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Steal Away June 28, 2009

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MUSIC BREAK:  I’m feeling this song right now – Mary J. Blige- \”Steal Away\”  I wonder why this song wasn’t released as a single… when I first heard it, I played it OUT.    This one too- Justin Timberlake- \”Let\’s Take a Ride\”.

Anywho, both songs are about basically packing up and leaving.  Mary’s is more short term- she wants to go for just a day.  I’d love to do that (with my beau right beside me).  I want to escape plenty of things- my job, my friends, bills, school, my cell phone- Life. 

My dream “steal away” moment would be at least a week… We’d rent  a convertible (I wanna feel the wind on my scalp) and just drive with no real plan.  We’d stop and see the sites and eat at restaurants that you might see showcased on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”  (If u don’t know, I love to eat- it’s my favorite.)  The hotels we’d stay in don’t have to be anything exquisite, but I’d strongly prefer nothing that can be mistaken as the setting of  Vacancy

What about you- what would u steal away from? Where would you go? What would you do?  Who would you screw take?   (Those last three questions are the chorus to “24 Hours to Live,”  btw.)


13 Responses to “Steal Away”

  1. Peyso Says:

    I would steal away from bills right now. Cuz this whole living on your own thing is kickin my arse. Does anyone know how to ask for a raise?

  2. Jaci Says:

    I’d go to New Orleans…then drive from there.

    Who I’d take doesn’t matter as long as smart phones aren’t invited. Laptops don’t pick up wireless and business isn’t discussed.

    Ahhh…yes I think I see it.

  3. @Peyso: I honestly have never asked for a raise but Comeback would probably be able to give u some pointers on that.

    @Jaci: I feel u on the no phones!!!!

  4. Reecie Says:

    Oh Steal Away was my FAVE on that No More Drama CD!!!!

  5. OH-KAY Reecie!!! That song is the best.

  6. Lovely Paradox Says:

    Right now, I’ll take a semi-permanent vacay from work and just chill in the H…. Rediscover my city… enjoy the sights, the outdoors, the great food… For a good 10 days… with the man on location…

    That would be fantastic…

  7. J Money Says:

    I would steal away from my second job and go to Hawaii(with the wifey of course). We would stay about a week chilling on the beach. Nice hotel pool. Do all the fun beach activities like scuba diving, jet ski, and more stuff. Or just sit there and drink Hawaiian drinks all day and night enjoying the weather.

  8. @LP: Nothing like a vacay from work!!!!!

    @J, With a lifejacket of course. 😉

  9. J Money Says:

    Of Course!!

  10. inakeS Says:

    I like this post a lot. I’m actually planning a “Steal Away” right now. Not until September but Playa del Carmen, Mexico, at an amazing resort for 4 days should be just what the doctor ordered for me and should be a nice birthday present for wifey. If anyone should get the opportunity, visiting the South of France in winter is about as beautiful as it gets. Cobblestone streets, quaint cafe’s, and a lovely beach. Escapism should be our reward for working hard, studying hard and trying sooooo hard to to figure out what life is all about. I don’t know if a beach in the Caribbean has the answers, but it beats the city life…….Thanks Nicki.

  11. Thanks inakeS.. That was the ultimate compliment. South of France… u make it sound so intriguing… me an my man are gonna have to add that to our list! WE have a pretty long places to go list now. 😉

  12. inakeS Says:

    You should really try and go there if you can. It’s surprising affordable, especially since the exchange rates are a lot better since when I visited. Fly into Nice and after a short shuttle ride you’re right on the French Riviera!

  13. Wow- thanks for the tips! I am excited to try that one!!!

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