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Summer Jams May 22, 2009

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There are certain songs that I hear that signal the beginning of summertime for me- time for barbeques, smaller clothes and men in their basketball shorts (what is it about those shorts that are so dang’on sexy?) 

Anywho, even if I hear these songs in the winter, they make me long for the warm sunshine that is hopefully, not too far around the corner. 

How about you- which songs signal the beginning of summertime for you?

*** FYI:  We will be not be posting on Monday, May 25, 2009 to enjoy our three day weekends from work.   Enjoy your Memorial Day and be safe.  We’ll see you on Tuesday!  ***


23 Responses to “Summer Jams”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    The Gap Band – Outstanding

  2. Dr. J Says:

    Oh wow where can I begin… especially for a youngin’

    Fantasy – Mariah Carey
    Got to Give it Up – Marvin Gaye
    Before I Let Go – Frankie Beverly and Maze
    Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield
    Rumpshaker – Wreckx n Effectz
    Regulators – Warren G
    Hott in Here – Nelly
    Grindin’ – Clipse
    End of the Road – Boyz II Men
    Fiesta – R. Kelly & Jay-Z
    Hotel – Cassidy & R. Kelly (Quite possibly, my favorite)
    My Boo – Alicia Keys & Usher
    School’s Out For Summer – Alice Cooper (Had to throw this in there)

    I could go on forever, but my job won’t understand the excuse.

  3. @Shawn I love that song.

    @Dr. J: You have some hits on there as well. How could I forget Rumpshaker?

    Shake it, shake it shake it now shake it
    She can spend every birthday butt naked.


  4. Jaci Says:

    Oooh yall definitely have some wonderful songs on here. I cannot wait to hit the very first barbecue on Dad’s side that has music blasting.

    Man…I can smell that afternoon right now.

    Happy Three Day-er!

  5. Jada Says:

    NIcki I swear for Jeebus you my e-twin. Check out my gratefulness for today at CBG! I LOVE Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!

  6. Jada Says:

    Before I Let Go – Frankie Beverly and Maze

    This is a must Summer song.

    Thuggish Ruggish Bone always reminds me of Summer.

  7. Jay Boog: We are too much alike. It’s scurry… Maybe we should have been born Geminis and it’d make more sense (did I use the right Zodiac?)

    “Before I Let Go – Frankie Beverly and Maze”

    This song is like the ULTIMATE barbeque/ mixed crowd (old and young people) song.

  8. miss t-lee Says:

    Everybody Loves The Sunshine~Roy Ayers
    Summer Breeze~Isley Brothers version
    Skin Tight~Ohio Players

  9. @miss T: Summer breeze is the truth. I promise it makes me want to lay in a field of daisies- corny as it sounds.

  10. Jada Says:

    Oh yeah

    Summer Rain – Carl Thomas….lurves this summer jam.

  11. miss t-lee Says:

    @ Nicki Sunshine
    Right? Just laying on a blanket looking at clouds….aaah!

  12. @Jada: Is it just me or does that song make you want to Salsa? When it comes on the hips just get to moving. lol

  13. @miss t: Yes… that would be a perfect date for me.

  14. ashbunnie Says:

    Gap Band – Outstanding
    Marvin Gaye – Got to give it up
    Before I let go – Frankie Bev & Maze
    I concur with all of these songs.

    LL Cool J – Around the way girl
    Montell Jordan – This is how we do it

    There are many more, but I can’t for the life of me think about them.

  15. Bamer15 Says:

    Man I love Will Smith, just watched Bad Boys 2 last night as well..

    After watching that first vid you posted I could practically taste the BBQ.

  16. peyso Says:

    For some reason, I like Diamonds are Forever – Jay and Kanye.
    Anything Foxy Brown goes hard in the summer for some reason. Jay goes hard too.

  17. Cynthia Says:

    Summer time too by Fresh Prince and Lil Ghetto but.Doveshack.”Summer time in the LBC” maybe because I live in Long Beach lol

    Monday, we launch ladies, please come over and check it out! Have a wonderful holiday weekend everybody!

  18. @ashbunnie: Def. feeling the Outstanding track.

    Bamer: Mannnn, I cannot wait for a grilled Polish this weekend!

    @peyso: Foxy’s “Oh Yeah,” is my favorite.

    @Cyn: I think you are defintely showing your Cali. 😉 I have you up on our blogroll and we’ll be coming by to show you support!!!!

  19. Hugh Jazz Says:

    Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: Summertime (the quintessential summertime song. For me, my list includes:

    Any song from R Kelly’s Born in the 90’s
    Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss
    Pharell – Frontin’
    Commodores – Zoom
    Santana & Michelle Branch – The Game of Love
    MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin’
    NWA – Alwayz Into Somethin’
    Rene & Angela – Your Smile
    Selfish – Slum Village with Kanye West & John Legend

    I’m sure there are others that I’m missing.

    Cynthia: I haven’t heard the name “Dove Shack” in a decade! I completely forgot about them.

  20. Shawnta` Says:

    Hey, y’all!

    – Got to Give it Up
    – Summertime

    I also like “spring fling” songs:
    – Ghost Town DJs (LOL!) – My Boo
    – LL & Boyz II Men – Hey, Lover
    – Sage – Old Time’s Sake (is that who did this?)
    – Aaliyah – Rock the Boat

    I also like anything by Biggie and Jay-Z, Doo Wop by Lauryn Hill & Mariah Carey songs.

    @Hugh: Love Slum Village. Selfish & Tainted are faves.

  21. Shawnta` Says:

    @Cynthia: Cool. I’ll check out your blog.

  22. Shawnta` Says:

    Oh, Ice Cube’s Today was a Good Day is a popular one too.

    Another song I hear a lot (but don’t really care for) E-40’s Carlos Rossi.

  23. Hey there!

    I remember that Will Smith cut!! That was the jaaaaaaaaazam back in the day!

    And of course, the Pimp Daddies (The Isley Brothers) can never be imitated…that was back when balladeers tried to look like Super Fly….

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