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I know what boys like…… (or do I?) May 10, 2009

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These types of articles catch my attention pretty often.  I’m always looking for ways to make or keep my man happy or what he would even like. These tips came from


Number 10

She goes for the heart through the stomach

All that fluffy talk about the sensuality of food contains morsels of truth, especially when the sweaty, apron-clad woman making it is doing so purely for your benefit. And it won’t just be the kitchen that’ll heat up if you start feeding each other with your hands. So eat up and enjoy. If you thank her the right way, you might even get out of doing the dishes.

Number 9

Her nipples stand up, and she lets them show

Jennifer Aniston’s permanently erect nipples were one of the only things that made watching Friends tolerable for dutiful boyfriends across North America. Breasts are like ice cream sundaes to men, and the mind-blowing hint of hard nipples isn’t just the cherry: It’s more like the whip cream, the chocolate sauce, the chopped nuts, the caramel sprinkles, and the cherry on top. They’re a sneak preview of what lies beneath, and they fill our heads with delicious imagery. So take off the damn sweater , please.

Number 8

She gives us the look

Most guys give just about every girl they come across the cursory once-over, but when that gaze is returned with a sultry, suggestive look, let’s just say it immediately causes a tingling sensation “down there.” With one such subtle glance, all the built-up stress and tension of the hunt is released. It confirms everything that was hoped for and gives the green light to swoop in for the kill. And nothing is hotter than that.

Number 7

She puts on lip gloss

Women think men love the soft, shiny lips that result from wearing lip gloss . In reality, we just love watching them put it on. In fact, why hasn’t someone made a three-hour DVD devoted to girls applying lip balm, lipstick or anything else of that ilk? The head slyly tilted back, the mouth just slightly agape, the eyes closed — what isn’t sexy about that image?


Number 6

She dresses down

Give any girl a platinum card and six hours in front of a mirror, and she’ll end up looking fantastic. But the real test (along with the real turn-on) is how a woman looks without designer jeans or makeup. If a girl can look downright hot in her laidback duds, it speaks to her natural beauty and shows that she has the capacity to be low maintenance. You can keep your Calvin Klein- and M.A.C-aided diva; I’ll take the casual cutie with her hair tucked into a bun, bralessly wearing a worn-out shirt.

Number 5

She talks blue out of the blue

No one likes a potty mouth. In fact, it’s kind of a turnoff when a girl drops nonstop F-bombs. But when a normally prim and proper young lass loses herself in the moment and let’s something downright nasty slip from her mouth, it can crank the heat up to dizzying levels.

Number 4

She hits the gym

Maybe it’s the skimpy shorts and sports bras. Or it could be the grunts and labored, sweaty breathing. It may even be the litany of compromising exercises that get women bent into a breathtaking array of flexibility-testing positions. Whatever the reason, women somehow manage to turn a trip to the gym into a hot and heavy foreplay session. At least they did until some prude came up with “women only” gyms, and robbed men of the only reason they had to go in the first place.


Number 3

She gets close to a friend on the dance floor

Two girls grinding on the dance floor is a lot like wrestling: Even though you know it’s all fake, you still can’t help but like it. It doesn’t take a study by Kinsey to figure out why men are blown away by this sight. Sweaty, drunk girls groping each other, the air charged with sexual energy ‑- and it’s not even happening on DVD! Inevitably, some doughhead will ruin it for everyone by trying to sneak into the middle, but can you really blame him?

Number 2

She gives a sneak peek at the goods

Men are very easily visually aroused — that’s why porn is a multi-billion-dollar industry. So catching an unintended glimpse of a girl’s “unmentionables” immediately gets the hormones flowing. Catching a peek at a lacy thong or watching the seductive trip of a dress strap as it fortuitously slips off a shoulder can do more for the libido than the raunchiest full frontal ever could.

Number 1

She suggests watching something dirty

Most men aren’t particularly proud of their porn obsession (pornographers are just so good at marketing it to us!). So it goes without saying that having a girl suggest a “blue movie” is as big a relief as it is a turn-on. Who doesn’t get charged up watching beautiful professionals pleasuring each other while doing some pleasuring of their own? Dirty flicks also provide lots of great ideas and suggestions (along with a bit of penis envy) and can keep things super-steamy for hours. Bonus: You can watch her searching for the right movie at the store for a glimpse into those closet ideas she isn’t quite ready to reveal yet.


What do you think- guys, do you agree? Do you have anything to add to the list?  Women, are these things that you do or will start doing?


33 Responses to “I know what boys like…… (or do I?)”

  1. Shawnta` Says:

    Interesting post, Nicki. Thanks for sharing.

    Of course not all men can be grouped into this list but as far as my husband goes, I agree with #10, #6 & #5.

    #10 – I love & enjoy cooking (it relaxes me). My husband enjoys my cooking & even makes frequent requests for certain dishes or if we have something out that he really likes, he tells me I should try making it at home. Home cooked meals really do make him happy.

    #6 – I’ve always had trouble with this. I am a girly girl & I love dressing up. Although I don’t wear much makeup (in fact, hardly any aside from lip gloss and a touch of mascara), I was guilty of never dressing down. My husband & I dated for a long time before we got engaged and he would tell me all the time that I needed to dress down more. He loved seeing me dressed down. I am much more comfortable w/being dressed down than I used to be & I must admit, I do feel just as beautiful dressed down as I do dressed up.

    #5 – Me cussing every now & then is one thing but all the time would drive my husband crazy. This is definitely something I had to work on because I used to curse much more often than I do now…not so much so that I would put the proverbial sailor to shame but enough.

    **I’m interested in reading whether any of the yo-yos would add anything to or subtract anything from this list.

  2. Jon H Says:

    Pretty accurate list there. I would say 10, 8 ,6 and 4 most accurate for the majority of guys I know.

  3. Hey Jon! Welcome to SSSO and thanks for commenting!!! I need to work on my number 4. 😉

    @Shawnta’: I’m working on my sailor mouth. lol. And about the dress down thing… I dated a guy once and he had a fit because I one day, I didn’t have on makeup and I had on jogging pants, which is out of character for me. What shocked me with my current man, is that I had on no makeup, hair wrapped up in a scarf, and pajamas and he still called me beautiful. That’s love.

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “Number 4

    She hits the gym”

    I think there might be something to this one. I think men like women who also have a certain amount of stamina or not sure whats up with this. Fascinating stuff.

  5. thecomebackgirl Says:

    stamina or endurance on gym equipment that is.

  6. Comeback: maybe it is bc a man likes a woman who can challenge him? It will inspire him to do better.

  7. miss t-lee Says:

    Oh they love the ol’ number 1….lmao!!!
    Even better if you have a few in your collection already.
    I think the rest of the list in on point.

  8. Shawnta` Says:

    @CBG – You’re right; #4 is a hit with the guys. Clarifying the stamina & endurance bit…funny. 🙂

    @Nicki – Yes, it is love when a man can still see your beauty even when dressed down and not trying to “look” beautiful because of course beauty is from the inside out. Looking beautiful & being beautiful are two different things and it sounds like you have both under control!

  9. Shawnta` Says:

    #3 – Really? Craziness. LOL.

  10. @miss t: I guess I better get on my game bc I have none in my collection. I do have some suggestive books though.

    @Shawnta: Thanks girlie!

    And I agree about that #3.. that’s one that I am NOT gonna be able to do. lol

  11. peyso Says:

    #10 – I like it because I like to eat, real simple. If my girl can cook for me, why go anywhere else? Plus it shows she can take care of me.
    #9 – Unless we’re in the house or something, cover them joints up. I dont want everyone else seein my goodies.
    #8 – True.
    #7 – I think this one is just stupid.
    #6 – I believe Drake said it best “Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on, Thats when your the prettiest, I hope that you don take it wrong”
    #5 – I like it.
    #4 – I want a girl who cares about her health just like I do. And sometimes sweat is sexy.
    #3 – Naw, doesnt really do it for me. Unless I know for sure, they would be down for me hopping in, in the bedroom that is.
    #2 – This is true, but does this deserve to be on the list.
    #1 – Naw, not really.

  12. @Peyso: So do you like lip gloss at all? I’ve heard that some men have a problem with our lip dressings.

  13. Shawnta` Says:

    @Nicki: What gripes have you heard about lip dressings? Do share. 🙂

  14. Junior Says:

    I have to agree with Peyso, i really dont’ want the girl who is going to be put on display like Rihanna and Cassie were over this past weekend. I’ll PASS! I do wish more women would cook though. I think they have become a dying breed because lord knows when dating, there were TONS of times somehow I ended up being the one who was cooking!

  15. “@Nicki: What gripes have you heard about lip dressings? Do share.”

    @Shawta: I have heard that a man cannot stand to kiss a woman with lip gloss or lipstick on. Now, lipstick I understand, bc it tastes weird, but lipgloss??? There are so many flavors out now.

  16. “I do wish more women would cook though. I think they have become a dying breed because lord knows when dating, there were TONS of times somehow I ended up being the one who was cooking!”

    @Junior: I agree with this too…. a lot of women will NOT get into the kitchen.

    Not to brag, (oh yes I am), I barbequed for the family yesterday for Mother’s Day, which was my first time and it was great.

    I think a woman knowing how to cook is also good for the long term. Who wants to raise their kids on fast food?

  17. Britt Says:

    This list is cute and hilarious. It’s obvious that most men’s mags and websites are geared towards men of a certain persuasion, but most of it is probably universal.

  18. peyso Says:

    i dont have a problem with lip gloss at all. I often kiss my girl for the sole purpose of moisturizing my lips. its just, i dont get off on watchin her put it on though

  19. Got it Peyso.

    “its just, i dont get off on watchin her put it on though” THis is one of those things that Britt was referring to methinks… I don’t think it’s so much for our men.. Neither is the dancing on the dancefloor with her friend.

  20. Rob Says:

    Regarding #6: – – – HAIR NOT INCLUDED! When my wife’s around the house in bball shorts, a wife beater and shoeless (or just in my long sleeve button up halfway unbuttoned)that’s hot . . . but the hot can be cooled off like a bucket of water thrown on a candle stick if that head is a mess. Hey it’s just me.

    Regarding #4: – – – If it ain’t tight, It ain’t right! My wife and I go to a bootcamp class every week. She thinks I love it cause I’ve loss 12lbs since doing so ( . . . I mean that’s cool) but it’s really because I get to sit behind her in class watching her do squats and dolphin push ups. She always asks why I stay on the second row and never come to the front row. I say more room on the second row. But really . . . . It’s the view baby!

    Regarding #3: – – – Nope. Prefer you come do the sexy stripper dancing on me instead but make sure we go sit down in the booth afterwards so I can not be caught with the stiffy or have to do the belt buckle tie down described by Peyso in a previous post. And Ladies, be weary, you don’t want your guy looking at your hot ass girlfriend on that level, he’s working hard enough already to not look at her when she picks you up for girls night out.

    Regarding #1: – – – Only cool if Porn get’s you randy! However, if you get slippery watching Zane’s Sex Chronicles vs. Jake Steed, we’d prefer you auto dvr Skinemax! (. . .and Ladies if you know who Jake Steed is. . .oooh you Nasty! [singing the video’s theme song, ” Iiii Love Jake Steed”]. LOL

  21. “I say more room on the second row. But really . . . . It’s the view baby!”

    @Rob: I think it’s sweet. It shows that you still find your wife s3xy and yaw still have that young thing going on.

  22. Junior Says:

    @ Britt LMAO I STARTED TO SAY THE EXACT SAME THING, but I referred to #2 post down and kept my thoughts to myself, but I know what you were about to say LMAO!

  23. Bamer15 Says:

    #4 : Mmmm…mmmmm can’t help myself.

    #9 : I can handle that a little and it definitely turns me on..

    Nice little list, but could be refined a bit. 🙂

  24. @Bamer: I was wondering about #9. Are there women who displays them proudly. From a woman, whose moutain peaks poke through on a 24/7 basis, I hide it CONSTANTLY. I think it’s gross. lol

  25. miss t-lee Says:

    (. . .and Ladies if you know who Jake Steed is. . .oooh you Nasty! [singing the video’s theme song, ” Iiii Love Jake Steed”]. LOL


  26. Cheekie Says:

    Interesting list. #10, #8, #6, and #5 are all ones I’ve heard the most and think are actually effective.

    Especially the dressing down one. One Saturday I was taking a walk and this dude actually followed me in his car and just as I was about to enter my building he parked in front of the building, got out and said, “Excuse, me can I talk to you for a minute?” and then came and told me, “I saw you walking, and thought I should approach you” or something to that effect. After chatting and exchange digits, I looked at myself up and down and figured I looked a hot mess. If I’m stopping traffic wearing some sweats and my hair pulled back, that makes me feel good. Makes me think, “Hell, imagine if you saw me in a dress, heels, and my hair did”.

    I dig number 5, too. I actually don’t cuss in everyday convo (in fact, some folks may say I don’t at all). I only use it when appropriate (aka when it sounds better) and/or when I’m really angry, which isn’t often since I’m laid back.

    The gym thang? Well, I think this applies to females as well. As much as they like looking at us, I like looking at them get all sweaty and in shape, too.

    @Nicki, I also heard the gripes about lip gloss. I think some dudes don’t like kissing us with it because it’s sticky.

  27. No. Says:

    I hate my lady’s lip gloss. If she even pecks me it seems to leave a film over that area. I love porn and I love a girl who loves porn. Number 9 is the greatest thing ever.

  28. ” I think some dudes don’t like kissing us with it because it’s sticky”

    @Cheekie: I agree… and IMHO, MAC leave white in the corners.

    “If she even pecks me it seems to leave a film over that area. ”

    LMAO. And sometimes our gloss has sparkles in them… very hard to get off.

  29. Dr. J Says:

    My neck is actually tired from nodding in agreement with this list. All ten turned me on just reading this article.

  30. Shawnta` Says:

    @Nicki: Thanks for the info. I completely understand men not wanting to kiss when there is glitter in the gloss/lipstick. My husband doesn’t even like the really strong mint gloss from Bath & Body Works. It’s funny because I love wearing it and he likes the effect but he doesn’t like the taste. He claims it makes his lips burn. LOL!

  31. “He claims it makes his lips burn. LOL!”

    @Shawnta’: I know what he means.. I wear Victoria’s Secret gloss and they have some minty stuff which leaves your lips oily and tingly..but it is sweet if you decide to kiss him with it on.

  32. Britt Says:

    @ No – R.I.P. to the Pimp!!!

  33. Streetz Says:


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