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Fad Addict July 29, 2009

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(Jac, I many not post on time every time but I’m always here 🙂

I’ve been trying this smoothie diet for the past two weeks (yes, the commercial got me) and lost ten pounds….pounds that I’m sure I will gain right back. It feels good for the moment….until I want that cheeseburger…or go on vacation.


Yes, I know (we all know) the only true way to weight loss is good eating and exercise…blah blah blah. I remember I tried Xenedrine when it first came out and had that good stuff in it ( I sound like a crack head, lol)….ephedra….ahhhh. then people started dying and developing conditions then they took it out of the product. I’ve tried it without the ephedra but it’s just not the same *sniff*.  I was going ot the gym because of course the pill itself is not the “diet” nut a means of energy and I’m telling you I was feeling coo-coo for cocoa puffs on it…it’s like I wanted to run to chase away the feeling of a racing heart (really, sounding like crack now, lol).

I’ve done the videos (Tae Bo, Pilates, Slim in 6, etc.) but then I just get bored. I’m not all bad right now, I did begin exercising. It’s easier when you don’t have a spare tire bouncing up and down while you’re on the elliptical 🙂

What’s the craziest and/or most succesful diet or exercise program you’ve ever tried? Would you do it again?


30 Responses to “Fad Addict”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    Broke up with long term girlfriend and lost 30 lbs in 30 days.

  2. J Money Says:

    My main plan of attack is the whole eating right and exercising. And that has always delivered great results for me when I have truly been focused on it.

    I have heard the P90X is the business though. I don’t know anyone who has bought that said it was not worth the money.

  3. I haven’t had any successful diets.. the one time I lost a significant amount of weight when I dated this guy that stressed me out all the time.

    RIght now, I’m just trying to eliminate excess sugar from my diet and drink more water. Everytime I try to exercise, I don’t stay with it. lol

    I’m considering hiring a trainer but they are so dang on expensive.

  4. the comeback girl Says:

    “that I’m sure I will gain right back”

    why would you claim that? words are powerful, and you will gain the weight back if you think you will.

    what COULD happen is that this could give you a boost to start consistently excercising etc. etc.

  5. J Money Says:

    I agree with Comeback. That should be a motivator because most people do not see a result of 10lbs so they quit. But you actually have seen results and that alone should make you strive for the next 10 or whatever.

  6. “That should be a motivator because most people do not see a result of 10lbs so they quit. ”


  7. Danielle Says:

    I haven’t started any fad diets, but I have decreased my meat intake significantly and that has resulted in weight loss. This year, I’ve lost ten pounds, mostly from eliminating juices and pop (or soda), but I would like to lose about ten more. Just recently, I began a belly dancing class, with a friend and I absolutely love it. Actually, today is our last session, but I plan on signning up again and possibly taking another fun class as well.

    Honestly, I don’t like working out at all, but find that with dancing, I don’t feel like it’s work and want to keep going after our hour and a half class ends because it’s so much fun!

  8. J Money Says:

    “I’ve lost ten pounds, mostly from eliminating juices and pop (or soda)”

    Man that is huge. The sugar that is in drinks and sweets is the #1 fat creator. And the hardest fat to burn off. So good job on eliminating that part.

    I am against them dance classes. I think it is cool to do because most women find working out to be boring. But I always try to encourage some other workout activity in conjunction that gets the heart rate up more (in return burning fat faster). My S.O. refuses to jog, but I know she would see more results if she did that versus walk all the time (or do half and half). It is all about seeing results to me.

  9. Danielle Says:

    @J Money, you’re right. Other activities would burn it off faster, but for me the dance class was the start I needed. I tried jogging and walking. Actually I still do it once a week in a local park, but I absolutely hate it and find myself doing more walking than running.

    For me, it was important that I form a movement routine….I told myself that I had to just get out there and do something, anything…to form better habits, to get my heart rate up (it does with dance),and to increase flexibility.

    so, for me, it was just about initiating a change in my lifestyle….to stop being sedentary. I really haven’t had any major weight issues, I think I’ve gone up one size since college (I graduated ten years ago), but what’s important to me now is my health, keeping my cholesterol in check and keeping my heart healthy.

  10. ms80sbaby Says:

    I have never did any of the fad diets…. However no bread will make me lose quickly. However, it’s all over even in the places I’m not trying to lose….

  11. I tried the jogging, but it really was no beuno for the legs… I don’t know if it was from a past knee injry I had or what but it was at a point where I couldn’t stand for long periods of time…. walking around the mall was torture.

    And I am sure that is not how you are supposed to feel.

    Doing the dvds gets your heart rate up, the problem is, keeping with them.

  12. Jaci Says:

    I’ve never done a fad diet …but I do some other foolishness…

    I once lost 12 lbs in like three days.

    And Cuzzo, thanks know I gots to be sure…and I really wanted to post that picture I laughed SO hard @ that ish!

  13. Tam Says:

    I’m doing the P90X right now and I love it. It is definitely not for people who aren’t already used to exercising consistantly because it is a BEAST. I exercise ALL the time and this is helping me finally see the results I had been trying to achieve. I also run, swim and bike as ways of exercising. I will be honest and admit that I need to do better in the eating department, I have a hard time passing up a juicy burger and crispy fries.

  14. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Do yall remember Susan Powter??? “Stop the insanity”..I had her workout tape in you know I found it. And I’m using it to mix up my workout. I really liked her.

  15. Peyso Says:

    From this time last year i lost around 40 lbs. I was a football player so I ate pretty much what I wanted. That meant 3 and 4 burgers or 2 cheese steaks or whatever. What I did was stretch all my meals so that what I normally I ate for one meal, I ate in two. Then I also ate really healthy 5 days out of a week. Very little carbs, no fried foods, no soda. And on Fridays I gave myself a cheat meal, eating whatever I want but controlling the portions and on saturday I ate whatever I wanted all day, also controlling the portions. I tried to have a small amount of food 5-6 times a day rather than 3 meals to keep my metabolism going. I limited my intake of empty calories in alcohol to one day a week. The first thing I did every morning was drink 2 glasses of really really cold water. This will instantly jumpstart ur metabolism. I worked out too but I had been working out before so it wasnt a big difference. I also did all cardio early in the AM on an empty stomache.

    I feel great now. And to all, dont judge weight loss by your weight alone. Judge it by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Remember muscles weigh more than fat. It is very possible to lose 10 lbs of fat, gain 15 lbs of muscle resulting in a net weight gain of 5 lbs however you’re slimmer and in better shape

  16. Peyso Says:

    @ Nicki – Look into biking and swimming which are low impact movements. If your needs are that bad that you cant power walk 30 mins a day, you should see a doctor and make sure you dont have any residual damage from the knee injury

  17. J Money Says:

    I think exercising in the pool is something I think I want to start doing. Especially running in the pool.

  18. Peyso Says:

    @ J Money Two of the best/most difficult/felt so good in masochistic way workouts i’ve ever had in my life, running on the beach with boots and ruuning in the pool with boots

  19. Cheekie Says:

    Honestly, the best (and probably not healthy) diet I’ve been on that had the fastest results was being poor and in college living off of basically Ramen Noodles (I eat them dry, without the salty juice), sammiches, and rice. I wasn’t getting enough nutrients, but I got SKINNY! Especially since there were huge gaps where I wouldn’t eat anything because I didn’t have enough money.

    But, this was after leaving the dorms. I think if I woulda stayed, that freshmen 15 woulda jumped to 30 because of the meal plan and its unhealthy choices. lol

    Today, it’s just simple exercise and making healthier choices. It makes me feel better. I do eat what I want…don’t eliminate anything, just make sure not to have too much of it. Sure, I have my down moments and setbacks, but I’m definitely not the candidate for fad diets since I wouldn’t be consistent with it.

    Aside: That Nutrisystem ish is the most disgusting food I ever saw on TV. Ain’t food on advertisements supposed to look BETTER than it does in person to sell the food? So, I can’t imagine how it looks in person. Or worse yet, TASTES. That pizza they always show makes me gag. It looks like it tastes like chalk and disappointment.

  20. J Money Says:

    @Peyso – I gotta try that and then find a pair of boots I don’t care about enough to get them wet like that.

  21. @Comeback: I’ve never heard of her.

    “@ Nicki – Look into biking and swimming which are low impact movements. If your needs are that bad that you cant power walk 30 mins a day, you should see a doctor and make sure you dont have any residual damage from the knee injury”

    @Peyso: The walking doesn’t get to my legs, but when I tried to kick it up a notch and start running, that’s when the trouble came.

  22. And thanks. Biking is something I would like to try, as well as swimming.

  23. J Money Says:

    Yeah someone has a bike sitting in a place where it is not being used LOL!!

  24. Shut up J. It’s a performance bike. I should’ve bought a 10 speed or something.

  25. cuzzo Says:

    @Shawn – “Broke up with long term girlfriend and lost 30 lbs in 30 days.” wow! had u put on the weight because of the stress of the relationship? or was that weight u weren’t really trying to lose?

    @Nicki – please try a product called fitflops – they REALLY do work out your legs while you are walking. I have a pair!

  26. cuzzo Says:

    oh, and I want to get a bike with the child seat on the back for my bday 🙂

  27. Cool, they aren’t hideous either. Thanks Cuz!

  28. Girl Politik Says:

    The best diet I ever went on is the Fat Smash Diet from Dr. Ian (The hot nutritionist from Celebrity Fit Club). Professionally I work on candidate campaigns and no matter what anyone does, everyone ends up putting on weight due to crazy dayz, irregular eating habits, and “grandma” volunteers who think they’re helping you feel more at home by bringing pound cakes, cookies, and donuts to the office.

    It’s baisically a three week plan where you can loose up to 15 pounds. I have to warn folks, it is kamakazi. AKA – work out for an hour 6 days a week, little carbs, and a strict menu composed primarily of brown rice, beans, lots of veggies, lean meat, and protein shakes. But it ABSOLUTELY WORKS! I do it almost every year to get my campaign weight off. Within the first WEEK, you will see results! Good thing is, it has a daily journal and tells you exactly what to eat and buy at the grocery. I don’t know if this oounts as a fad, but works – specifically if you trying to get in a bikini for summer.

  29. Reign Says:

    I like to eat too much to stick to a diet, and I just fit in exercise when ever possible… 30 mins after taking my son to the bus stop before getting ready for work has been the past two weeks. I won’t have him the next 3 weeks so there will be longer evening work outs. I like sweets and carbs a lil too much which is hurting my main goal of loosing my tummy. One habit at a time, right now it soda… let the force be with me.

  30. sci Says:

    I guess the difference between p90 and insanity is one builds muscle more than the other?? Hmmm.. I think I will go with Shaun T Insanity

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