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No More Drama August 9, 2009

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Today’s post comes from a guest poster, Mikki. Enjoy!

I have been thinking about that show and how certain “people” always have some type of drama going on around them. As everyone knows,  the  housewives of Atlanta have started a new season. If you haven’t seen the first episode its a must see and you won’t be disappointed.  If you notice,  they also replaced one of the housewives with a new character because she didn’t constantly have DRAMA – which made for boring TV. If you ask me, I think some of the things that go down on that show have NOTHING to do with TV at all, but it works.  Why??? Because some of us just LOVE drama and gotta have it!! 

I started to think about some recent things that have taken place in my own life, aka drama if you will. The fact that  I had a little drama was kind of exciting to be honest. I had something to talk about, rant about and have a reason to “go off” if you pushed me that far. It gave me this thrill that may even equate to what goes down in ones own bedroom (if you got it like that) 

I admit my life isn’t all that exciting and most days I’m ok with that, but when something big happens it adds a whole new dynamic to each day. Don’t get me wrong, I have never been one to bust windows, or a sleep -with- my- best- friends- husband drama having type girl, but I do have my lil’ events that I consider story time worthy. Now that said event has ended,  I feel a little bored, even thinking “ready for round two!” Of course this is probably a wacky way of thinking but sometimes I can’t help it.

So what do you guys say? Would you ever own up to liking drama even if its just a little bit? Do you enjoy other peoples drama, or do you prefer non at all…




15 Responses to “No More Drama”

  1. Jenny Lynn Says:

    Sucks for umm…what’s her name?

    Oh yeah DeShawn…yeah she didn’t bring a whole lot of drama…she was just kinda weird…well she was normal but she was a church going, non-profit holding, married to her college sweetheart…

    But then..Lisa’s kinda normal too..her aura’s just different..

    Ok..enough RHOA speak…

    A little drama is good every now and again, but my thing is it can get to the point where it over takes your life.

    At that point, I want to remove myself from the whole situation…I dunno–for right now I don’t think I can take it or I might start popping people off …I have enough of my own drama to stress over…

    *and watching y&r 😀 good night

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    The show has gotten hella slow for me. Maybe its my A.D.D, maybe its the fact that that this season is pretty tame…why are they two episodes ahead when they play the Kim’s wig getting pulled.


    Right now, I have too much going on to even be wrapped up in it. somebody sent me this pretty TORRID email ..that implicates someone in their utter insanity. For two minutes i was like GOT DAYUM this #%#$W^W$ is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!! I’m talking CERTIFIABLE..and then..

    my phone rang. I answered. And I was like??? ok where was I.

    I got too much going on to care. Now this crazy person is still crazy..but I already knew that shyt it only confirms and solidifies what I know.

  3. Mikki Says:

    Jac so what about your drama?? I mean do you like having it?? Could you honestly put an end to it if you wanted to?

    Im not about the i lost my job yesterday type. Im talking about stuff that usually has to do with other men and women in your life.

    Comeback u sure u didnt want to entertain that email???? Lol

  4. In my personal life, friends/ family, etc., I do not like drama. I am here and will help you with your problems, but if you keep going down the same path, or you keep whining to me about it, I’m prolly gonna cut you off. Personally, I don’t like to argue because I think it will lead to drama, so I avoid it (which may seem dismissive to my S.O.)….. but I like my life: drama- free.

    Drama on tv is fine, but sometimes it’s overwhelming and I will switch the channel for a second. lol.

    I do like the RHOA though. I can’t really say they are drama filled because it’s about the relationship of women… and some women are fickle, so it’s understandable.

    I actually like DeShawn… I don’t feel that she should have been kicked off just because she was calm, but oh well. I am sure she’s not losing any sleep to it.

  5. Mikki Says:

    Nic so you dont like to fight with yoyr s.o !?? I hear it can lead to great make ups lol.

  6. I do not…. He said something about it one day, about relationships and basically how it cannot be roses all the time (He’ll have to come on and correct me if I am wrong bc this is not in his own words) but I hate arguing… I shut down. lol

  7. And maybe it’s because I saw my parents argue so much as I was growing up that I’m trying to be the exact opposite.

  8. Mikki Says:

    Ok nic thats totally understandable. I usually walk away from arguments to but they always result in me never coming back lol.

    I have a 25% drama threshold lol. I enjoy other peoples drama more lol.

  9. “but they always result in me never coming back ”

    They have for me in the past… lol. Luckily I got one who doesn’t get discouraged that easily!

  10. Jenny Lynn Says:


    Aside from a few drunk dials and some *ahem* attempts to apologize I really don’t have omg stop the world drama…I more like have comedy…like how the fyck did I get here kinda stuff…

    For the little drama that I do have…oh sure I could stop it in an instant and sometimes I do shut it down….

    It’s about to happen…just this week…for one I use blogging as an outlet but I also read the Bible and go exercising…you don’t have to have time for the bull 🙂 tell them mofos to take a hike.

    Now…I will say this…there’s a certain friend of mine (who maybe reading today) who will tell you…Jac sees me with the drama and quickly tells me…NOT NECESSARY…you’re wallowing in self pity…

    Which I might sometimes do…but then like three minutes later I’m on to something new! Life is too dayum short!

  11. thecomebackgirl Says:

    @ Mik how bout i was about to send to you and then the treehouse..LOL..

    God don’t like ugly cause when I went to send it..God is my witness, my connection crashed LOL..

    I’ll send it when some time separates all this.

  12. Mikki Says:

    Lol comeback im mad your computer crashed!! Sometimes we just wanna have a good laugh!!

  13. Mikki Says:

    Ok jac it makes sense. Sometimes i can shut it down sometimes i dont want to lol. I figure if its nor doing any harm its healthy drama lol

  14. Reecie Says:

    I like to refer to people with drama those that “always got some shit going with them”. I’m so over those types. having said that i agree with comeback girl that the show has gotten kinda boring–the drama is why we tune in! but they are sooooo messy! lawdamercy! now I have been known to like to “argue” with my s/o but the current hates arguing so it never gets anywhere. thats my little drama edge I guess I have in me…I do agree that the “making up” can be fun….

  15. Mikki Says:

    reecie i agree those types need to seek help lol. But regular doses of drama are good for me. Sometimes its a jolt tellin me to get my stuff together if i am constantly having the same drama. Or i use it as a motivator to jump start something positive.

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