25. Cuzzo Says:

    I wanna go back to the year 2002 – I want the whole d@mn year back. It was such an awesome time.

  26. @Cuzzo: Can we say I’d like to have Junior year of high school back??? So I can make better college decisions?

    What’s your best memory of 2002?

  27. Cuzzo Says:

    OMG where do I begin….

    I lost my “baby weight” and got A LOT of attention from the mens’es. I was pulling dudes left and right.

    I may have blocked all the bad stuff, lol, cuz there was a dude somewhere in there what was just bad bad bad for my life.

  28. Got you… Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting that back at all!!!! And trust, we’ve all blocked out some. lol.

  29. Damon Says:

    @nicki: sorry I didn’t read this two days ago … but this is so me and my not-so-super ex-girlfriend. lol. You probably can pick that up.

    My advice to you: Look at the situation objectively and determine whether ol’ dude does you more good that bad. If he does … there’s a reason that you want that old thing back …

    If he does more bad that good … your prescription is a drug. Raise your hand if you have the latter …. *raises hand* … you need to dip out, but Drive Slow, homey. “Put them hazard lights on when you see them …”

    That’s what letter No. 38 is really about. Maybe you’ll peep this advice. Maybe not. I know, it’s as random as your post. lol.

  30. Thank you Damon! I’m checking out that post now… believe me, I have no plans of calling that nutjob up. lol

  31. […] emails of catching up, it became clear that she was looking for me because was trying to get that old thing back. Somehow, I came to her mind and she reached out. All of her responses to me overtly implied that […]

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