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A Hump Day Rant…. May 13, 2009

Filed under: Single Sisters On... — peyso @ 9:03 pm

As I sit here in this miserable unit meeting, I realized that there are things that make me want to fight and kill people, especially little brown babies. This is different from the “What Really Grinds my Gears” post I did a few months ago. This post is made up of strictly things that make me want to eat small puppies, miniature poodles to be specific. Without further ado…..


I realized that I hate meetings. Meetings are generally stupid. They reduce my intelligence to a level where I can no longer think of many adjectives, outside of the word “stupid”, that really capture how I feel about them. I cannot remember which famous CEO said it, (either Steve Jobs or Nolan K. Bushnell) but he said that meetings are what you do when you could be doing work. Instead of sitting in this meeting, I’ve could have been doing actual work. You could have emailed me your poorly put together PowerPoint presentation, especially since you’re just going to read what is there on the damn page.


I am the youngest person in my unit by at least 15 years. Please note that I am in a unit that has the oldest average age among the agency. Average age across the agency is 36 years old. Average age of my unit is 54. Do not get me wrong, these old folks, for the most part, are nice people. But at what point should some of these folk retire? It makes me angry that I am forced to work with people who legitimately do not know how to do a mail merge or that the squiggly red lines under a misspelled word in Microsoft Word will not print. These folk need to retire so that some young folk that do not have jobs can. They have taken more days off as a unit then any other unit in the agency. Just sapping up all the agency money for their old people pills.


I hate people with babies who insist on travelling during the morning rush hours. No one told you to have that baby. It makes me want to push you and that lil snot nose on the tracks. There is barely enough room for the 5’1, 110lb Asian chick who just squeezed in. Why are you upset that no one made room for you and your Maclaren stroller? (Side note: Have you seen the size of them things? They are like the mack trucks of stroller.) Then when you do make room for you and your ugly baby, you don’t get out of the way when everyone is trying to get off of the train. I promise you that if this happens again, I will run through you and that mack truck of a baby carriage.

Lastly, if your metro card doesn’t work, get out of the way and let me go through the turnstile. Your card isn’t broken; you just swear there’s another $2 on that card. But there isn’t so move out of the way. I WILL KICK YOU THROUGH THE TURNSTILE.


Smoking while walking down the street.

Honking your car horn for no good reason.

Do you feel the same way about these issues? Do you wanna rant? Shoot!


27 Responses to “A Hump Day Rant….”

  1. Jaci Says:

    What I wanna rant is lying @$$ trifling men.

    Then I wanna rant about women who don’t know the meaning of yaya-dom.

    When that’s done I wanna rant about why it’s like…illegal to kill.

    Some DNA doesn’t need to exist.

  2. Jaci Says:

    OK and then they wanna try to fix it and wrap it up all pretty.

    Hmm…let’s see how this goes.

  3. My rants:

    1. I’m sick of the nosey lady at my job. I grind my teeth talking to her. STOP stopping in my doorway and STOP offering me food.

    2. I’m sick of hearing about people’s drama. TIRED.

    3. I’m sick of people telling me things and telling me, “U have to promise you won’t say nothing.” Dude, I have a right to defend my honor or confront the issue, don’t I? Why do I need a middle man?

    4. I’m sick of school and being bored at the job. I need a career already.

  4. J Money Says:

    Here are my “Kill Yo Self” Awards (not literally)…

    1. I would like to send a mad “Kill Yo Self” to all managers who try to manage their careers more than manage their team. If we fail then you fail and the same goes for if we succeed. I thought managers were also suppose to help the people under them develop and get to their next level. Guess I was wrong. So to all those bosses “Kill Yo Self”.

    2. I am tired of the paternity test over the radio. Don’t get me they can be funny at times, okay a lot of the time. But seriously the people on Maury are bad enough but you are doing it on the radio…”Kill Yo Self”.

    3. My last Kill Yo Self moment is to the people who don’t know what they want but don’t tell the other person. Man if you wanna be a playa and do your thang then be up-front about it. Ladies if you don’t know if you want a relationship right now then say so from the jump. Don’t string people along until you make up your mind. Playing with people emotions is like playing with they money. All be dang if I go to work for 40 hours and someone tell me “Well after all your hard work we have decided that we really don’t wanna pay you!”…What?? So to all you all I say “Kill Yo Self” TWICE.

  5. Shawnta` Says:

    The things that really drive me cuckoo right now are:

    The song “Turn My Swag On” & the video for this song. It makes me want to jump out of a window everytime I hear it. I can’t turn the station or channel fast enough when it comes on. Kiss Me Through the Phone is up there too. Craziness.

    Loud ring tones in intimate or professional places (restaurants, business meetings, church, etc).

    I’ll post again if I think of more.

    @peyso: I like the honorable mention of smoking while walking down the street.

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “I realized that there are things that make me want to fight and kill people”

    DAYUM son thats serious!!! LOL…

    i dont know if i have any of those.

  7. peyso Says:

    @ CBG – You’re lucky. Everyday I have to pull a woo sah and prevent myself from murdering someone.

    @ Shawnta – I cant rock with u on the Soulja Boy. Them 2 tracks right there go in but in 2 different ways. I think the Kiss Me through the Phone is a semi age appropriate song for a 16yo. And the Turn My Swag On Remix gets me pumped, except I dont turn my swag on b/c I never turn it off.

  8. thecomebackgirl Says:

    “@ CBG – You’re lucky. Everyday I have to pull a woo sah and prevent myself from murdering someone.”

    ok wait..i have one..but im not fixin to kill or fight anyone over it…but people who LOOK for conspiracies and shyt out the gate…that gets me. But I think its also funny too.

  9. ashbunnie Says:

    Blood boilers:

    -People asking me for a cig. These shits are expensive. Find your local loosey spot and leave me be.
    -People who want to hold conversations with me when I’m clearly into my music. Hence the headphones.
    -Old people who begin their sentences with “you young folk”. Just because your old doesn’t not mean I don’t know shit. I know plenty.
    -People who refuse to move after you’ve said excuse me countless times. Thus them getting shoved.
    -& lastly, people who sneeze/cough and don’t cover their damn face. Allergies or swine flu, I don’t give a flying fuck, cover your damn pie hole.
    I concur with your rants as well peyso.

  10. Shawnta` Says:

    @Peyso: To each his/her own…you can have Soulja Boy Tellem. 🙂 And I hear you on never turning your swag off.

    @CBG: Conspiracy theorists are funny…and SERIOUS about their conspiracies. I can be a CT as much as the next person (on certain things) but it’s funny how some CTs think you’re part of the conspiracy just because you don’t buy into their conspiracy theory.

    @Ashbunnie: I agree with you about the people who don’t move when you say excuse me but what’s even worse are the people who KNOW they’re in the way, see you coming before you’re right on top of them and forced to say excuse me and they STILL don’t move. I swear…I feel like getting my Mr. Clark on with a megaphone and shouting “STAY TO THE RIGHT, PEOPLE!!!”

  11. peyso Says:

    @ Shawnta and Ashbunnie – Ya should get bigger so that you can just run right through them

  12. ashbunnie Says:

    @Shawnta: LOL @ Joe Clark. You be him with the megaphone, I’ll walk around with a bat “Used to call me crazy Joe. Now they call me Batman”. LMAO

  13. J Money Says:

    @ Peyso: I agree Turn My Swag On is the business! It is not the greatest but it is catchy. I have turned some people on to it who didn’t like it at first.

    @ Shawnta: I feel u on the ringtones. I hate ringtones period. You 1.99 or more for a snippet of a song and most of the time people phone be on vibrate bc they don’t want no one to hear the songs on their phone.

  14. Hugh Jazz Says:

    All I have to say about meetings is this:

    People who take all day at the ATM: It should be a 30 second transaction. Before you walk up to/drive up to the ATM, you should know the transaction you are going to make, and about how much money is in your account. So why is it that some people take three to four minutes? Some people stare at the machine with their mouths agape, saying, “I know I have more money than what this machine is telling me!” The machine has no reason to lie, you really don’t have as much money as you thought. Even if your balance is wrong, the machine isn’t going to care; go to your bank and talk to a live person! Get the f*$k out the way! I want to kick these people in the shins with steel-toe construction boots!

  15. Shawn Smith Says:

    Damn Peyso, why you got to hate on the poodles.

    What I hate:

    -People that just walk up and want to play with the dogs while we are walking.
    -People that drive side by side on a two lane road when they clearly see that they are holding up traffic.
    -Soulja Boy
    -Songs that the radio over plays ….Blame it on the A AA AAA aww just shut the F up.
    -Being stuck in traffic. Why do you have to stare when someone gets a ticket.
    -People going crazy over the latest thing: Nevo, KFC’s grilled chicken, free food at Denny’s.
    -People that don’t read and can’t follow simple instructions.
    -The Chinese food samplers at the mall (Hell naw I don’t want any Bourbon Chicken)
    -People that say “lite ice” when placing a drink order at a fast food place.
    -People that walk slow and talk in a narrow walkway.

  16. Cuzzo Says:

    Peyso – calm yo @ss down. As someone who has to travel often with a baby (well toddler)…I don’t bring the stroller anymore just cause it’s a hassle…I must say I’ll travel at whatever the hell time I wanna travel. I don’t have to travel at rush hour and try not to cause it’s just more comfortable for me and my child. But there are people that may have to travel at that time, maybe to get to daycare so they can go to work and be productive members of society.

    “No one told you to have that baby.” No one told your parents to have you either. But yet, here you are…

  17. peyso Says:

    @ Cuzzo – You are correct they may be on their way to day care or whatever, but have the common courtesy to fold up that stroller or tie that little sucker to your back or something. Dont run your stroller up on my legs when you roll it on the train. Dont prevent me from exiting the train because you wanna stand near the doors. When I say excuse me dont look at me stupid b/c you think I should find a different way to get off of the train. If you wanna ride the train like everyone else, you follow the same rules too

  18. Cuzzo Says:

    I didn’t really have a rant…til now…and it was aimed at Peyso. But, in general, folks that have a problem when my son and I get on the bus/train to travel to other states. We all paid for our tickets and you aren’t entitled to SH!T. My son is 2 and he WILL do what 2-year olds do – make noise and fidget from time to time (my boy isn’t extreme, actually well-behaved on our trips but I’m just saying I get huffs and puffs, eye rolls before we even sit down). Some people (ppl that work with/have kids) seem to be the most understanding. But ya’ll other MFer’s can kiss my @ss…you’re @ss shoulda drove or take the next bus!

    There are things we can control and things we can’t….cell phone conversations…ringtones…stank food…stank ppl…etc…are controllable and we’d hope you’d have enough courtesy to control. But, children are children, I control my child to the best of my ability and I’m not going to sit home an be a recluse to make you comfortable. I used to be one of those ppl that would say rude things like shut that baby up (not loud but just think/say that) but it’s not easy and I understand where they are coming from now.


  19. peyso Says:

    Cuzzo comin at head, we gonna have to fight.

  20. Cuzzo Says:

    @Peyso – yes, ppl can be more courteous with the stroller….I understand that and therefore don’t travel with it. I was ECSTATIC when my son didn’t need the stroller anymore. People use strollers as shopping carts too now ya know…that aint right…but sometimes necessary.

  21. Cuzzo Says:

    “Cuzzo comin at head, we gonna have to fight.”


    lol…it’s not JUST you. It’s pent up cause I travel a lot. You think I don’t wish I could just drive to avoid these damn people? It’s hard…it’s just hard…I’m over it but had to let that out.

  22. peyso Says:

    @ Cuzzo – I’m glad u got to take advantage of my entry then

  23. Cuzzo Says:

    @Peyso – oh yea…thanks…I’m taking full advantage. It’s nerve-racking every time we travel cause I’m just like I wish a mutha would say something…I got a smart @ss mouth. One time a person sent the bus company an email saying my kid was making too much noise. REALLY? What you want the driver to do? Kick us off on the highway? LOL. Yea, it can be annoying but I (the parent) am just as annoyed as you. And if I just started yelling at or smacked my kid (like some crazy ppl do) I’d be the bad guy. I can’t win.

  24. Cuzzo Says:

    OK, I’m finished.

    I’m about to get a car anyway…it’ll cost more than the bus but more comfortable…I guess.

  25. Rob Says:

    @cuzzo: please don’t smack the baby! LOL

  26. Cuzzo Says:


    lol…i don’t hit my child…in public, lol.

  27. Cynthia Says:

    I felt the same way about you when it came to working with old people, my job outside of my soon to be blog is a major utility company. I too was one of the youngest people in my department. So I would get calls and bugged all the time, with questions, how do you do this, how do you do that…and out of my fustration came a opportunity, you can do it too.

    I got tired of answering peoples questions, so what ever they wanted to know how to do , I made screen shots of how to do things and emailed it to them. Funny things is I only did that so , they would not see how annoyed I was.

    I also started keeping a log via excel spread sheet, of who, the question, the time, and what I taught them how to do.

    So when it came to performance reviews, I got a really good raise, AND a few months later they created a Training Specialist position, and I put together a book with my logs, and my screen shots and go the job! Beating out people that have been with my company for years! THEY DID TELL ME I NEEDED TO WORK ON MY PATIENCE THOUGH! LOL

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