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The Big Come Up……. July 16, 2009

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My apologies for being absent for the last two Friday’s…. but back to our regularly scheduled program!


Today I was reading the local news in my area on Yahoo and came across the most interesting story of an ex-Wachovia employee who was able to embezzle almost $1.2 million over a span of 8 years into her account! My first initial thought was “WTF? How does that go undetected!!” But then I thought about it, when you put trust into someone and hold them at a high regard that person could possibly get away with murder! Some would probably disagree and say so not so with me.  However, if you look back into your life’s museum has there ever been a time you got away with something whether in a relationship or even on the job? Most importantly if you had the chance to get away with something what would it be??

For me I have gotten away with a lot in all arenas of my life… In relationships, I have gotten away with not being held accountable for my negative actions or using my spoiled, bratty attitude to get what I want from my guy. In my career, I’ve taken office supplies for my own personal usage and I ain’t talking about the occasional ink pen. I have a whole stack of notebooks, sticky’s, box of pens, stapler, hole puncher… you get the idea. One thing I can honestly say is at the time I did these thing I never had a conscious I never thought what would happen if I was exposed!!! Have you have been in a predicament like that?But I’ve never truly thought about what I would attempt to do if I wouldn’t get caught. I know numero uno would be to not go into work every day, set it up some kinda way that I got a vacay or telecommuted so many times out of the week!! Maybe I would do what the ex-bank employee did and funnel money into an account. As I think more on this.. what would you do? Have you done gotten away with doing something??

To read the original story go to:


28 Responses to “The Big Come Up…….”

  1. Bamer15 Says:

    I personally am not an angel, but I think the worst thing I have done is printed off documents that I needed for a sports meeting. (Like I was giving a presentation for an after work related meeting, so I used company paper and the printer to print things off for myself)

    I know it’s not that bad, but it’s still teh company money. The other thing I have done is write on this blog while at work, which again is costing the company money as I am getting paid as I type theses words.

    Now would I take money and feed it into my personal account? Hmm, I don’t think I am ballzy enough to pull that off. I work hard for what I have and I am happy.

    So I guess I have to say no, ” iwouldn’t do something like that…?”

  2. I’m pretty much like Bamer… I do the blog thing at work (CONSTANTLY) and print off some outside of work things (namely schoolwork).

    I wouldn’t go as bad as stealing money. I’d be too scared of the consequences and repercussions… but even if there’s no chance at getting caught, I’d still be scared of it coming back on me.

  3. Shawnta` Says:

    Hey, y’all.

    I would not do something like this. No way…in the end it isn’t worth it.

    “I know it’s not that bad, but it’s still teh company money. The other thing I have done is write on this blog while at work, which again is costing the company money as I am getting paid as I type theses words. ”

    @Bamer: Same here.

  4. Shawn Smith Says:

    I am so guilty of getting away with things.

    In college with work and women and now with work and women.

    I guess the funny thing is that I try to balance out the good and the bad.

    And blogging at work…….That’s where I do my best writing.

  5. Shawnta` Says:

    “And blogging at work…….That’s where I do my best writing.”

    @Shawn: Funny.

  6. Shawnta` Says:

    I should add that I take ‘mental health breaks’ (since I don’t smoke and even if I did our company has a no tobacco policy) where I use the phone (sometimes my cell) to make personal business calls. When you work normal business hours, it’s hard to take care of personal business on personal time because usually by then other businesses are closed and appointments can’t be scheduled, bills paid, etc. I also pay bills online, do online banking and online shopping while on these ‘mental health breaks’ at work. I try to keep all of this to a minimum but I do them.

  7. thecomebackgirl Says:

    wachovia..(well now wells fargo is my bank) tripping off her getting away with this for 8 years GOLLY MS MOLLY…

    websurfing on the J.O.B BUT i’d like to add that I work hard for my money and long hours too. So they get something out the the deal most def.

    good post.

  8. @Bamer15- Yea I have done that too! Dont know about the money thing!!

    @Nicki- I believe in Karma too!

    @Shawn & Nick- Every since I was band from the internet that one time at work… I am careful about getting onto certain sites where it would possibly require me to be on more than 5 mins.

    @Shawnta- I usually do my “mental health” breaks during my working time… Bad I know 😦

    @CBG- Thanks! Girl she wasnt no where near scared!!! I wonder what made them finally start questioning?

  9. Danielle Says:

    Yep, I’m like a lot of you. I blog surf and maintain my blog while at work….and I don’t feel bad about it all. I get my work done, making sure that work comes first.

    In addition to that, I’m also a graduate student, so I also do a lot of school assignments while at work….but I don’t really feel bad about that either and I’m not sure if I should.

    Neither one gets in the way of what I’m getting paid for…and the way I see it, I’m just keeping myself busy, not gossiping, meddling or causing trouble in the office. Plus, my graduate degree will directly benefit the company….

    thanks for the post

  10. Peyso Says:

    I do the blog thing also at work. But no one gets away with anything, everything will come back. Us who blog probably arent moving up the ladder as fast as we could be. And there are tons of other examples about this but I’m too busy at work to write em

  11. @Danielle- See I have ADD (self-diagnosed) but I will get caught up in the blogosphere and end up having to work from home to make sure things are completed!

  12. @Peyso- I agree it does come back in some shape form are fashion!!!

    BTW I love- “And there are tons of other examples about this but I’m too busy at work to write em”

    And I do notice that I get a whole lot more done!!

  13. “@Shawn & Nick- Every since I was band from the internet that one time at work… I am careful about getting onto certain sites where it would possibly require me to be on more than 5 mins.”

    That’s exactly how I used to be at my old job.. but at this job, its only me, “assisting,” and I am the computer girl. lol

    I have no opportunity for moving up at this job but in my career, I would never do what I do all day here.

  14. thecomebackgirl Says:

    ” Us who blog probably arent moving up the ladder as fast as we could be”

    I disagree with this. But I would agree that someone with a 15-20 hour work day does “pay” for blogging. I look at it like, this part. company, I’ve seen the corporate culture. I don’t really wanna “work up anybody’s ladder” but my own.

    Many others are paid to blog. Some are even encouraged to do so as it relates to their work. I actually am working on a industry related one.

    The comment is slightly short sighted. I worked at a company where guys golfed in the morning, and they made it in sorta like. Fridays nothing really got done. Did that kind of time move them up the ladder??? not when they did so with “the wrong people.” But many of those guys networked and went on to start things with each the “wrong ones” became the “right ones” over time.

    how old are you again?

  15. Peyso Says:

    @CBG – Like all rules, there are of course exceptions. Anyone who works in a position where they are paid to blog obviously doesnt count. A very applicable analogy is the idea that one shouldnt curse at work. Obviously that doesnt hold when you’re in a position where you can, should or are paid to curse. So that point is moot.

    My comment seems shortsighted when you focus on one part of the sentence instead of reading of the whole thing. The operative part of the sentence is “as fast as we could be”. Not that they arent moving up the ladder at all. I would argue that the person who gets a promotion (moves up the corporate ladder) is the person who is the most efficient worker (doesnt spend time on non company things during the day) and best interacts with their employer and co-workers (doesnt spend time blogging instead of talking and building/improving on relationships with them). Does this mean that everyone who blogs doesnt do the two things that I mentioned? No, but I bet that if we didnt blog we could probably improve on those two fields. How is blogging with people over the internet even comparable to interacting with people at you job, even if they are both could be considered unprofessional?

    Ultimately, your point is moot and mute because you referenced a different ladder than I did. In the statement about yourself and the one about the people who played golf, they may have moved up their own ladder doing their own thing but that doesnt nullify the point that they didnt move up the corporate ladder at their job which was the one i was referencing. So your counterargument doesnt hold here either.

    PS What the hell does age have to do it? I think all of the references to age are condescending and often times rude. It doesnt make you appear to be kindhearted, intelligent woman that I know you are. I am not talking about this isolated incident but an observation of your whole body of work. The way you speak of age implicitly positions your argument in a way that it is absolute truth and not an alternate way of thinking; it hints at a notion of superiority of your argument due solely to the fact that you are older. You mention it in away that insinuates that my folly is due to my age. You attribute your wisdom solely to age. Do trust that I am wise beyond my 23 years on this planet.

  16. Comeback Girl Says:

    “Us who blog probably arent moving up the ladder as fast as we could be.”

    Again the comment is shortsighted. a) you don’t take into account the overall time a person spends actually working. b)I’ve noticed that often people aren’t on at the same time. c) it also presupposes that the person wants to in fact “move up a ladder” in the work they’ve decided to do for pay. d) ALL people I’ve noticed spend “downtime” doing unrelated-work related things; I’ve mentioned golfing, socializing, water cooler time and the like.

    Age has alot to do with it. I wont get into that here, it obviously is a sticking point thats better left alone.

  17. Peyso Says:

    @ CBG – a) since work doesnt apply to the principle of diminishing marginal return, regardless of how much time you spend working, spending more time working would benefit you. b) my argument presumes that you’re on at work and not at home. c)a moot point b/c my point makes no reference to a desire to do climb a ladder just the fact that a ladder was not climbed, d) is also moot because my argument also made no mention of what “all people” do. All people can spend time not doing work, maybe “all people” would move up the ladder faster.

    Thus in making your argument you made a number of fallacious arguments. Your argument was: non sequitur, guilty of “moving the goal post”, “amazing familiarity”, argument by selective reading, argument to age and changing the subject to name the few. Thus i think it would be appropriate to call your argument short sighted and off topic

  18. Peyso that law school is getting to you.. U over here sounding like my boss. lol. Go YOU! 😉

    What kind of attorney do u want to be?

  19. Peyso Says:

    real estate

  20. Oh ok. He does that mostly.

  21. Comeback Girl Says:

    “argument to age and changing the subject to name the few. Thus i think it would be appropriate to call your argument short sighted and off topic”

    I don’t think I’ve changed the subject at all. My premise is still the same but with some age and maturity i think the big words and “look at me I can drop lots of industry terms”..will go away. Or perhaps not. I’ve read lots of things from you that lack a certain maturity even in response to others, which made me ask your age.

    Getting directly back to the point about “moving up the ladder” quickly and blogging. I know quite a few people who write personal blogs and they are no doubt on the fast track. As I type this (i work on west coast time mostly), I’ve written two reports, resolved a lab signaling related issue-on my own. And have spent probably about 30 minutes in total blogging. But I don’t consider myself (those others on my job might) on the “fast track”. As most adults who are good at what they do and who have been working a while (10 years in my case). I know HOW I work, when I am most productive, and how to navigate the system.

    those are exceptions with the people I know.

  22. Comeback Girl Says:

    “those are NOT exceptions”

  23. Peyso Says:

    @ CBG – #1) You’ve asked my age on multiple occassions, as you have of others. The way you structure your comments, as I said before, insinuates that age is the only reason for people’s folly. Not a point I really wanna argue, just figured I’d help you get your point across more effectively without insulting others.

    #2) Don’t remember the big words that I used but how else would I point out, in a clear and concise way, that your argument lacks a sound premise and conclusion without using what you call “industry terms”? Would you rather that I explained the concept of diminishing marginal return to people who I expect to know it? I think that would seem a bit more immature. Everything doesn’t revolve around age, sometimes it appears that you use it as a crutch. (At least to me)

    #3) Do you honestly think that with that extra 30 mins, that you’ve spent blogging, that nothing else could be done? At risk of sounding immature by using big words, I think that this mindset doesnt show a clear understanding of the opportunity cost of that 30 mins. You can know yourself in and out, and have been working for 25 years but you mean to tell me that with 30 more minutes you couldnt have done 30 more minutes of work. If with that 30 minutes you got even one more minute of work done, my argument is accurate.

    4) I think you’ve gotten off topic b/c you’re clearly not arguing what I am arguing. You wrote, “I know quite a few people who write personal blogs and they are no doubt on the fast track.” What I think you’re missing in my argument is that it allows for this to be true. You can blog all the day long and still be climbing the corporate ladder. What I was trying to say is that you can move *faster*, if one worked more efficiently. Had you made the point that people’s blogging breaks actually increased efficiency, that would have been a sound argument but you hadnt mentioned that until you spoke about yourself. I think that despite the fact that I blog at least a hour a day, I’m moving up the corporate ladder quite well, however, according to my argument I could move up quicker had I not blogged at all.

    I say all of this to say that its not a matter of moving up the corporate ladder at all but how quickly you do it.

  24. Peyso Says:

    Also, my original statement say probably which implies that: 1) it may or may not be true and 2)I cant speak for everyone. So where is the shortsightedness

  25. Comeback Girl Says:

    no way in hel! im reading all of that..i think my point is pretty clear, as is yours.

    have a great weekend.

  26. Peyso Says:

    Do the same

  27. Cynthia Says:

    Nicki you and I are the same.You know how it is..Blogs are quite addicting, and it is hard to to take a look, when you got your PC in front of you…So yes I browse when i shouldn;t!

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