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SSSO Fashion: Approved for Summer May 27, 2009

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On my of my recent trips back home to New York, I saw 3 young girls who each wore dressy clothes with flat shoes. I approve this look for what’s remaining of the spring and summer. After witnessing millions of hot messes…this look was quite refreshing. Think a more casual cocktail dress paired with skippies….think the Hills (wait no, The City) without the heels.

Who says you can’t get dressed up in the daytime? Yes, you will look more polished with a heel but for a day of city strolling, brunch with the gals, window shopping…this does it for me.

Say R.I.P to the maxi dress. Still cute, however the hood chicks OD’d and killed it.

This has been downgraded to no more than a house dress to me. Revitalize the maxi dress if you’re going to rock it:

Wear heels…not flip-flops

Accessorize up…don’t hippie it

Beware of the cling…no matter the size, the material hugs your body (that is, the most common material…some come in other non-cling)  so invest in spanx if you have not done so yet

Try a print versus the solid color

and most important….WORK IT!

The moral of the story is mix it up…try pairing a more casual shoe with a less casual dress and vice versa. An added bonus is your clothes do double duty. Ever shopped, saw something cute and said…but where am I going to wear this? Well, here’s your solution. Keep it simple, no prom dress, or club dress…use discrestion my fellow fashionistas 🙂

I have not forgotten you men. Here are your approved looks.

The overall look I like for the men is the preppy….think Hamptons….think Ralph Lauren. Buttoned down (or up…whatever you wanna call it) shirt paired with cotton shorts or pants in light or bold colors. Buttoned shirts with epaulets (tabs on the shoulders)  are uber sexy. Shorts should not be mid-thigh or mid-calf. They should be at or a little below the knee. Polo shirts are still approved as well but leaning more towards the button….polo’s are just too easy and overdone. I’m tired of plaid but it’s not a definite no-no….yet. Make sure the clothes FIT…not tight…not loose. So many guys have a problem with clothes that actually fit them well.

Put down the air force one’s, jordans, and I don’t even want to see you in any kind of mandal (man sandal – you know the kinds with the straps) and pick up something canvas. Sneaker freaks, keep it low please. You still can’t go wrong with Creative Rec’s (non-velcro strap) or ProKeds.


15 Responses to “SSSO Fashion: Approved for Summer”

  1. Bamer15 Says:


    Thanks for the man tip.. 😀

    [end comment]

  2. I am defin feeling the dress and flats. I’m still rocking my maxi (the hood girls have NOT gotten a hold of it here. They are rocking the small hoochie shorts and high top tennis shoes. What the effe?)

    I am digging the looks for the men too, those shoes are hot.

  3. Shawnta` Says:

    I love the maxi dress (and skirts too)…but I also like the shorter dresses with flats. Although I love shopping year round, Spring & Summer are my favorite seasons because the clothes are bright and more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for boots, coats & sweaters but I can get lost in sun dresses, sandals and tanks. 🙂 Thanks for the highlights.

  4. “Spring & Summer are my favorite seasons because the clothes are bright and more fun. ”

    Me too!

  5. Shawnta` Says:

    BTW, I really like that black, pink & white dress pictured above. Very cute.

  6. I’m going to rock more shorts and polo’s this summer. i don’t know about the canvas shoes though. maybe some cross trainers but no AF1’s

  7. Cynthia Says:

    Love the first 2, the patterns make my mouth water!!

  8. thecomebackgirl Says:

    I think the canvas stuff came from the MIA…dudes started rocking those shoes down there three years ago. Im fascinated how trends move up or down state, and how particularly urban males adopt or reject.

    all in all I LOVE THE DUDE LOOK.

    The first two dresses are really hot..

  9. peyso Says:

    I hate the dude look. Just wanted to put that out there. At least for me, I can never find shorts that fit. I swear if I see anyone with a popped collar, I’m gonna egg you. I think sandals can be worn by men who are 30+ (proper pedicure required) and they must be leather. I sort of like the first button down shirt, but i dont know how I feel about men shopping at Forever 21. I think I will white polo v necks for the whole summer

  10. cuzzo Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Ladies: The first two dresses are from Express, the 2nd two are from Forever21. Men: The shorts are by Polo (the 2nd pic…his shirt is kinda tight, I just wanted to capture the shorts) and the shirts are Heritage1981 by Forever21.

    All shoes are on

    I picked clothes from Forever21 because I think they have upgraded their materials so their clothing is not [as] disposable. But it’s cheap so you can stock up.

  11. K Even Says:

    good topic…

    I had a moment of great conflict at the mall this past weekend. it seemed as if mens fashion has become ridiculous, either you look 16 and confused or you look 40 and heading to the golf course… where’s the happy medium..

    there was no in between, and i left the mall even more confused. I do like the preppy look tho.. maybe this will help me become more creative this summer..

  12. Target has good quality stuff for men too.

    It’s hard to find shorts for a woman my age too.. everything has your butt cheeks out now.

  13. true2me Says:

    i hate those flats..sorry

    the dresses are cute tho

  14. true2me Says:

    nicki, try the jean bermuda shorts

  15. Thanks for the tip true!

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