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Dignity vs. Money May 15, 2009

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So I can across this blogger’s site a while ago… perhaps about a year when she was discussing cheating.  I have found her blogs to be very very good and her opinions to be on point. Take a look at this recent article and subscribe!! Some of you may or may not know of her she is a poster on VSB. ENJOY!!

Hoin’ Pays: The I Love Money 2 – Myammee Edition by Brown Sugar

mayammeBy now anyone who watches VH-1 reality shows knows that Myammee aka Angela Pitts won I Love Money 2. From the episode and a half I watched it seems like she played a smart game. Along with making an alliance with It and Tailor Made, Myammee was memorable for all of the lingerie she wore thorough out the show and her abject fear of getting her hair (weave) wet.

Well the lingerie wearing, weave having Ms. Pitts is $250, 000 richer and a picture perfect example of something I’ve written about before: Hoin’ Pays.

Now for those who don’t know Myammee got her VH-1 reality TV start by vying for Flavor Flav’s affection on Flavor of Love 3. Her diva ways and ability to inspire other women to hate her got her kicked off fairly early on that show, but made her eligible to appear on I Love Money 2, the show for former reality contestants from VH-1’s many dating shows.

Now I write this because I know Ms. Pitts. She graduated form FAMU and while she was there when I was there and as a graduate student in the Journalism School I was taskedmayamme2 with helping her film a portion of her exit exams (we called them Capstones) she needed for graduation. What I learned from working with Ms. Pitts was two things:

1. She’s a Bitch
2. She’s dumb as nails and either needed to marry a rich man or make those double D’s work for her.

I can see from her stint on VH-1 she chose the latter.

Prior to Ms. Pitts sojourn to what used to be a music channel she had appeared in a few music videos and regularly walked around campus with her different color weave and blue eye contacts. Now, from what I can gather she is living her dream, this is what she wanted: to be on tv, in videos, being on the cover of “gentlemen” magazines, etc. Once again I will say this is what she aspired to do.

And the cynical part of me says, who can blame her? She has made more money in a mater of weeks then most people make in a year. She gets to be on TV and have a little fame.So what if she has to show a little ass in the process? She’s rich (relatively speaking) and in this hyper-capitalistic society in which we live it doesn’t matter how you make the money just as long as you make the money.

There are so many blogs that talk about the “Regime of Bullets, Booty and Bling” and awful it is for black women. Many of the same sites go on to lament how could black women debase themselves in such a way? How could they have their ass all over the television and men’s magazines? How could they preen and exploit themselves for the world to see? Have they no shame?

mayamme3Many then go on to talk about how traitorous these black women are for behaving in such a manner and how the are a shame to the race. And you know, all of that may be true. But Myammee (and Hoopz) are $250,000 richer and New York of I Love New York fame gets $10,000 an episode on her new show for doing random odd jobs for a couple of days. They may be shameful, but they are getting paid and in a world where 65% – 85% of the black population in the States are poor or working class how can I begrudge them their success even if I don’t agree with it?

Any of us over educated black women know that a $250,000 salary ain’t the easiest to come by and most of us aren’t’ going to see one in our lifetimes. Most of us know that once we have kids (married or not) our earning potential drops like a stone. That no matter how many degrees we get we will be making less then our white counterparts and may not be making a middle class income.

So whose right here? The ladies who go to school and do what society deems acceptable and may not have the riches to show it or the ones who flash their asses and their tits and have the money to show for it?

In the end is it money or self respect that makes you sleep easy at night?


16 Responses to “Dignity vs. Money”

  1. No. Says:

    The way I see it, if she is happy, isnt physically harming herself, and has no regrets, then she made the right choice. Especially if she uses that money to put her and the people around her in a better position to do the things that they want to do.

  2. This pic of Pimp C is killing me!!! But in regards to the post I sleep easy with my self respect in tact… Im sorry my friend has a saying dont let your dignity lay beside your underwear.

  3. I don’t too much worry about these girls bc they aren’t harming me- although I do believe, if you ware going to use your body to get money, you should be educated.

    Because these images could affect our little girls, I believe it is our job as a community to build girls self esteem and enforce the importance of education. I’m sure no one tells their children, go strip/ do your best to be a contestant on the reality show, etc. The women who were successful at this were the exception and not the rule.

    I never wanted to be a millionaire in life, I just want to be able to pay bill and have no worries about anything dealing with money. I don’t need a gold plated toilet and all of those things that you may see in MTV’s Cribs, so self respect would be better for me.

  4. No. Says:

    @Rockstar, I hear you, im just saying only she knows where her dignity lies. For all we know she could be doing worse things for less in real life. Hopefully she has the common sense to know when too much is too much.

    Long live the Pimp!

  5. peyso Says:

    This coonettes on these shows dont bother me for two reasons: firstly, they getting paid using whatever God given talents and blessings to make money. Its comparable to being a professional athlete or a musician. Secondly, I am a firm believer that if a parent and not the tv raises their child, this will have no adverse effect on that child.

    Then there’s the argument that says that these women and women like them owe it to society and other girls like them to present themselves in a better light. But my question is why? Why should would hold them responsible for a society that was never held responsible for them? I think its just another example of society, black, white or other, forcing our black women to bear the burden of our transgressions.

  6. Dr. J Says:

    Myammee has never really bothered me. I mean, if that’s your vice in life to use your ASSets to get ahead then by all means go ahead. I think if I was 6’6″, I wouldn’t have paid attention in class, I would have just went to the league. So I can’t knock a female who just uses looks.

    I’m glad you said self-respect though. Because I can buy general respect, but when it’s just me alone do I respect myself? Money can’t by that. However, didn’t Lil’ Kim say, “First you get the Money, then you get the Power, then you get the mofo’ing Respect”?

  7. Shawnta` Says:

    The women who pose for these photos, shows & videos don’t bother me. To each her own. If they’re comfortable with it and can face themselves in the mirror each day, so be it.

    Self-respect helps me sleep easy at night. I agree with @Nicki, I don’t have to be wealthy (but if that happens, I won’t reject it) to sleep easy but I would like to be financially comfortable. I don’t want to stress about money. But even though I hate stressing about money (and refuse to do it), I wouldn’t resort to this for money. I’m a married woman & someday will be a mother, I wouldn’t want to bring disrespect to my husband or embarrassement to my family by posing for racy photos just for money. And in the end, I don’t think I’d like myself if I did this.

  8. Streetz Says:

    LOL @ the pimp c pic!

    I mean, the only person you have to answer to is God and yourself. If you respect yourself and what you do, who am I de gyal dem suga? to stop them? I feel Dr J on what he said too. If I was 6ft 6 and nice in a sport, would I really have been pressed about my “education”? I think I still wouldve got my degree just because I always was the good student(for the most part) so I would’ve stayed in school 4 years, but if Basketball > Corporate Job $$$ wise, yea.. Im using my physical talents.

    At the end of the day she’s a low budget model who used physical beauty to get $$$. Whats the difference between her and people who model?

  9. @NoNo- You are right…. but it still doesnt have to be glorified!

    @Nick- I agree!

    @Dr. J- Dem Lil’Kim H@3 quotes!! LOL! I feel you need to be able to look at you in the morning and be happy with what you see!

    @Shawnta- I feel you! AND I AGREE! I think about my future chirren! My bf and I talk a lot about Kim and Reggie and how it will be when/if they get married cause she has that tape out with Ray. Like how do you feel know everybody and they momma done seen you!

    @Streetz- I feel you… but just cause you got the looks dont mean you use them to wh@re out!

  10. J Money Says:

    Man she doing what she has to do to make it and get the exposure. But my thing is what is her ultimate goal. Is it acting, modeling, or what. Because it will be hard for her to be taken seriously because all her stuff has and eye-candy tag attached. Could she be a super-model, a serious actress? I don’t feel she would get to that level.

    I think once you start in that reality tv realm that they get stuck there and can’t break out of it bc they are viewed as not having real talents and just viewed used for their assets to draw viewers. But I think it is a short lived career and their mentality is get the money now and fast while u can.

  11. “But I think it is a short lived career and their mentality is get the money now and fast while u can.”

    Get your money and SAVE IT. I agree, they will not be taking serious- had they want to make a real career out of it. Eva and Tocarra from ANTM are the only ones I know doing real things right now- and then again, only Eva is acting.

  12. J Money Says:

    @Nicki – I feel u but Eva was working with professionals. I dont think ANTM is the same as Flavor of Love or I Love Money. And I don’t think Tyra would even work with a girl like her. Two totally different agendas.

  13. “@Nicki – I feel u but Eva was working with professionals. I dont think ANTM is the same as Flavor of Love or I Love Money. And I don’t think Tyra would even work with a girl like her. Two totally different agendas.”

    @J: You are right.. it’s two totally different shows. But I’m saying it’s hard for anyone to be taken seriously in the reality show set. Even some of the ANTM have moved on and become jokes. I can’t think of any advertisements or spreads I’ve seen them in after the show.

  14. Lynnette Says:

    My dignity and self respect are worth way more than what these women are getting paid. It’s easy to take off your clothes and pose for pics to make a buck. It’s easy to act a hot ghetto mess on TV shows to get attention. However, I’d rather do the extra work it takes to be successful in my career. I’d rather make my way to the top where I could have more power over my finances and my obligations. No matter how much money these women make, they will be viewed and treated like smut buckets. They will have bosses who say, shut your mouth and take off your clothes. For me, it’s not worth it. I may not make as much as these women, but I sure can sleep at night without doubting my self-worth. Afterall, what do these women do when their bodies begin to fail them??

  15. peyso Says:

    @ Lynette – I would argue that you have a talent. However, some of these women dont.

  16. Cynthia Says:

    I think you can have both! I am 2 classes away from my bachelors, and I don’t mind doing a sexy photo shoot every now and then. As long as no nudity is involved, you can do it all!

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