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I Can Do Bad All By Myself April 6, 2009

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Have you ever been a relationship where you feel like you like the person, but it’s just not working?

You know they have that one little thing they do that is so minuscule but it drives you absolutely insane…for example…he’s always talking about how good he looks or she’s never trying to make herself better…just stagnating.

And deep down inside your heart, you know that if you left this person alone or they left you alone then everything will just be so much better?

What do you do in these instances? Do you stay and try to work it out? Make their life hell until they live you alone or do you just bounce?

And if everything gets to be tight and to the right then do you continue on with the relationship?


15 Responses to “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”

  1. Britt Says:

    My motto is I can do GREAT all by myself. To answer your question, if it’s one minuscule thing then I work past it. Knuckleheads are plentiful, but a good one that you actually enjoy is hard to find.

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    First i check myself..nobody ever wants to own that it could be them…and then i bounce..nobody ever wants to own that it could be YOU WITH THEM. is too short to deal with nonesene.

  3. temps Says:

    I was supposed to be a “60’s” baby or at least early 70’s. My mom and dad were married-but when I came finally in 76 something happend-she kicked him out-9 joints later they were divorced. For my mother what was at stake (me) was too risky to leave it up to a wishy-washy dude. So nevermind what it could be asses it for what it BE right now. How does that body of work compared to your expecatations? My moms couldnt wait for that answer she expected her son to have a certain life and she also expected as a married woman a certain life. But the lesson I learned when that life “wasnt happening” she adjusted perhaps (the Ego is a nag)unwillingly but she did. I say “do bad by yourself”…I caused James to drop out and James then went and got his college degree. Besides teh other side is ugly-30+ yr old women having some lame dudes kids he breaks soon as kid is born, despite shorty having a degree you wonder just how can someone so full of talent be so gullible at such a mature age.

  4. mjw0808 Says:

    Once again, I try to be easy going with any woman I’m dating. I demand a certain amount of attention and that’s usually all I need from my woman. If Im getting that certain amount wholeheartedly then I don’t think there would be too much else for me to complain about, so I could work through those small things that pop up. If not she can or I will kick rocks.

  5. offdwall Says:

    I press the ignore button. I become lazy in returning phone calls, setting time aside to see them, etc. I push people away long before uttering the words, “It’s over.”

  6. Jaci Says:

    @Offdwall-I don’t get that. I would rather you tell me “hey, this isn’t working” rather than have me sitting around trying to figure it out. I dunno…I guess I wouldn’t want to cause any more unnecessary hard feelings.

    @MJW-Welcome to SSSO! That’s a cool approach to it. It’s nice to see someone that isn’t requiring a woman to climb mountains for you to be a happy man.

    @temps-Because of your early life, I feel like it has given you a different kinda outlook on life and I’ll say it’s an excellent one.

    @CBG-Correct, ma’am. I don’t think you should always be totally ready to blame the person you are dating for shortcomings in the relationship. You still need to be asking would I date myself.

    @Britt-Yes girl! You sure can do great by yourself. I’m glad to see another woman who doesn’t need a man around to feel validated, but they do make nice company 😉

  7. Junior Says:

    Everything should be given a shot. I think you owe it to that person to at least confront them with your feelings, and see whether there is anything that can be done to remedy the situation. However, after a reasonable effort is made, and a reasonable amount of time has past, it can become quite evident that its time to go ahead and let things go.

    I definitely see no point in trying to make anyone’s life uncomfortable, that is energy that can be better spent improving myself, or finding someone new. As CBG said, life is too short, its not even worth it.

  8. I leave. lol.. I don’t have patience so I jump ship. 😉

  9. Cuzzo Says:

    I stands what stands til I can’t stands no more – adapted from Popeye

  10. offdwall Says:

    @Jaci: It’s because I’m a punk when it comes to hurting women. LOL I mean, I LOL’d but that is seriously the case. I am a sucker for a woman’s tears, so I let her do the breaking up in those instances where I know she’s really into me, but for some reason, I’m just not as into her. But it’s not like I’m hard to read… my actions make it clear, and I don’t lie when asked point blank “what’s goin’ on?”

    But I will agree that is not the optimal way to end things, but again, I’m a punk for a woman’s feelings.

  11. @Ooff: “But I will agree that is not the optimal way to end things, but again, I’m a punk for a woman’s feelings.”

    I can appreciate your honesty about that.

    I don’t like to end things officially, so I just change my number or avoid calls. lol

  12. cuzzo Says:


    hmph! and double hmph @ you.

    you’re saying you’re a punk for a woman’s feelings but not really because you’re putting her through more psychological turmoil as you just scurry away into your punk hole.

    (venting, venting, venting)


    “I don’t like to end things officially, so I just change my number or avoid calls.”


    not you too? I only avoid the calls (never had to change my number) AFTER I’ve told the person that I don’t want them, it ain’t gone work, don’t waste your time, the fat lady sang, that ship has sailed, we can’t be lovers OR friends, kick rocks (nah I wouldn’t say that). ..or something to that effect so that there is closure. I would expect the same.

  13. @Cuzzo: I promise. I am SUCH a punk for confrontation.. I suck at it… and I pray that I get better with this bc it honestly does suck of me.

  14. cuzzo Says:

    @ Nicki

    you are a horrible horrible person and I will pray for you

    😉 lol

  15. @Cuzzo: lol. But I still appreciate prayers. That is a cutie in the picture with you!

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