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19 Days and Counting… August 12, 2009

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You better be glad I love you…


The Sun is Setting on the Sunny Season!

The Sun is Setting on the Sunny Season!

Labor Day…that last official summer holiday….

It’s coming soon…and it means that summer is over (but my favorite season is on its way!)

So ladies and gentlemen, what are somethings you wish you would have gotten done before summer ended?

I have 5 things…

1. I wish I would have made it to NoLA & ATL

2. Done more Bible Study

3. Actually planted flowers

4. Spent a day at the park reading

5. Did more outdoor working out…

But hey…there’s still time…and while you’re telling me about you wish you would have done tell me what your gonna do to wrap up this glorious and season and any fall plans…(Being in the home on the SEC I cannot wait for FOOTBALL!  Who’s with me?)

Oh and check out our Fall Fashion Segment!!!


5 Responses to “19 Days and Counting…”

  1. Athena Nike Says:

    I am going to get a new job (sitting in a hotel now debating what they may offer) I should’ve got a job earlier in the summer 🙂 but yanno. Yeah should’ve worked out more, loved more, helped more, but I’ve been pre-occuppied with not working…

  2. Shawnta` Says:

    Hey, y’all.

    @Jaci: Good post…but don’t rush summer away just yet. I think there’s about 25 days left until Labor Day…but still less than a month. And in my opinion, this hasn’t really felt like summer. It’s been so rainy & cool (until recently, like the past couple of days).

    Although it is winding down, I’m so not ready for the cool/cold weather. Early autumn is cool with me but I hate cold weather.

    Things I’d like to do before summer ends:
    – Go to a beach.
    – Find a new position like @Athena Nike
    – Try a new hair style
    – Read more. I read all the time but my “to read” book list never seems to shrink. 🙂
    – Try paint ball. It looks fun. I heard that it can hurt & bruise but I’m hoping this isn’t the case.
    – Taking a hot air balloon ride would be nice too since I don’t see skydiving in my near future. 🙂

    As for things I wish I had done this summer:
    – Attended more festivals & fairs. This is one of my favorite parts of summer. This summer we missed the Jazz & Rib Fest, the Arts Fest and the Ohio State Fair.
    – Attended more concerts…to date, we’ve only seen Maxwell & Chrisette in concert this summer.

    Summer, don’t leave…not just yet. Please stay a bit longer.

  3. There’s nothing that I feel like I’ve wanted to do and haven’t done.

    To wrap things up, me and the beau are taking a small trip to St. Louis… his family is there and we’ll prolly end up at the amusement park.

    I’m ready for summer to end bc it is so hot (I know I will regret these words in December).

  4. Reecie Says:

    I only wish that I had spent more time at the beach this summer, however living in FL I still have more warm days ahead…and I will be spending my Labor day at SoBe so that’s not so bad! I also I wish I couldve used my vacation days for a nice weeklong trip somewhere tropical, or even in a bustling city like Chicago or NYC visiting friends before the weather gets too bad up there! oh well….

  5. Cheekie Says:

    We’re just now starting to have consistent rainless summer days here in the Chi so I don’t consider it that much over yet (we had a warm September aka long summer a couple years ago too), but a couple things I wish I did:

    – had a summer romance
    – traveled (money ain’t all right this year, I’m trying to save more)
    – incorporated more outdoor exercising…I’m doing this now actually but wish I started earlier.
    – more writing
    – finish decorating my place (I need to get on this STAT…I’ve been sleeping on this for a while now)

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