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21 Questions…… April 15, 2009

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I’ve been swamped at work and the only real free time that I’ve had to myself is the train ride to and fro work. It is in these times that I sit or stand crunched up against a dirty train window and ponder life’s most difficult questions. I’ve answered most of em but here are the ones that still bother me.



1.       Why in God’s good name did Michael Vick Purchase a Benz for 99,000 just to drive himself to Jail and spend a total of 201,840 on the day he was incarcerated? WTF

2.       Why is almost every early 90’s rap video appear to take place in a cold setting?

3.       Why are all black movies rated poorly on

4.       What happened to chipped cable boxes? (I remember back in the day I could always count on one of my boys coming to my house to view all of the latest ppv, boxing, wrestling, movies and porn…but I guess the internet is the new chip)

5.       Am I the only person who is completely bugged out, when someone behaves one way towards you, then they completely do something which is totally inconsistent with their past behavior or character?

6.       What the fuck are the infamous Killa Tapes that Raekwon was asking Method Man about on Wu Tang: 7th Chamber off Wu Tang’s First album Enter the Wu Tang 36 Chambers? For 15 years I’ve literally had no clue WTF he’s talking about?

7.       Not referring to anything specific, but Is the high even worth it if “whatever reach the skies, must touch the ground”?

8.       Am I the only person who never noticed that Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus all have there own exclusive items from different brands. I’ve seen sh*t in Bloomies and Macy’s that have never appeared anywhere else?

9.       Why the hell are Entourage episodes only 30 minutes?

10.    I need a good movie to watch…..any recommendations?

11.    Why does everyone think that Floyd Mayweather should fight Manny Pacquiao just because Pacquiao managed to make a washed up Oscar De la Hoya’s career “fade in to Bolivia” (I know it’s oblivion, No Mike Tyson) (I’m going to smack the next person I hear say this, Floyd will destory that little muthafucka and make the fight look boring).

12.    Why the hell is Walmart still selling the Iphone for $99? I guess it’s value has now been diminished…..

13.    Am I the only person who loved how Dr. Dre would just let Jewel riff at the end of the songs…..(See the end of bitches ain’t shit)

14.    How many MC’s Must Get Dissed? (sorry that black moon shit is now playing in my itunes right now)

15.    Why do I have the sudden urge to trick this week? Is it because it’s getting closer to the gf’s bday? It ain’t trickin if you got it right?

16.    Why is that I’ve just begun to realize how naive I’ve been in the past and how much people’s actions show you who they really are?

17.    What’s wrong with people? I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything more trifling than what I’ve witnessed last week. I never thought I could give a friend a 120 dollar ticket to the game, only to have them bitch over when they were going to get their 12 dollars back for the parking garage when they already owe me $50 bones for helping them get back on their job. SMH. This is reason 2393977 I really don’t like many people.

18.    Based on another totally unrelated situation, what do my actions say about me? Let’s just say I wish I could go back in time and smack my self for my actions….
Why is there nothing like popping tags? There’s nothing like having fresh draws, fresh socks, fresh wife beaters and wearing them for the first time. I totally understand why Dame Dash was throwing them away after one wear, despite the fact that it was ridiculously stupid. The more I think about it, Dame dash is a clown in every sense of the word..

19.    Does anyone know a hot jeweler other than Jacob? I think it’s about time I get a chain in my life.

20.    Why is that people put music on their websites/myspace page? As if I don’t already have my music playing on my computer and they actually have good music taste.

21. How the hell can a correctional officer (Rick Ross) and a deaf girl (Foxy Brown) be the 09 Bonnie and Clyde?

Do any of you have the answers to these? It would definitely make my life better if I can read them on my treo on the way to work. Also, feel free to let me know about what’s on your mind too.



7 Responses to “21 Questions……”

  1. Satya Says:

    3. I’ve wondered about imdb’s rating for a while. who does them?
    10. Harlem Nights, Pelican Brief,Cadillac Records, Boz in the Hood, most Laurence fishburn flicks
    20. lol i’m guilty of putting tracks on my myspace page b\c yes my music taste is superior to my friends that are my age. young bucks don’t know about the good stuff

  2. Jaci Says:

    I am unsure of most of your questions. Lol…

    I need to know why men haven’t gotten their ish straight by the time they are 40? I mean you’re well past infant at that so what gives?!

    I also need to know why women will walk out of the house looking any kinda way? I mean can’t you take the scarf off? Comb your hair? Maybe wash your face? Eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara go a loooong way.

    Ok…that’s it for now but you know how I roll 😉

  3. Dr. J Says:

    #3 – Most Black movies, let’s be real… are not original. They also aren’t made from the same mold or BUDGET, that some of our white counterparts have.
    #5 – Smoke them out for the scoundrel that they are.
    #8 – I was in NYC and needed a shirt to go out, so I was like i’ll just hit a dept. store and cop something real quick. Someone took me to Bloomingdales… minutes later I was like, Jesum Crow! This is some expensive ass dept store ish. I think the dept. stores are just like Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic or Scion, Toyota and Lexus.
    #10 – Check out Deception, sort of like Derailed with a twist. If not that, any Guy Ritchie movie is a good look.
    #17 – ROTFLMAO
    #21 – I like Murda Musik. However, re: Officer Ricky, when’s the last time you heard bout a correctional officer who wasn’t corrupt? I’m still seeing a disconnect between the C.O. job and that making Ross less credible.

  4. One, Humble One Says:

    1. For the same reasons he is in jail

    2. Its the realness son.

    3. I’ve wondered about this miyself. Most black movies don’t get good ratings.

    4. I don’t know about cable but with satellite they killed the game. I use to be able to get everything with a programmed card.

    5. No. I feel the same way.

    6. The killer tape is the movie The Killer. A John Woo movie. A very good movie.

    7. as far as herbs? yes

    8. No you’re not. Also the stores own line of clothes aren’t too bad either

    9. I’ve been b***hing about this for a while. This show deserves a hour.

    10. IDK

    11. I agree. I think Pacquio and Hatten will be a good fight.

    12. They are refurbished iPhones

  5. Peyso Says:

    @1H1- 2. why is it so real to be cold?
    12. O snap, stop playing?

  6. Britt Says:

    @ 17 – He deserves a swift kick in the arse.

  7. inakeS Says:

    Poppin’ tags and the smell of a new pair of sneakers are two of life’s greatest gifts……

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