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A Well of Knowledge August 11, 2009

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I like to exchange random knowledge every now and again because you never know what can be helpful to someone. I’m usually more so on the receiving end of the exchange.

Customer Service:

Recently I had an issue with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I reserved a car online on a Wednesday for that following Friday at 11AM. When Friday rolled around, they called and told me they did not have any cars for the time I reserved (mind you, they called me the day before to confirm my reservation). I brushed it off as normal when they told me they would have a car by 12PM instead. Well, I didn’t get a car until 3:45PM all the while with little to no communication from that particular rental site while I waited. I posted my frustration on Facebook while I was waiting  and got some tips from friends to call the Area/District Manager as well as write a letter ( 😉 @ Ms. Sunshine). So, I called their main customer service number and complained to them, they also took a message for the Area/District Manager (you cannot be directly connected to them because they are constantly traveling). After my weekend trip, I got a call from the District Manager on either that Monday or Tuesday to follow-up with my complaint and he offered me a free weekend rental so I can try them again.

The moral of the story is: not receiving good service from a company known to give it…go over their heads.

Career Opportunities:

During a career center orientation at the Urban League of Philly, one of the other attendees mentioned that he makes connections via LinkedIn (kinda like facebook but less random socializing). If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can see the connections of people you are directly connected to and info like where they work. Let’s say you wanted to learn about opportunities with some dream company or one like it and you see that your direct connection (the person you actually know), is directly connected to someone who works for that company. You can send a message to both people asking to be connected via LinkedIn or whatever you want to say (“Hey, I see that you are friends with Peyso, he and I write a blog together. Do you mind if I pick your brain about what you do at Black Enterprise? I’ve always admired the company”). And, Voila! An inside that may have been harder to get if you didn’t already have a basis of connecting. This might be able to work on Facebook as well.

The moral of the story is: a closed mouth don’t get fed.

SSSO readers – What experiences have you had that may help someone else? Gotten out of cell phone contracts without penalty? Got freebies from your satelite provider because service was interupted? Know a good website where people have reviewed products that are kinda skeptical?


5 Responses to “A Well of Knowledge”

  1. Thanks Cuzzo.

    Honestly, writing a letter has helped me a lot…. It’s gotten erroneous fees off my bank account, it’s gotten fees off of my cellphone…. gotten me freebies and discounts (I have also had a MAJOR issue with Enterprise before).

    It’s funny because me and 80s were just talking about this on Comeback’s site yesterday.

    I think complaint letters are quite effective. One thing that always helps me is accurate documentation… if you speak to a customer service rep, document the date, and the time and what was done/ said during the conversation… make sure you get a name and possibly a rep number. You can ask customer service for an address to corporate or corporate complaints or just find an address online.

    If I am unsatisfied with the company, I will write a complaint to the BBB (which can be done online) or the Attorney General of my state. Matter of fact, if you are engaging in a service or a new company, check out their complaints on the BBB (which is the Better Business Bureau).

  2. Shawnta` Says:

    Morning, y’all.

    @Cuzzo: I agree with @Nicki…letter writing and filing cosumer complaints with the appropriate agency (BBB, Angie’s List, Attorney General’s Office) helps to get things fixed faster. Companies do not want the ratings of poor customer service or dissatisfied customers because most business is generated by word of mouth and recommendations.

    Angie’s List & the Better Business Bureau’s websites are good sites to see how customers rated services and products for certain companies. I also read the reviews online on Amazon whenever I’m about to order something.

    I’ve never gotten out of a cell phone contract because I haven’t had any issues with one. I’m still on my first cell phone and the contract ends in December so barring anything weird happening, I’ll be ready for an upgrade with the same company.

  3. I’ll have to look into Angie’s list. I’d never heard of it. Thanks, Shawnie!

  4. peyso Says:

    Linkedin goes in, you can get quick little recommendations through there also.

    The profit margins for companies are so large that they can afford to give away free stuff, so most of the time if you ask, they’ll give it to you. AND ALWAYS THREATEN NEVER TO USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN. Business is built on repeat customers

  5. Athena Nike Says:

    I’ve used linked in for 2yrs maybe for professional connections, and to track down a contact person for companies I am interested in. I run too much mess on my FB page to be letting potential employers see 🙂
    I put on my blog how I waited all day for smoky bones bbq nachos and they could not sell me any cause they had a system upgrade and the POS were not working. Their PR agency sent me a gift card.
    I think enterprise should’ve gotten you a rental from another agency at their expense for the time, yanno

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